Diversity Plan Backfires Igniting “James Damore 2.0” Scandal

from Tim Pool

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How Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

“The credit creation theory was something I intuitively grasped before from other alt-media sites, John nailed it down.” – Comment from someone who watched the podcast below

The “money supply” number as provided by official Federal Reserve statistics, it turns out, is not the true money supply. The fractional banking system allows banks to lend money on its reserve capital at a rate of 90 cents for every $1 of reserve capital. Technically, a loan is not considered “money creation” because of the legal provision that a loan has to be paid back. Because of this legal “glitch,” the creation of credit is not considered to be part of the money supply.

Yet, borrowed money behaves in the economy exactly like printed money until that point in time at which the borrow must pay back the loan. The spending power created by the creation of credit is identical to the spending power of printed money. The person or entity doing the spending does not know the difference.

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Dennis Miller | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special (Ep. 47)

from Ben Shapiro

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The Rules Will Change but That’s (Probably) OK

by John Mauldin
Gold Seek

When you write about controversial topics for hundreds of thousands of readers for 20 years, you develop a thick skin. Virtually anything I say will upset someone.

So, when people say something like, “John Mauldin wakes up sucking lemons and then moves onto something sour,” as happened after last week’s letter, it doesn’t bother me. (It actually made me smile.) I write what I believe is correct. Those opinions change over time as I get new information.

I’m not the only one who changes. Laws and policies that may seem etched in stone are often more flexible than generally thought. In last week’s Japanification letter, I described how no one anticipated the various extreme measures taken in the last crisis, from TARP to QE to NIRP. Yet once those ideas were in play, they happened quickly.

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What We Need to Do Next

from Mark Dice

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Maxine Waters Needs to Subpoena Details of the Fed’s Dirtiest Bailout

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

Based on data that Wall Street On Parade has newly compiled, there is a strong suggestion that the Federal Reserve conspired with at least three of the largest Wall Street firms to hide their teetering condition from the public during the financial crisis, despite the fact that these were all New York Stock Exchange listed companies with a duty to reveal material, adverse financial information to the public in a timely fashion.

If Maxine Waters wants to leave her mark in history as Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, she will subpoena records from the Federal Reserve on its biggest and dirtiest bailout program, known as the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF). She and her colleagues must then demand answers from Fed witnesses during the hearing Waters has scheduled for May 16 at 10:00 a.m. The upcoming hearing is titled “Oversight of Prudential Regulators: Ensuring the Safety, Soundness and Accountability of Megabanks and Other Depository Institutions.”

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from Scruff McDudington

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New Census Numbers Reveal Americans Are Steadily Migrating West and South – And Away from High Tax Blue States

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

The U.S. Census Bureau has just released their annual report on how the U.S. population is shifting, and there are some very clear patterns in the data. If you look at this Census Bureau map, you will see lots of purple (areas where the population is growing) in the west and the south, and you will see lots of orange (areas where the population is declining) in the north and the east. Of course this is a continuation of a pattern that we have been seeing for decades. Given the ability to choose, many Americans would rather live in areas of the country that are warm and sunny, and that makes a lot of sense. But that is not the only pattern that we see in the data.

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This is Bigger Than Gold & Silver Manipulation – Chris Powell with Greg Hunter

Chris Powell – Global Manipulation Cannot Stop Inflation

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Chris Powell, Treasurer and Secretary of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), says price manipulation of all markets is a major problem the world faces. Powell explains, “This is an issue far bigger than gold and silver. Gold and silver are just minerals, atomic elements. The issue for us is much bigger than that. The issue is free and transparent markets and having an accountable government. You cannot have those things unless you have freely traded monetary metals markets and freely trading currency markets as well. We don’t worship the golden calf or the silver bull. We are pursuing a much more justice oriented agenda here. We want government to tell us what they are doing in the markets. We want them to be open and accountable, and that requires a free and transparent monetary metals market.”

No matter how much financial manipulation is occurring on a global scale, you cannot suppress the outcome of those policies. One of the outcomes is inflation, and yet the new cover of Bloomberg/Newsweek asks the question “Is Inflation Dead?” Powell says, “This is worse than a prediction. It’s a delusion. Inflation is all around us. I don’t know what world the government is living in where they put out monthly reports saying inflation is tame. These people are not paying medical insurance premiums. They are not paying college tuition. They are not paying state taxes. They are not going to the grocery store and seeing prices rise monthly and, of course, they are not noticing the inflation that has manifested itself in the stock market. . . . Inflation is not dead. It’s all around us, and it has been all around us.”

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“Obstruction of Justice” Isn’t What People Think It Is

by William L. Anderson

With the release of the long-awaited Mueller (Special Counsel Robert Mueller) report, we see partisan politics at work again, and the results are what one might expect. Those that have supported President Donald Trump or believe that he has been the victim of a contrived “investigation,” while others, like David French of National Review , a self-described “Never Trumper,” are shocked, SHOCKED! at Trump’s behavior. Writes French:

I’ve finished reading the entire Mueller report , and I must confess that even as a longtime, quite open critic of Donald Trump, I was surprised at the sheer scope, scale, and brazenness of the lies, falsehoods, and misdirections detailed by the Special Counsel’s Office. We’ve become accustomed to Trump making up his own facts on matters great and small, but to see the extent to which his virus infected his entire political operation is sobering. And the idea that anyone is treating this report as “win” for Trump, given the sheer extent of deceptions exposed (among other things), demonstrates that the bar for his conduct has sunk so low that anything other than outright criminality is too often brushed aside as relatively meaningless.

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Wokeness Will Destroy 2020 Democrats Paving the Way for Trump

from Tim Pool

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California’s Housing Bubble Counts on Blistering Population Growth, But it’s Fizzling

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Los Angeles population drops, San Francisco & Silicon Valley population rises least since 2010, North Bay’s population drops.

The housing market in California with its sky-high home prices depends on blistering population growth. So here we go. The population of Los Angeles County, at 10.1 million, declined by about 13,200 people (-0.1%) in the 12 months through July 1, 2018, according to the Census Bureau’s new estimates. It was the second year in a row of year-over-year declines. The declines were still in the rounding-error neighborhood, but the swing from the prior yearly gains is a noticeable change in direction:

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Debunked: Top Five Socialism Lies | Louder with Crowder

from StevenCrowder

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