Eric Coffin Explains Why He Likes Adamera Minerals

from Jay Taylor Media

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Prepare for the “Cycle of Blight”

by Justin Spittler
Casey Research

Wall Street is sitting on a pile of toxic assets… again.

A decade ago, the U.S. housing market was a complete mess.

Housing prices were falling. Americans were falling behind on their mortgages at an alarming rate. Banks were foreclosing on homes left and right.

In 2008, the crisis came to a head.

The U.S. housing market imploded. But it didn’t stop there.

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Gold Shines Brighter On Monday!

by Chuck Butler
Daily Pfennig

Good Day… And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! Well, another journey under the surgeon’s scalpel has turned out to be OK… As Frank told you yesterday, I transmitted a strong signal on Saturday morning, which was confirmed, and now I’m in recovery mode… I can’t lift my left arm past my heart for a month! The hospital Immobilized the arm for the surgery, and then sent me home that way, but I dropped that thing like a bad habit yesterday, so now it’s up to me to police my arm movement.. And I bet some of you astute readers are saying, but Chuck, weren’t you supposed to be on vacation this week? Yes, but since the operation threw a spanner into the works, my annual spring vacation, has been moved to next week… Foghat greets me this morning with their song: Take It Or Leave It…

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Fake News: The Unravelling of US Empire From Within

by Prof. John McMurtry
Global Research

Setting the Stage of the Press-President War

US ruling ideology and Washington power have become unstuck as never before. A war of opposing certitudes and denunciations is waged day to day between the long-ruling US corporate media and the White House. Both continuously proclaim ringing recriminations of the other’s ‘fake news’. Over months they both portray each other as malevolent liars.

US bully pulpits are now beyond show disagreements and successful media inquisitions of the past. Slanderous accusations long confined to vilifying the designated Enemy have crept into accusations of the President himself. ‘The Russians are coming’ is returning as the final recourse of smear to stop deviations from the global program of hugely profitable enemy hate and perpetual preparations for foreign war.

The ruling big lies of the US money party and corporate globalization have divided into opposing camps. The Press and the President denounce each other non-stop on the public stage, while US dark state agents take sides behind the scenes.

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Do Stock Market Fundamentals Matter Yet – Or Ever?

by Avi Gilburt
Gold Seek

The market has finally followed through on the pullback we were expecting to the 2335SPX region from 2400SPX, as we have outlined. The structure of the market over the coming week will likely tell us when the next 200-point rally to 2500SPX takes hold.

This past week, I read an article by a writer that has been decidedly bearish the stock market for quite some time. In his latest missive, he reiterated his position that the stock market is disconnected from the fundamentals of real world dynamics. And, then I read another article stating outright that this market is dangerously overpriced.

They seem to be no different than most analysts today claiming that the market is not being driven by fundamentals at this time.

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Video: Liberal Has No Answer When Asked Why Enforcing Immigration Laws Is ‘Racist’

“Why does your argument always take a turn into racial demagoguery?”

by Steve Watson
Info Wars

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson wanted to know why the head of the New York City Council suggested that enforcing illegal immigration laws is racist, but his guest, a sanctuary cities advocate, couldn’t provide the answers.

The comments were made by Melissa Mark-Viverito at the National Conference on Sanctuary Cities, where she repeated claims she made earlier in the month that enforcing US immigration laws against those seeking to enter the country illegally was tantamount to ethnic cleansing.

The council speaker has claimed that “I think in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen very, very, very clearly what the ultimate goal is of this administration. There clearly is a sense of purging… of implementing policies to purge certain groups of people from this country.”

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It’s Time to Start Believing in the Impossible (#75)

by Simon Black
Sovereign Man

I’ll start today with a confession: I’m an unabashed optimist.

I believe that this is one of the most exciting times in all of human history to be alive. And with good reason.

Think about it– compared to thousands of years of violent warfare that ravaged most of the world’s major cities, we live in an era of relative peace.

Pockets of conflict will always exist. But right now there’s no major world war… no persistent threat of nuclear annihilation.

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Death at Your Door: Knock-and-Talk Police Tactics Rip a Hole in the Constitution

by John W. Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute

“It’s 4 in the morning, there’s headlights that are shining into your house; there’s a number of different officers that are now on the premises; they’re wearing tactical gear; they have weapons; and they approach your front door. Do you think that the ordinary citizen in that situation feels that they have an obligation to comply?” – Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein

It’s 1:30 a.m., a time when most people are asleep.

Your neighborhood is in darkness, except for a few street lamps. Someone—he doesn’t identify himself and the voice isn’t familiar—is pounding on your front door, demanding that you open up. Your heart begins racing. Your stomach is tied in knots. The adrenaline is pumping through you. You fear that it’s an intruder or worse. You not only fear for your life, but the lives of your loved ones.

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Why The Fake News Media Keeps Losing | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux

from Stefan Molyneux

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Trump’s $4 Trillion Fiscal Hole

by David Stockman
Daily Reckoning

The “you ain’t seen nothing yet” rule applies from here on out.

The GOP was unified on Obamacare “repeal” but completely fractured on “replace,” both on policy philosophy and fiscal cost.

That particular chapter of the “replace” saga, however, is chicken feed compared to finding a coherent majority on measures to “replace” the $4 trillion of revenue loss from the corporate and individual tax cuts promised by Trump and embraced widely by the GOP rank and file.

Wall Street has been drooling about the prospect of cutting the corporate rate to 20% and other related corporate tax reforms. These measures would reduce revenue by $2.1 trillion over a decade.

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Steve Bannon vs. the Tea Party Libertarians

from ReasonTV

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Did the Government Spy on Trump? Of Course. It Spies on All of Us!

by Dr. Ron Paul
Ron Paul Institute

There was high drama last week when Rep. Devin Nunes announced at the White House that he had seen evidence that the communications of the Donald Trump campaign people, and perhaps even Trump himself, had been “incidentally collected” by the US government.

If true, this means that someone authorized the monitoring of Trump campaign communications using Section 702 of the FISA Act. Could it have been then-President Obama? We don’t know. Could it have been other political enemies looking for something to harm the Trump campaign or presidency? It is possible.

There is much we do not yet know about what happened and there is probably quite a bit we will never know. But we do know several very important things about the government spying on Americans.

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