MEME PM’s “BlackFace” May Be #Cancelled by #MeToo?

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The Next Recession Could Crush Those Carrying Credit Card Debt

by Mac Slavo

Because credit card rates are so much higher now than they were in the past, even a mild recession could crush those who carry credit card debt. The current national average interest rate on credit cards is 17.61%, just shy of the record set in July. By comparison, the average credit card charged about 13% when the Great Recession began.

According to CNBC, this overlooked issue of high-interest rates on consumer goods and credit card purchases are going to be incredibly difficult to pay for people during the next recession. Whether it’s mild or severe, and an economic downturn could really hurt those carrying a balance.

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RFK Jr. Names RFK’s Killer – New World Next Week

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Report: Colt to Cease AR-15 Production for the Civilian Market

by Awr Hawkins

Colt Firearms has reportedly decided to cease AR-15 production for the civilian market.

This will mark the end to some of the most iconic AR-15s ever, as Colts were a go-to AR for consumers as America’s love for the modern sporting rifle emerged in the late 20th century. reports Colt senior VP Paul Spitale indicated the company is shifting away from ARs and toward the class 1911, Colt revolvers, and other guns Americans want for concealed carry. Spitale said:

We’re going to focus on the products that our consumers are asking for. We’ve expanded our 1911s and our revolver line, and that market has been very positive for us.

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Brandon Munro: The Data Shows Us That Uranium Has to Head Much Higher

from Palisade Radio

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Why You and Your Kids Should Detox Your Mind by “Deschooling”

by Sarah Surette
The Daily Bell

Everyone has beliefs and habits that they carry into adulthood with them. Some of these are harmless remnants of childhood, like holding your breath as you go through a tunnel or skipping over cracks in the sidewalk.

Others tend to be larger and more abstract, like the environment in which a child learns or if they tend to see things in a more objective or subjective light. For many, these things are fairly set once you reach adulthood. They can only be “untaught” through conscious effort. Many children grow up immersed in the belief systems and moral compasses of their parents. Indoctrination in one way or another is inevitable.

The education system, for many, is a huge part of that indoctrination. In school, a child is told what is essential to learn. They are being handed all of the information necessary to pass tests.

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Justin Trudeau Caught in Brown Face | Politics | Rubin Report

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Almost All the Votes Are Counted, and There Are Two Ways That Benjamin Netanyahu Could Remain Prime Minister of Israel

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

In the aftermath of the tightest election that Israel has seen in a long time, headlines all over the world are boldly declaring that “the Netanyahu era is over”. But that is not necessarily true. At this point it is going to be exceedingly difficult for anyone to put together a governing coalition, and as I will explain in this article, there are still a couple of ways that Benjamin Netanyahu could hold on to power. This is a drama that is probably going to take an extended period of time to unfold, and Avigdor Lieberman is in the catbird seat. The decisions that he makes in the coming days are going to be absolutely critical.

Let’s start by talking about the election results. With over 90 percent of the vote counted, the Blue and White party (Kahol Lavan) and Likud have almost the same number of seats…

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The Truth About Fed’s Interest Rate Cut

from The Still Report

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Repo Rumpus Foreshadows a Short Squeeze on the Dollar

by Rick Ackerman

The Fed’s so-far $128 billion intervention in the repo market slipped off the Wall Street Journal‘s front page by evening, hardly a concern. Don’t be surprised if, years from now, the squeeze on short-term borrowers that caused this flurry of excitement is cited as an early warning sign of the banking system’s coming collapse. On Tuesday, there simply weren’t enough dollars around to keep short-term loans rolling. This implies that the dollar short-squeeze I first wrote about in Barron’s and the San Francisco Examiner more than two decades ago may have begun.

This time the Fed handled the problem without breaking a sweat. The next time, however, the cost might run into the trillions. Which is to say, more money than even the central bank can come up with on short notice. The banks won’t open the next day, nor will credit card transactions clear. There is no way that even a very prudent person can completely protect him or herself from the fallout, but it seems likely that those who hold Treasury paper and bullion as insurance will fare better than those who don’t.

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JP Morgan Hoarding Silver (Full Show)

from RT America

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Central Banker Serenity Prayer

by Gary Christenson
Miles Franklin

“Hello, my name is Jerome. I’m a central banker.”

“Hello, my name is Janet. I’m a Keynesian.”

“Hello, my name is Ben. I’m a monetizer.”

“Hello, my name is Alan. I’m an inflationist.”

“Hello, my name is Paul. I’m a central banker.”

The sponsor spoke as he smoothed the jacket of his $10,000 suit. “Welcome to our special session of Central Bankers Anonymous. At this point in the evening we recite two prayers.

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Jeff Berwick – Economic System Collapse Inevitable

from Financial Survival Network

According to our good friend Jeff Berwick, reality is completely upside down and reversed. Like in Orwell’s novel 1984, ignorance is strength, slavery is freedom etc. People in America believe they’re completely free, when in reality the opposite is becoming more true by the day. Jeff’s prescription is anarcho-capitalism, free trade in the absence of any government. Whether it’s workable or not is anyone’s guess. Regardless, Jeff believes that you need cryptos and gold to help weather the coming storm. Along with a positive mental attitude, because eventually things will get better.

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Debbie Bloyd – Americans Want Denmark’s Negative-Interest Mortgages

from Financial Survival Network

Debbie Bloyd joins the program… Two weeks ago Jyske Bank, Denmark’s third-largest bank, shocked the world by offering mortgages with a negative interest rate. Put simply, the bank would effectively pay customers to borrow money. It’s a bit more complicated than that, however, as borrowers have to pay fees that offset the savings. The news got loads of attention, as people struggled to wrap their heads around being paid for something they are supposed to be purchasing. Consumers around the world wanted in on the action. The weekend following the negative mortgages announcement, Jyske Bank received 80-90 inquiries from Americans who wanted these viral mortgages. It’s all been rather amusing for Jyske Bank and its housing economist Mikkel Høegh, who has had to deal with all the attention. “What I have said to the Americans is that they have to have a Danish property to get such a loan,” Høegh told Yahoo Finance in an email. “Some of the Americans then asked if I could help them buying a property in Denmark. I can’t with that but we can help them with the funding if they get the house.” Jyske Bank has had to do a lot of clarifying; there’s a widespread misconception that the bank is actually paying borrowers to take their money.

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Edward Karr | We’ve Just Acquired Another High-Potential Nevada Gold Project

from Mining Stock Education

U.S. Gold Corp. (NASDAQ: USAU) is pleased to announce it has closed the acquisition of Orevada Metals, Inc. (“Orevada Metals”) in an all share transaction. Orevada Metals is, a Nevada corporation, wholly owned by a privately held Canadian company (“Orevada”), which has become a new wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Gold Corp. Orevada has an option to acquire a 70% interest in the Maggie Creek Project.

The acquisition of Orevada and the option to acquire the Maggie Creek Project, gives U.S. Gold Corp. its second promising exploration project in Nevada, on the Carlin Trend. The Maggie Creek Project is located in the heart of the Carlin Trend, immediately adjacent to Newmont Mining’s (NYSE: NEM) 26-million-ounce Gold Quarry mine. The Project occurs along the northeast projection of the Gold Quarry fault zone, which is an important mineralizing control at the Gold Quarry mine, indicating significant potential to discover Carlin style gold deposits in one of the world’s most sought-after gold districts. The recent discoveries at Carlin (Leeville) and Gold Quarry (Chukar) demonstrate the potential for high-grade deposits at depth – mostly untested at Maggie Creek. Newmont’s Rainbow deposit occurs immediately south of the Maggie Creek project boundary

Edward Karr is an international entrepreneur, the founder of several investment management and investment banking firms based in Geneva, Switzerland and has been active in the natural resource industry for years. Ed has significant experience in serving as a Board member with numerous public companies. Currently, he is the President, CEO and Director of U.S. Gold Corp, a gold exploration and development company.

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