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Janet Yellen Warns, PIMCO Warns: Another Financial Crisis is Coming

from Gregory Mannarino

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Gold Prices Slips vs Rising Dollar as US Retail Sales Grow, China Slowdown ‘Concerning’

by Adrian Ash
Financial Sense

GOLD PRICES slipped to 7-session lows against a rising Dollar in London on Friday, dipping below $1235 per ounce as the US reported better-than-expected retail sales growth but China’s economic data missed analyst forecasts.

While the US said retail sales outside automobiles, gas and food rose strongly in November, China – the world’s second-largest economy and the No.1 gold consumer nation – reported its slowest annual pace of retail sales growth since 2003 and the slowest rise in industrial output since New Year 2016.

Copper and crude oil prices fell on China’s news, holding a 15% and 8% drop for 2018 to date respectively.

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History is Written by the Winners

from corbettreport

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The Seven Stages of a Financial Bubble

by Robert Kiyosaki
Daily Reckoning

“Is there a real estate bubble?” That’s the question I’m asked repeatedly. When I reply honestly, “I hope so,” the person asking me will sometimes get angry.

“You want the market to crash?” asked one young man incredulously, at an event where I was a featured speaker.

“Yes,” I replied. “I love market crashes.”

Apparently not wanting to hear the rest of my explanation, he stomped off muttering something like “moron.”

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Fed Up! SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap for December 14th, 2018

from SchiffGold – Peter Schiff's Gold Company

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In the Western World Truth is on Its Deathbed

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Response to my quarterly request for donations has been very weak. Normally December is our best quarter for reader support, but the response to my December 10 request is the weakest ever.

Perhaps the explanation is that most of those who support this website have become monthly donors. I will need to do some research to ascertain if the growth in monthly donors explains the fall off in readers’ quarterly responses.

Please keep in mind that nowhere in the Western world does it pay to tell the truth. Whistleblowers, who are protected by federal law, are nevertheless framed and imprisoned for telling the truth while nothing is done about the government officials who commit the revealed crimes.

With few exceptions such as Tucker Carlson, no journalist in the print and TV media dares step outside the bounds of the official explanations.

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Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-Up for December 14th, 2018

from Sprott Money

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Gold in the Short, Medium, and Long Term

by David Brady, CFA
Gold Seek

We all know that positioning and sentiment are bullish for Gold and have been since May. Hence the need to focus on the technical picture. As I reported last week, Gold is in a Bear Flag following its drop from 1369 in April to 1167 in October. It touched channel resistance at 1257 on Monday, but the closing high was 1253, strong Fibonacci resistance. Gold has fallen back since. Now the 200-day moving average has fallen to meet the top of the rising channel at 1259.

Bullish Scenario

Gold needs to break and close above 1260. This would be extremely bullish. I would prefer to see it move above 1270 and close above there for at least two days before feeling confident that the worst was behind us, and we’re heading up to test and break the 2016 high at 1377. We’ve had similar experiences in the past, where the 200-day moving average has been broken, only to see Gold dump back down below it in the next day or so. A fake breakout to the upside is typically extremely bearish. Remember, this is a Bear Flag.

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Democrat Ted Lieu Would Love to Regulate Speech

from Styxhexenhammer666

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US Banks Disclose Biggest Unrealized Losses on Security Investments since Q1 2009: FDIC

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

The price of rising interest rates.

The FDIC just released the aggregated third-quarter performance metrics of the 5,477 banks and thrifts it insures. The amount of their combined assets ticked up to $17.7 trillion. These assets – mostly loans but also investments of all kinds – include $3.6 trillion in securities (not including the securities in their trading accounts). And banks got hit by the biggest quarterly losses on those securities since the first quarter of 2009.

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Gold Could “Rally Significantly” On These Catalysts

from Kitco NEWS

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Ideological Blindness on the Right and Left

by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Murray Rothbard had a law: intellectuals specialize in what they are worst at.

We’ve all known them: the learned historian who knows no economics but proclaims fealty to socialism; the economist who is brilliant at math but can’t stop writing about theology; the philosopher who has subtle views about Heidegger and Derrida but mainly spends class time haranguing students about the solution to climate change.

What is true for intellectuals is doubly so for politicians. Many people on the right side of the political spectrum have solidly reasonable views on property rights, judicial restraint, and cutting domestic spending. But these days, many of these same people are obsessed with fomenting trade wars, making immigration hard, propping up foreign dictators, and stepping up the drug war. They are specializing in their worst features.

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Big Announcement from Democrat Genius

from Mark Dice

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