No ‘Bee-Apocalypse,’ Thanks to Free Markets

A new study finds no dramatic and widespread economic effects from colony collapse disorder.

by Ronald Bailey

Warnings of an impending “bee apocalypse” became widespread in 2006, after some commercial beekeepers reported the mass disappearance of worker honeybees from a substantial proportion of their hives, leaving behind larva, young bees, queen bees, and supplies of honey. That winter, between 651,000 and 875,000 of the nation’s estimated 2.4 million commercial colonies were lost to the phenomenon, dubbed colony collapse disorder (CCD).

Similar mass colony losses have been documented 23 times since 1868. The current outbreak is associated with infestations of invasive varroa mites; with new diseases, including Israeli acute paralysis virus and the gut parasite Nosema; with exposures to some pesticides applied to crops or used to control in-hive parasites; and with poor nutrition stemming from inadequate forage.

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CNN Promotes Antifa Terrorism – and Using IQ to Understand the World

from Stefan Molyneux

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The Latest Updates from Martin Armstrong – 2019.07.15

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

The Great Alignment & 2020

False Flags – Not the Fringe Conspiracy but Reality

The US Treasury Does Have the Constitutional Right to Mint Coins

Market Talk – July 15, 2019

Understanding the Energy Model

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Conservatives Against Liberty

by Dr. Ron Paul
Ron Paul Institute

Recently several prominent social and populist conservatives have attacked libertarianism. These conservatives, some of whom are allies in the fight against our hyper-interventionist foreign policy, blame libertarianism for a variety of social and economic ills. The conservative attack on libertarianism — like the attack on the freedom philosophy launched by leftists — is rooted in factual, economic, and philosophical errors.

Libertarianism’s right-wing critics claim libertarianism is the dominant ideology of the Republican establishment. This is an odd claim since the Republican leadership embraces anti-libertarian policies like endless wars, restrictions on civil liberties, government interference in our personal lives, and massive spending increases on welfare as well as warfare.

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AOC, Ilhan Omar Repeatedly Refuse to Condemn Antifa Attack on ICE! | Keean Bexte

from Rebel Media

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As Wall Street Celebrates Rising Stock Prices, Companies Are Literally Shutting Down All Over America

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

How long can the stock market possibly stay completely disconnected from economic reality? On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose just 27 points, but that was good enough to push it to yet another new all-time record high. Investors have been absolutely thrilled by the extremely impressive bull run that we have witnessed so far in 2019, but there is no way that this is sustainable. Wall Street may be celebrating for the moment, but meanwhile all of the hard economic numbers are telling us that we have now entered a new economic slowdown. Just like in 2008, it appears to be inevitable that the party on Wall Street is about to hit a brick wall, but nobody should be surprised when it happens. Everywhere around us there are signs of economic trouble, and right now companies are literally shutting down all over America.

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Heads Up! Detention Center Attack – Behind the Scenes

from HighImpactVlogs

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Bitcoin Buyers Are Only Fooling Themselves – Again

The second cryptocurrency bubble will end just like the first

by Gary Smith
Market Watch

Money is the lynchpin of modern economies. We do not need to grow our own food, make our own clothes, and build our own furniture. We can specialize in what we do well and use the money we are paid to buy what we want.

It hardly matters what is accepted as money — seashells, whale teeth, and woodpecker scalps have all been used. The people of Yap used stones canoed in from hundreds of miles away. People have been willing to be paid in shells, scalps, and stones because they were confident that they could use them to buy things.

Money doesn’t need to be something you can hold in your hands; indeed most of us choose to live in an essentially cashless society.

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Trump Just Played Democrats and the Media Like a Fiddle

from Timcast

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Trucking Bloodbath: 2,500 Truck Drivers Lose Jobs

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
Mish Talk

At least 2,500 truck drivers have lost their jobs in 2019 as the transportation ‘bloodbath’ unfolds

Alleged Truck Driver Shortage

Flashback February 11, 2019: NPR says Facing A Critical Shortage Of Drivers, The Trucking Industry Is Changing.

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China’s Worst GDP in at Least 27 Years!

from WallStForMainSt

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Tucker Carlson: ‘Guys Who Are Literally Armed with Steel Bars and Have Black Masks on Are Calling Other People Fascists’

by Claire Smith

Tucker Carlson elaborated Monday on what he has observed from the left side of the political spectrum, including the Freudian idea that “whatever they say you’re doing is precisely what they’re doing.”

“I really think Antifa was maybe the moment when I figured it out. The guys who are literally armed with steel bars and have black masks on are calling other people fascists,” Carlson said.

The name “Antifa” is supposed to represent an organization which is anti-fascism, but Carlson points to the fact that they act more like fascists than anyone.

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Area 51 ‘Joke’ Turning Dangerous

from RT America

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