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Senator Mike Lee on Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Tariffs, and Congressional Dysfunction

from ReasonTV

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This 200% Gain Won’t Be the Last…

by Alan Knuckman
Daily Reckoning

“I felt as if I were riding a pendulum. Just as I would swing into the abyss of hopelessness, the pendulum would swing back with some small goodness.”

That’s from Between Shades of Gray, written by bestselling author Ruta Sepetys. It’s the story of a teenage Lithuanian girl who was abducted and forced to work in a Soviet-Siberian labor camp.

The book is about suffering, pain, hope and fortitude… feelings a lot of investors can relate to. But there’s an important investment lesson hiding in the pendulum quote I shared.

As you probably know, a lot goes into a stock price. Some of it is math — earnings, assets, expenses and more. But stock prices are also a product of emotions, psychology and opinions on the underlying company…

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Senator Rand Paul on Need for Greater Oversight of Intelligence Community

from SenatorRandPaul

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Gold Investment Wanes

by Adam Hamilton
Zeal LLC

Gold’s summer doldrums are dragging on this year, with this asset slumping longer and lower than usual. Several converging factors are responsible. The stronger dollar has convinced gold-futures speculators to sell aggressively, and gold’s downside momentum has fed on itself. Investment demand has waned on the resulting weaker gold prices and euphoric near-record-high stock markets, but that should reverse soon.

Summers are usually gold’s weakest time of the year seasonally. So investors and speculators need to be mentally prepared for lackluster or bearish trading action this time of year. Market summers run Junes, Julies, and Augusts. And their first halves are simply devoid of the recurring outsized spikes in gold investment demand seen during much of the rest of the year. Thus gold prices tend to drift neglected.

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Is Gold a Bad Investment?

from SchiffGold – Peter Schiff's Gold Company

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Find Your Balls or Shut Up

by Karl Denninger

Anyone writing this sort of column deserves to be a slave because they volunteered:

The right of Californians to self-government and democracy suffered a serious blow Wednesday when the state Supreme Court ordered that a proposition asking voters if they want to break the most populous state in the nation into three states must be removed from the November ballot.

A right predates government.

A government can only respect or disrespect a right. And governments only exist with and so long as the consent of the people exists.

As soon as that ends so does the government.

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Josephine Mathias (Contributor, National Post) Joins Dave Rubin

from The Rubin Report

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Trump Takes Gold for a Little Ride

by Rick Ackerman

Stocks struggled valiantly to sell off on Thursday, but the Dow was never down more than 150 points. Permabears shouldn’t despair, however, since it’s always lightest before the dusk. Gold got support late in the day when Trump castigated the Fed for, of all things, tightening; but don’t expect the ebullience in precious metals to last. He’ll have to pull out all the stops to tank the economy sufficiently to bring quantitative easing back into style. Is that perhaps what he intends by socking auto importers with a 25% surcharge? Regardless, he’s certainly got a knack for helping us forget whatever popped out of his mouth last. Something having to do with Putin, wasn’t it?

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Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-Up for July 20th, 2018

from Sprott Money

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The False Prosecution of Dzhokhkar Tsarnaev

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

As I reported at the time, and as all evidence indicates, the alleged Boston Marathon Bombing was a publicly announced drill in which crisis actors were used. There were no real deaths or injuries, and the Tsarnaev brothers did not set off a bomb.

The drill was turned into a real event by propagandists who used the propaganda to advance their agenda of police state regulation and to test US reaction to the use of martial law to close down the city of Boston and the airport and to use 10,000 armed troops to invade without warrants and search citizens’ homes under the guise that a dangerous 19-year old “terrorist,” who was already shot up by soldiers or police, was on the loose.

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No, Mark Zuckerberg Isn’t a Free Speech Fan for Refusing to Ban People for Ideology

from Styxhexenhammer666

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The Deep State, Trump, and the World

by Clive Maund
Gold Seek

I watched Trump’s press conference in full following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. To me, Trump sounded positive and perfectly reasonable, and his behavior at this time was actually Statesmanlike. Here is a link to the full press briefing including an English translation of what Mr Putin said. It is worth watching this in full if you haven’t already, as shortened versions are likely to be selectively edited.

Of course it was to be expected that the gangsters who now run the United States but don’t entirely control Trump would react in a hostile manner to Trump’s remarks, but even I was a little taken aback by their rabid apoplexy. The mainstream media, which they totally control, went into full attack mode on Trump.

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The Mueller Indictment

from Bill Whittle

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