“The Plannedemic”?

from Zero Hedge

Authored by Ben Garrison


For the past decade, Bill gates has been warning us about an inevitable pandemic. Conditioning us. Getting us used to the idea.

[…] Last year, he even held a summit on the matter and ran computer simulations to predict outcomes. Why did a former computer nerd and mogul become so interested in vaccination and disease?

Possibly because he’s worth over $100 billion and thinks he owns the world. He also wants to make an impact on humanity. Getting rid of excess humanity, that is. Bill’s father was once the head of Planned Parenthood. He comes from a eugenics background. Gates frets about world population growth. Is it any wonder he pushes Monsanto’s GMO food as well as harmful vaccines?

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The CoronaSphere Lounge Episode 10: A Much, Much Larger Threat Than Covid-19

from Bill Whittle

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Gold Market Update: Breathtaking Reversal to the Upside?

by Clive Maund
Gold Seek

The world suddenly finds itself tipped into the gravest crisis since the 2nd World War, and with respect to the global economy it is actually far worse, because the financial system was teetering on the verge of collapse even before the coronavirus epidemic surfaced as a result of the exponential growth of debt and derivatives – so the virus epidemic and the reaction to it has simply acted as a catalyst to bring the whole house of cards down.

The current situation where countless millions of people are sat at home twiddling their thumbs and scared to go out is untenable. The economy is coming to a dead stop and if it continues the result will be anarchy – mass unemployment, privation and even starvation and eventual widespread civil unrest. The government can send out all the welfare checks it likes, but if nobody is producing anything, where is all the food and stuff people consume going to come from?

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This is How China is Profiting from Coronavirus

from Avi Yemini

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You Mean There Was Never Any Gold at the Comex?

[Ed. Note: I got news for ya… There’s also no orange juice, pork bellies, or live cattle at the Comex. The Comex is a place where prices are set by trading futures contracts. It’s not a storage warehouse for the physical delivery of every single commodity on their books.]

by Liz Hoffman, Amrith Ramkumar, and Joe Wallace of The Wall Street Journal

It’s an honest-to-God doomsday scenario and the ultimate doomsday-prepper market is a mess.

As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, investors and bankers are encountering severe shortages of gold bars and coins. Dealers are sold out or closed for the duration. Credit Suisse Group AG, which has minted its own bars since 1856, told clients this week not to bother asking. In London, bankers are chartering private jets and trying to finagle military cargo planes to get their bullion to New York exchanges.

It’s getting so bad that Wall Street bankers are asking Canada for help. The Royal Canadian Mint has been swamped with requests to ramp up production of gold bars that could be taken down to New York.

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The Health Organization the Government Tells You to Trust Should Not Be Trusted

from WeAreChange

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The Deep State Exists and So Does Bob Dylan

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

There are many who don’t believe the deep state exists. They believe it is an unfounded conspiracy theory. As someone who has watched politics for a long, long time and know history, I believe the deep state exists.

The Deep State Exists

The Deep State is defined as a sub-group containing both elected and un-elected people. They typically choose who runs for office and gets elected.

It implies that a shadowy group controls who runs government and how. Some are politicians, other bureaucrats and still others puppet-masters outside of government that control various decisions.

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Coronavirus: The Solution is Becoming Clear

We are starting to win the war for data on covid-19

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

The world has been fighting covid-19 long enough that we are beginning to arrive at some constructive conclusions:

[…] Part of the intense infectiousness of this virus is due to its long asymptomatic phase, where hosts feel fine but are shedding contagious particles. Increased testing is now showing that the majority of folks testing positive don’t realize they’re sick.

Research is showing that the recommended social distance of two meters (6.8 feet) is inadequate to protect against airborne particles. Four times that amount is more likely — reinforcing the effectiveness of both social isolating tactics (like sheltering at home) and wearing masks.

Peak Prosperity has been loudly banging the #Masks4ALL drum of late, and every day more studies emerge showing it’s one of the cheapest and most effective social responses to slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

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Crenshaw Promotes Unity After Hillary Clinton Mocks Trump’s Coronavirus Response

by Eric Quintanar
Daily Wire

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) appeared on Fox News on Saturday to talk about the country’s coronavirus response, but was first asked about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mocking “the president’s America first message” in a tweet that should have been a somber update about the pandemic.

“Somebody like Hillary Clinton is so used to taking political jabs at the president or her political opponents anytime there is an outcome that is unfortunate, but this isn’t the time. This is a tragedy for all Americans, for the entire world,” said Crenshaw.

“This newfound issue where we find the worst in each other, and we question each other’s intentions, and that happens all the time in politics, but now is not the time to do that. There is a pandemic going on,” said Crenshaw.

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Event 201 On Turning Off the Internet

from Jason Bermas

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The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill is Intended to Save Small Business – But Will it Work?

President Donald Trump on Friday signed a relief package for Americans financially hurting under the coronavirus lockdown, including a stimulus package for small business owners.

by Jason Hopkins

President Donald Trump signed a coronavirus relief package intended to help the country’s small business economy, but some experts and businessmen have expressed skepticism over whether the funds can be efficiently distributed to each company.

Forced to close their doors and shun customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses across the U.S. are at risk of shutting down permanently — and layoffs have already surged nationwide. As a way to save the U.S. economy, lawmakers passed legislation that provides financial relief to both individual Americans as well as to small businesses.

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Amazon Shows “No Respect” for Warehouse Workers During Coronavirus

from Ben Swann

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Pandemic Historian: Coronavirus ‘A Disease of Globalization’

by John Binder

The Chinese coronavirus “is emphatically a disease of globalization,” a pandemic historian at Yale University says.

In an interview published in the Wall Street Journal, Yale University’s Frank Snowden — a historian who most recently in 2006 published a book about Italy’s eradication of malaria — details how the coronavirus pandemic is threatening the globalist worldview of free movement of people and free trade.

The interview finds the Journal‘s Jason Willick seemingly admits the coronavirus is tainting globalism and pushing Americans and the peoples of Europe toward nationhood:

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The Conservatives Finally Turn On China

from Akkad Daily

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Don’t Be Dangerously Misled by the Rallies

by Rick Ackerman

Over the weekend, we learned enough about the virus to understand why things won’t be trending even remotely back to normal by Easter, as some may have hoped. Grave uncertainties will remain for possibly much longer, including whether spring break will turn out to be a devastating vector of contagion. In early January, a friend’s son, big (6’3?), strong and healthy, was among the first Americans to get what turned out to be coronavirus. He is a math student at a top university in Boston, and this was shortly after many of his Asian classmates returned to the U.S. after visiting their families over Christmas. Initially he experienced a sore throat and a 105 fever. Doctors were not looking for Covid-19 back then, and so it took ten days for them to order up a scan that revealed viral pneumonia. Thirty days later, he had not completely recovered, although the most debilitating symptoms had abated. He might just as easily have died. His mother, who lives in South Florida, is asthmatic and remains in a very strict state of self-quarantine. She does not leave her home for any reason, receives no callers, and scrupulously sanitizes any food or packages left at her door.

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