Peter Grandich – Measurable Signs of Terrific Speculation

from Financial Survival Network We caught up with Peter Grandich today. Peter says there are many… [more]

Peter Grandich – Measurable Signs of Terrific Speculation Peter Grandich - Measurable Signs of Terrific Speculation

Danielle Park – Risk Versus Reward

from Financial Survival Network Danielle Park was on today, really on. With all that's going on in… [more]

Danielle Park – Risk Versus Reward Danielle Park - Risk Versus Reward

Bob Hoye – Credit Busts Take Time To Work Out

from Financial Survival Network We talked with market historian and analyst Bob Hoye today. The… [more]

Bob Hoye – Credit Busts Take Time To Work Out Bob Hoye - Credit Busts Take Time To Work Out

What’s Next? for July 22nd, 2014 – The Beginning of the End for Obamacare

from Financial Survival Network Gold is under selling pressure today but is still above $1300. Silver… [more]

What’s Next? for July 22nd, 2014 – The Beginning of the End for Obamacare What's Next? for July 22nd, 2014 - The Beginning of the End for Obamacare

Turd Ferguson – When In Doubt, Believe No One

from Financial Survival Network We caught up with Turd Ferguson this morning. Obama says the Russians… [more]

Turd Ferguson – When In Doubt, Believe No One Turd Ferguson - When In Doubt, Believe No One

Andrew Hoffman – Is This 1914 All Over Again?

from Financial Survival Network Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman. Listen in as we discuss: It’s… [more]

Andrew Hoffman – Is This 1914 All Over Again? Andrew Hoffman - Is This 1914 All Over Again?

David Gurwitz – Cycles Are Proving Correct For Gold Again

from Financial Survival Network We like to check in with David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research… [more]

David Gurwitz – Cycles Are Proving Correct For Gold Again David Gurwitz - Cycles Are Proving Correct For Gold Again

As The World Erupts, Stocks Continue To Rise. What’s Next?

from Gregory Mannarino

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Gold & Silver To Skyrocket As We Move To A New World Order

from King World News

Today an acclaimed money manager told King World News that gold and silver are going to skyrocket as we transition to a “New World Order.” Stephen Leeb also said there is a major bid under the gold market and went on to warn that change will now be very rapid in the coming years.

Leeb: “There is so much speculation about what really happened to the plane that was shot down. But the reality is that there is a war going on in the Ukraine right now and it’s a very, very tough one. And the Russian people are for this war….

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Jocelyn August: Upcoming Catalysts for Precious and Base Metals, Uranium and Oil and Gas Plays

by Brian Sylvester
The Gold Report

Timing the market is sometimes more important than finding the right equities. But if you can time the market and find the right equities, that can be the most direct path to success. Jocelyn August, senior analyst and product manager with Sagient Research’s, follows catalysts that move resource stocks with regularity, sometimes 10% or more. In this interview with The Mining Report, August discusses some upcoming catalysts in the precious and base metals spaces, and names others in uranium and oil and gas.

The Mining Report: The top catalysts Sagient Research follows tend to move resource stock prices 6–10%. What are the top three catalysts in precious metals equities?

Jocelyn August: The top three catalysts for absolute movements—either up or down—in precious metals are the ones that help investors determine the potential success of a project, so we’re looking at preliminary economic assessments (PEA), government approvals or permits—that’s when a company actually receives the decision—and resource estimates. The PEA is on top, with about an 8% movement, either up or down. When we look at only positive movements, the PEA remains on top, with a move of more than 12%. A positive PEA has a big effect on the stock price. Feasibility study results and the start of drilling round out the top three for positive movements.

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Impeach Clinton – Part 6

from Bill Still

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How Effective Have The Fed’s QE Programs Been?

by Lance Roberts
Street Talk Live

In the most recent newsletter, I discussed this year’s rise in the markets and the fact that all of the gains have occurred during some of the historically weakest months of the year. I also noted a few interesting facts:

  • 100% of the year-to-date returns were contained within roughly 50% of trading weeks. (15 positive/14 negative weeks)
  • 78.5% of the year-to-date gains have occurred since May 20th.
  • 100% of the gains for the year have occurred since April.

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Escalating Ukraine Crisis Could Blow Gold Sky High

Conflicting aggressive rhetoric from both Russia and the West could be precipitating us into a new Cold War and the ensuing financial dangers could see gold skyrocket.

by Lawrence Williams
Mine Web

London (Mineweb) – Far from coming to an end the Ukraine crisis could be far from over and as the West and Russia are embroiled in accusation and counter-accusation over the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, the potential for escalation is perhaps getting more serious by the day. It has brought a safe-haven focus back into the gold market which is probably likely to remain given Ukraine is not the only major flashpoint of worry with Syrian, Iraqi and Israeli/Gaza (Hamas) conflicts all raging and building up deep-rooted concerns and polarisation amongst those affected. Violence may well not offer solutions to these deep-seated problems but can only intensify hatreds amongst those innocents affected.

And it is difficult nowadays to know who or what to trust in terms of media reporting. We in the West are programmed to believe the spin put on things by the majority of our media, despite that this version of events is in turn spun to the media by the various governments involved.

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Oh Oh…. Obamacare Subsidies

by Karl Denninger

Oh my….

WASHINGTON – A powerful federal appeals court dealt a major blow to ObamaCare on Tuesday, ruling against the legality of some subsidies issued to people through the Affordable Care Act exchanges.

A three-judge panel ruled 2-1 on Tuesday that the IRS went too far in reinterpreting the language in ObamaCare to extend subsidies to those who buy insurance through the federally run exchanges, known as

This ruling, if it stands up through appeals, will destroy Obamacare.

It makes subsidies unavailable in those states that did not set up their own separate exchanges — which, incidentally, is what the law actually says.

There are only 14 states that run their own exchanges.

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Is the US Abandoning Afghan Interpreters to Certain Death?

from ReasonTV

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Rising Wages Where? Real Wages Post First Annual Decline Since 2012

from Zero Hedge

For all the talk about “noisy inflation” this and “rising prices are good for the economy” that, what the Fed’s cheerleading squad continues to ignore is the one most important inflation the US economy needs in order to actually have a sustainable recovery instead of centrally-planned stagflation: wage inflation.

So while bullish pundits keep referring to some mythical CEO survey promising wage will increase any day now, just not today, the BLS released its most recent real wage (adjusted for inflation) report moments ago, showing that not only did the average real hourly wage remain flat for the second month in a row at $10.29, the lowest level since September 2013, but posted the first annual decline since October 2012.

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Manufactured Collision Course With Destiny

by Bill Holter
Miles Franklin

I thought about choosing a topic to write about today and decided that the downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane needs to be discussed because it is being thrown around like a political football. Before beginning to write, I received an e-mail from my mentor in which he said “It is obvious that we are on a manufactured collision course with destiny” which I unfortunately think is 100% correct. I will explain the quote later, first let’s look at the tragic “political football”.

Zero Hedge has written several pieces on the airline missile strike, the latest missive is here. Please read this because some very interesting points are brought forth. In this, Russia claims to have photos of the Ukrainians deploying their BUK missiles in the eastern part of the country. If this is true, what will happen to global sentiment towards the Ukraine and thus their sponsor the U.S.?

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Keiser Report: Goldfish Cryptocurrency (E630)

from RT

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Diverse Opportunities in the Boomer-Controlled Market

by Greg Guenthner
Daily Reckoning

You aren’t getting any younger…

It’s no secret. You’ve heard time and again how the aging baby boomers are warping this country’s demographics. Births are dropping, while the ranks of folks cashing Social Security checks grows by the day. Now, big business is set to take advantage of the trend.

Just how much older are we getting? Check out the statistics…

“Births peaked in the U.S. at 4.32 million in 2007 and declined for five years before leveling off recently. Some 3.96 million babies were born in the U.S. last year, according to preliminary data from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “The number was up slightly from 2012, but the country’s fertility rate dropped to a record low of 62.9 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age. Meanwhile, over 3 million Americans are now turning 65 each year, according to the Pew Research Center.”

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Time for the Export-Import Bank to Ship Out

by Katya Sandino
Outsider Club

The deadline to renew the Export-Import Bank’s charter is September 30th.

Established by FDR in 1934 as part of the New Deal, the export-import bank is intended to support foreign trade by insuring exporters against losses. However, as the charter deadline approaches, the bank finds itself under investigation for corruption.

And these allegations are nothing new for an institution that has become as well known for fraud as it has for its intended purpose.

The current allegations are that a former employee accepted cash payments in exchange for helping a Florida company obtain financing to export construction equipment to Latin America.

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The American Way of Life is NOT Negotiable – GRAPHIC (Sons of Liberty Academy 8.25)

from TruthNeverTold

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Senate: Renaissance Hedge Fund Avoided $6 Billion in Taxes in Bogus Scheme With Banks

by Pam Martens
Wall Street on Parade

Only one word comes to mind to describe the testimony taking place before the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations this morning: Machiavellian.

The criminal minds on Wall Street have twisted banking and securities laws into such a pretzel of hubris that neither Congress, Federal Regulators or even the General Accountability Office can say with any confidence if the U.S. financial system is an over-leveraged house of cards. They just don’t know.

According to a copious report released last evening, here’s what hedge funds have been doing for more than a decade with the intimate involvement of global banks:

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Have Central Banks Been Breaking The Law?

Quantitative easing has had a reverse Robin Hood-type effect by robbing from the poor and giving to the rich

by Jeremy Warner

The best way to destroy the capitalist system, the Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin is reputed to have said, is to debauch the currency. The world’s major central banks have certainly been having a fair old go at it. In the six years since the financial crisis first broke, they’ve been printing money like there is no tomorrow.

Fortunately, they have not yet managed to bring down the free market system. On the other hand, they have succeeded in putting a rocket under asset prices and, in so doing, they have greatly exaggerated the wealth divide.

In a number of cases, including the US and the UK, they have also significantly assisted governments in financing burgeoning fiscal deficits. To the extent that quantitative easing (QE) has had any effect at all, it is asset prices and governments that have been the prime beneficiaries.

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True or False? Seven Common Myths About Investing in Junior Resources

Are you in the know about the best way to invest in junior resources?

by Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist
Casey Research

Many investors seem reluctant to enter the fray of investing in junior resources. While they know that the high risk of the space can bring big rewards, the risk—along with a lot of hype and misinformation about new technologies—can seem so large that none but the most fearless of investors is willing to give it a try.

Today I’ll review several myths most investors hold regarding junior resource investing, affirm some, and bust open a few misconceptions. This should help you become a more savvy speculator, so let’s get right to it.

Myth 1: Investing in juniors can make you rich.

True. The secret to becoming a successful speculator is being a contrarian. When everyone believes a sector is dead and is the worst place to be invested, that’s exactly when you want to invest in it. The junior resource sector is currently at historic lows, yet our portfolio is delivering exceptional returns. Imagine what our portfolio will be returning to investors when the bull market starts in the juniors.

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In Potentially “Lethal Blow” For Obamacare, US Appeals Court Finds Insurance Subsidies Invalid In Most States

from Zero Hedge

It may be back to square 1 for Obamacare.

Moments ago, in what NBC classified as a “potentially lethal blow to Obamacare” a federal appeals court has ruled that the federal government may not subsidize health insurance plans bought by people in states that decided not to set up their own marketplaces under Obamacare. The law clearly says that states are to set up the exchanges. But 34 states opted not to, and the federal government took over in those states. The court ruled that federal government may not pay subsidies for insurance plans in those states.

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The Dollar’s 70-Year Dominance Is Coming to an End

by Liam Halligan
Laissez Faire Books

In early July 1944, delegates from 44 countries gathered at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. A three-week summit took place, at which a new system was agreed to regulate the international monetary and financial order after the Second World War.

The U.S. was already the world’s commercial powerhouse, having eclipsed the British Empire several decades earlier. America was also on course to be among the victors of “Europe’s conflict,” even though its economy was largely unscathed by war. As such, Bretton Woods was U.S.-dominated and produced a settlement largely on U.S. terms.

Seventy years ago this week, that fateful summit ended. Its close marked the moment the dollar’s unquestionable supremacy was secured. Since then, global commerce has been conducted largely in dollars and leading economies have held the greenback as their primary reserve currency.

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For Stocks, Dow 20,000 — Then A Crash?

A forecaster sees short-term gain and long-term pain

by Brett Arends
Market Watch

The Dow Jones Industrial Average soars to 20,000. The cheers echo around Wall Street. As the economy recovers, unemployment tumbles. A wave of mergers sweeps Wall Street as big companies bet on a continuing economic boom. The bears and naysayers are routed, humiliated and consigned to oblivion. Mom-and-Pop investors, terrified of getting left behind, pour money into stocks.

And then, horrifyingly, it all starts to go sour, yet again. As the economy recovers, costs begin to rise. As unemployment tumbles, wages follow suit. The Fed begins hiking interest rates to stop inflation. Meanwhile companies have to slash prices to gain or keep market share against brutal competition. Earnings plunge. Stocks begin to slide. and then tumble into a terrifying smash, the third in a generation.

Far-fetched? Not necessarily.

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Setting The Stage For The Next Collapse

by Steve Saville, The Speculative Investor
Gold Seek

When the central bank pumps money into the economy and suppresses interest rates it creates incentives to speculate and invest in ways that would not otherwise be viable. At a superficial level the central bank’s strategy will often seem valid, because the increased speculating and investing prompted by the monetary stimulus will temporarily boost economic activity and could lead to lower unemployment. The problem is that the diversion of resources into projects and other investments that are only justified by the stream of new money and artificially low interest rates will destroy wealth at the same time as it is boosting activity. In effect, the central bank’s efforts cause the economy to feast on its seed corn, temporarily creating full bellies while setting the stage for severe hunger in the future.

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Hambro ‘Horrified’ by Tampering of London Gold Fix

by Thomas Biesheuvel

Peter Hambro, chairman of gold producer Petropavlovsk Plc (POG), said he was “horrified” by the manipulation of the London fix given its importance to the industry.

“When I read the reports on what people had been doing to it, I was horrified,”Hambro said in an interview today. “It is something that is really important to people in the industry. It’s something that we use in a big way as we deliver our gold, that’s how we price.”

Barclays Plc was fined $44 million earlier this year after a trader sought to influence the gold fix in 2012. The gold fixing takes place twice a day by phone and is used by mining companies to central banks to trade or value the metal.

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The Road To Hyperinflation In Simple Pictures

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Sometimes, even the most poetic, concise text doesn’t do justice to simple graphics. Sure, I could write of this weekend’s dangerous expansion of “Cold War II” – which we can only pray doesn’t turn “hot”; or the most pitched Israel/Hamas battles, yielding 450 casualties, since the 1967 war. Heck, I could write entire articles on a half dozen topics related to Friday’s “horrible headlines” alone; from St. Louis Fed President Bullard warning of a U.S. bond bubble whilst IMF head Lagarde spoke of a global stock bubble; or Portugal’s largest financial institution, Banco Espirito Santo, officially declaring bankruptcy, to be shortly followed by Flint, Michigan; or the Bank of Italy reducing its 2014 GDP growth expectation from 0.7% to 0.2%; or the largest ever decline in Chinese home sale prices; or the lowest U.S. consumer sentiment reading in a year.

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Silver: The Opportunity Is Now

from whygoldandsilver

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Malaysian Airlines MH17 Was Ordered to Fly over the East Ukraine Warzone

Malaysian Airlines Confirms that it was Instructed to Fly MH17 at Lower Altitude over East Ukraine

by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research

On the matter of MH17’s flight path, Malaysian Airlines confirms that the pilot was instructed to fly at a lower altitude by the Kiev air traffic control tower upon its entry into Ukraine airspace.

”MH17 filed a flight plan requesting to fly at 35,000ft throughout Ukrainian airspace. This is close to the ‘optimum’ altitude.

However, an aircraft’s altitude in flight is determined by air traffic control on the ground. Upon entering Ukrainian airspace, MH17 was instructed by Ukrainian air traffic control to fly at 33,000ft.”

( For further details see press releases at :

33,000 feet is 1000 feet above the restricted flight altitude (see image below). The request of the Ukrainian air traffic control authorities was implemented.

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The Downward Spiral In Housing Begins…

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

With middle class household income after inflation declining and the first-time homebuyer cohort over-leveraged on student loan, credit card and auto loan debt, it’s no wonder that mortgage applications filed to purchase a home are plunging. Folks, the demographic I just described historically is the majority of the housing market – not big institutional funds and flippers looking to make a quick buck. If first-time buyers and middle class “move-up” buyers aren’t buying, the market eventually collapses.

With propaganda in ALL areas of our economic and political system now at levels that would make George Orwell put a gun to his temple and pull the trigger, I’ve sifted thru the nonsense coming from Wall Street and CNBC and have written an article explaining why the next down-leg in the housing market is about to unfold.

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Oh, So Free Water Is Next?

by Karl Denninger

Sounds like a good claim, right?

On Friday, July 18, thousands of people marched through downtown Detroit to call attention to a major public health crisis as the city shuts off the water for residents who are behind on their bills.

Chanting, “Fight! Fight! Fight! Water is a human right!” and “Whose water? Our water!” about 5,000 Detroit residents and allies from across the country—including many who were in town for the annual Netroots Nation blogger conference—marched from the Cobo convention center to Hart Plaza near the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Uh huh.

There’s plenty of free water available right in Detroit. It’s in the Detroit River, which (shockingly) is much cleaner than it was a number of years (and decades) ago.

Get out your bucket, walk to the river, dip it, there you go. Water.

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Economic and Financial Myth-Making

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

Current financial markets are especially dangerous as a result of government myth-making. Fiscal and monetary interventions and manipulations have distorted all markets, but especially financial markets.

The flood of liquidity by the Federal Reserve has done little for the economy although has juiced the level of financial asset prices. This effect is not accidental and is part of the myth-making that government has engaged in to convince citizens that economic conditions are improving. The following three factors have been instrumental in raising financial asset prices beyond where they normally would be:

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Was There a Global Holiday I Didn’t Know About…

by Mike Meyer
Daily Pfennig

Good Day! And welcome to Tuesday morning. Talk about uneventful. Monday mornings are usually pretty hectic but that just wasn’t the case yesterday. It felt more like a holiday than a regular business day, but we at least had a couple things to talk about. Its supposed to be a hot one here in St. Louis today so we’ll see in the market heats up today, but headlines were few and far between.

The lone data report from yesterday was a non-event. Not only is the Chicago Fed national activity index second tier, which means nobody really pays attention to it, but we didn’t see any big surprises. This report uses zero as the baseline in which zero indicates economic activity is growing at its long run potential. A reading above zero indicates the economy is running above average while a negative number suggests its below average. The index came in lower than both the expectations as well as the prior month, but it did remain positive at 0.12.

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The Manipulated Dialectical Destiny of the BRICS

from The Daily Bell

The dollar’s 70-year dominance is coming to an end … Within a decade, greenback’s could be replaced as the world’s reserve currency … The dollar’s hegemony continues to be cemented by the operations of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Founded at Bretton Woods, they’re both Washington based, of course, and controlled by America, despite some Francophone windowdressing. The advantages this system bestows on the US are enormous. “Reserve currency status” generates huge demand for dollars from governments and companies around the world, as they’re needed for reserves and trade. This has allowed successive American administrations to spend far more, year-in year-out, than is raised in tax and export revenue. By the early Seventies, US economic dominance was so assured that even after President Nixon reneged on the dollar’s previously unshakeable convertibility into gold, amounting to a massive default, dollar demand kept growing. So America doesn’t worry about balance of payments crises, as it can pay for imports in dollars the Federal Reserve can just print. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: The dollar is going down. An unavoidable tragedy.

Free-Market Analysis: This pernicious elite meme amply illustrates what we call directed history. In this case endless articles are appearing to explain why the dollar is in terminal decline as the BRICS (including South Africa) are ascending.

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