John Rubino – Who’s The Dumbest Bank In US?

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John Rubino – Who’s The Dumbest Bank In US? John Rubino - Who's The Dumbest Bank In US?

Andrew Hoffman – The Land of No Money Down iPhones

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Andrew Hoffman – The Land of No Money Down iPhones Andrew Hoffman - The Land of No Money Down iPhones

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Triple Lutz Report #364 – This Seeing iPhone Is No Dog Triple Lutz Report #364 - This Seeing iPhone Is No Dog

Robert Spencer – Has Jihad Come To America?

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Robert Spencer – Has Jihad Come To America? Robert Spencer - Has Jihad Come To America?

Robert Mazur – Money Laundering Banksters

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Elan Journo – Have We Learned Anything From 9-11?

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Elan Journo – Have We Learned Anything From 9-11? Elan Journo - Have We Learned Anything From 9-11?

Gordon T. Long – Are You A Victim Of Crony Capitalism?

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Gordon T. Long – Are You A Victim Of Crony Capitalism? Gordon T. Long - Are You A Victim Of Crony Capitalism?

Profit from America’s Decay

The End of Rust

by Jimmy Mengel
Outsider Club

America’s foundation is rotting away… and it breaks my heart.

We were once the single most powerful country in the world, with government, infrastructure, and military that were the envy of countries all over the globe. We set an example of prosperity and leadership that was unrivaled. But now countries like Australia and Canada currently outrank us in terms of simple living conditions.

Essentially, we’re a joke…

While America is still home to most billionaires in the entire world, none of our cities rank for the most livable in the world. Much of that is due to our hideously disfigured infrastructure. To simply say that America’s infrastructure is in trouble is like calling leprosy a case of dry skin.

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Tell Us, Christos Doulis, Can Gold Act as a Safe Haven Again?

by Brian Sylvester
The Gold Report

PI Financial mining analyst Christos Doulis says six years ago when the financial crisis was in full swing, safe-haven buying made gold skyrocket. Today, the fear component is down, as is the price of gold. That is why Doulis believes investors need to own bulletproof, low-cost names that can survive this environment. In this interview with The Gold Report, Doulis discusses some M&A possibilities and points to management teams getting the most out of their low-cost precious metals assets.

The Gold Report: The World Gold Council, which gets its numbers from Thomson Reuters GFMS, reports that total gold demand in Q2/14 fell by 15% versus the same period in 2013. Furthermore, physical bar and official coin demand were basically cut in half while jewelry demand fell by 217 tons or 30%. What do you make of all of that?

Christos Doulis: Clearly, there has been less enthusiasm for owning gold in recent years. A lot of that has to do with the concept of gold as a safe haven. Six years ago, when the financial crisis was in full swing, gold was $800–900/ounce ($800–900/oz), but on its way to $1,900/oz in September 2011. The fears associated with that period have largely receded and we’re seeing a decrease in both gold investment and jewelry demand, which is often a form of savings in non-Western nations. We’re seeing a reaction in demand because the fear component that drives interest in the gold space is down significantly.

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Ukraine Introduces Capital Controls

from Zero Hedge

A few days ago we showed how when Obama said there would be “costs” for Moscow in the Ukraine-Russian conflict, he got the recipient country of said costs woefully wrong, as confirmed by the economic data released by Ukraine which showed its Industrial Production crater at a pace on par with the Lehman collapse, confirming the Ukraine economy was on the verge of a spectacular implosion just in time for the harsh, Gazprom-free winter to finish off what little economic activity is left.

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You’re iDiots

by Karl Denninger

This cost me a keyboard.

Placing your iPhone in the microwave will destroy the phone, and possibly the microwave.

While that might seem obvious to some people, others have fallen for the “Wave” hoax making its way around online. The fake advertisement insists that the new iOS 8 allows users to charge their iPhones by placing them in a “household microwave for a minute and a half.”

This is more of a statement on the IQ of the average Apple customer than anything else, and it’s rather, well….

You figure it out; this is IMHO in the category of “do not hit head with hammer.” smiley

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Supply and Demand: Untangling the Market’s Greatest Mystery

from Philosophical Economics

Over the last ten years, the “collectibles” market has produced a fantastic return for investors. According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, classic cars are up 550%, coins and stamps are up 350%, and fine wine and art are up 300%, with coveted items inside these spaces up by even greater amounts.

Why have collectibles performed so well, so much better than income earning assets like stocks and bonds? Here’s a simple answer. Over the last ten years, the supply of collectibles–especially those that are special in some way–has stayed constant. In the same period, the demand for collectibles–driven by the quantity of idle financial superwealth available to chase after them–has exploded. When supply stays constant, and demand explodes, price goes up–sometimes, by crazy amounts.

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Welcome to the Oligarchy – United States Leads the Developed World in Share of Low Wage Jobs

by Michael Krieger
Liberty Blitzkrieg

In an apparent attempt to explain to investors how they can take advantage of America’s transformation into a neo-feudal oligarchy in a 50 page research report, Morgan Stanley has put together some very interesting charts that were highlighted earlier today by MarketWatch.

While I suggest taking a look through all of the charts, none of them is more telling and depressing than the one that shows how the U.S. leads the developed world in the share of low wage jobs. See below:

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John Embry On The Wild Action In Gold, Silver & Other Markets

from King World News

Today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years spoke with King World News about the wild action in the gold, silver, and other key markets. John Embry, who is business partners with billionaire Eric Sprott, also discussed the madness of Alibaba, the danger of Ebola, and more in this powerful interview.

Embry: “I am focused on the recent carnage in the gold and silver markets. It has been the same story of constant paper selling pressure in gold and silver, where they hit the markets with algorithm-driven paper short selling during the quiet periods of trading. Last night silver fell over 40 cents in the blink of an eye. Silver is an asset that is now extraordinarily undervalued by any metric you choose to use….

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Quantitative Proof the Fed is Destroying the Middle Class

from Voices of Liberty

September 19, 2014 – Listening to pundits on television, one would think we’ve found a magical species of leprechauns that piss gold rainbows amongst the masses and so we need never again worry about the economy, the markets and whether or not things are improving. And looking at the market’s six-year run to all-time highs, perhaps such euphoria is warranted.

I mean, isn’t the market supposed to be a highly efficient gauge of the underlying economy? The market is a function of expected future cash flows based on demand, supply and productivity. If true, and if the market is at all-time highs, then things must be good, correct?

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Gold And Silver – Current Price Is The Story

from Edge Trader Plus

Forget all the news, all the fundamentals, all the [mostly errant] price projections. There is a reason why a picture is worth more than 1,000 words, and this is one of those times where it is best to focus on pictures of the market, over various time frames, to get a better handle on what to expect moving forward. Put to rest every so-called PMs pundit or blogger that has persistently been calling for higher prices or saying the low is in.

We keep saying that the best and most reliable indicators come from the market. Time to stop listening about what others have been saying about the market and pay closer attention to what the market is saying about others.

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Obamacare Architect Says Society Would Be Better Off If People Only Lived To Age 75

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, says that society would be far better off if people quit trying to live past age 75. His new article entitled “Why I Hope To Die At 75” has the following very creepy subtitle: “An argument that society and families—and you—will be better off if nature takes its course swiftly and promptly”. In the article, Emanuel forcefully argues that the quality of life for most people is significantly diminished past the age of 75 and that once we get to that age we should refuse any more medical care that will extend our lifespans. This is quite chilling to read, considering the fact that this is coming from one of the key architects of Obamacare. Of course he never uses the term “death panels” in his article, but that is obviously what Emanuel would want in a perfect world. To Emanuel, it is inefficient to waste medical resources on those that do not have a high “quality of life”. So he says that “75 is a pretty good age to aim to stop”.

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How to Double Your Money in Five Hours

by Wayne Mulligan
Daily Reckoning

Have you ever doubled your money…

In just a few hours?

A couple weeks back, in one of this year’s most successful IPOs, a group of investors made 116% on their money in a little over 5 hours.

But there was a second group of investors that did even better:

Trading in the same stock, on the same day, this second group made 381%.

Let’s see how they did it…

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The United States: Police State Today, Martial Law Tomorrow; Part I

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

At one time, the United States was a “free democracy”. When did it end? Assigning a precise date to that question would be the subject of considerable debate. However, clearly the beginning-of-the-end traces back to a very specific date: November, 1910.

It was at that time that a cabal of the Western world’s wealthiest and most-powerful oligarchs (mostly bankers) met, in secret, on a private island off the coast of Georgia, named (ironically) Jekyll Island. At that secret meeting they plotted the creation of “the Federal Reserve”.

As author, and noted authority on the Federal Reserve, G. Edward Griffin observed; “the Fed” is a legislated banking cartel, a “hybrid” between a government agency and a private corporation. When it wishes to invoke the authority of government in order to command obedience for its decrees; it cloaks itself in the guise of being a part of that government.

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Cartel Suicide

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

In recent years, the vast majority of Western denizens have been so worn down by economic failure and so dumbed down by socialism the will to reason has been irreparably damaged. Sadly, even the impetus to try has been disabled; subsequently, fostering a “bread and circuses” culture where intellectual thought – let alone, common sense – has on a widespread basis been all but eradicated. True, most aren’t even paying attention to propaganda of “recovery”; as frankly, their decaying lives are not impacted in the slightest. However, the fact that the few that are cognizant don’t speak critically of – or even question - the lies is what terrifies us most, as we become a “bread and circuses” society that hopefully, doesn’t morph into something vastly more sinister.

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Stock Market Falls, More Losses Highly Likely

from Gregory Mannarino

Video Description…

Oil Being Sold in Rubles ~ Insider Update from Jim Willie

by Jim Willie
Perpetual Assets

[...] Jaroslav in St Petersburg Russia has supplied some high important information. The following is from him, with my edits for readability and flow. The information uses quoted comments from Alexander Dyukov, the head of Gazprom Neft (Gazprom Oil). Almost all their clients for crude oil and petroleum products have signed agreements to pay in Rubles. A few have been permitted from certain points to make payments in Euro currency. As for Novoport, this project has already begun delivery for Ruble currency, and ongoing oil deliveries from the field will be in Rubles. Also, from this time, the deliveries to the Asian market are to be completed in Yuan currency. The USDollar is a global liquid currency, and the transition into any other currency is a certain chore with risks and costs. “They see a potentially large amount of crude oil and oil products which could be realized in USD settlement. They require conversion into Rubles, to be done with as minimal risk and as simple as possible.” He was clear that Russia should consider creating its own price agency and exchanges that set quoted oil prices in Rubles. This function would help to facilitate global access to the Ruble, which in turn would increase the volume of oil and petroleum products sold in Rubles and Yuan.

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One Giant Cluster Ponzi

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
Silver Coin Investor

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” - H. L. Mencken

Recently, The U.S. Treasury ramped up war games via financial sanctions aimed at Russia. The EU is part and parcel to the operation. These interventions are a continuation of the age old warfare referred to as the “currency wars”. Jim Rickards’ recent book on the topic chronicles the use of this tactic.

In many ways, the U.S. Federal Reserve was spawned in the spirit of interference and intervention before and during World War I.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

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SEC Pays Unknown Foreign Whistleblower Record $30 Million Award

from Zero Hedge

Did someone finally inform the SEC that Bernie Madoff’s business model has been adopted by every central bank in the “developed world?” Whatever the reason for today’s record SEC award, which almost certainly has to do with HFT, a topic which this blog first brought to light back in 2009 when nobody had a clue what algo/high frequency trading is, congratulations to the lucky winner (unless of course it has to do with someone spilling the beans on US tax evaders in Swiss banks), and our condolences to the banks, because now that one can comfortably retire by informing the regulators of the pervasive crime that takes place within the US financial system on a daily basis, suddenly every disgruntled person laid off by the US banking sector is the next potential $30 million aware recipient.

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“Flood Wall Street”: What It’s Really All About

by Brittany Stepniak
Outsider Club

This morning, reporters in New York were met with waves of highly disgruntled, but motivated people… people collectively participating in perhaps the largest mass demonstration of civil disobedience since the Occupy Wall Street movement protested the 38th G8 Summit back in May of 2012.

As I type this, #FloodWallStreet is in the top running for the most popular trending topic on the Twitter-sphere and Internet at large.

Although the ‘flood’s’ official slogan reads: “Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis,” I’m willing to bet not all of the activists are quite as radically left as the founders and front-runners of this movement.

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Existing Home Sales Take Another Dump

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

August existing homes sales as compiled by the National Association of Realtors were released this morning. Once again, despite a Wall Street forecast for a 1% increase in sales over July, existing home sales dropped nearly 2% month to month and 5.3% year over year. This is based on the statistically manipulated and annualized rate. Using the not-adjusted numbers, sales dropped 3% month to month and 7.5% year over year. July’s initial estimate of sales was revised lower. Inventory expressed as “months supply” spiked up 10%. The inventory right now – at the end of the selling season – is as high as was going all the way to 2011.

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Ukraine on the Brink

from Sober Look

While we see a great deal of media coverage of Ukraine-related geopolitical risks, there hasn’t been sufficient discussion about the dire economic and fiscal conditions the nation is facing. Writing about men in masks fighting in eastern Ukraine sells far more advertising than covering the nation’s economic activity. However it’s the economy, not the Russian army that has brought Ukraine close to the brink. And just to be clear, some of Kiev’s economic and fiscal problems were visible long before the spat with Russia (see post from 2012).

Ukraine is now in recession. Deep economic ties with Russia have resulted in painful adjustments in recent months. The nation’s exports are down some 19% from last year in dollar terms and expected to fall further. A great example of Ukraine’s export challenges is the Antonov aircraft company known for its Soviet era large transport planes as well as other types of aircraft.

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They Do Ring A Bell At The Top: Alibaba Proves Wall Street Is Off Its Rocker

by David Stockman
David Stockman’s Contra Corner

The do ring a bell at the top.

On Friday Alibaba gained $65 billion of market cap in 5 minutes! And that was on top of the $170 billion IPO price—-a valuation that was not all that shabby to begin with. In fact, BABA weighed in for the opening bell at 20X its $8.6 billion in sales.

[...] My Alibaba

US $2.5-10 / Piece ( FOB Price)
800 Pieces (Min. Order)
30000 Piece/Pieces per Month (Supply capacity)

Well, the above red hot multiple was not actually with reference to the company’s results, but to its drop-box financials.

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Video of the Day – This is What Happens When You Try to Exercise Your Constitutional Rights in Illinois

by Michael Krieger
Liberty Blitzkrieg

What follows is the most powerful recorded police checkpoint scene I have witnessed since posting: Extremely Powerful Video – Happy 4th of July from a Police State Checkpoint, last summer.

While the former incident happened in Tennessee, the following occurred in Illinois. The American pleb who was accosted by Illinois State Police was DeKalb resident Ryan Scott. While it starts off slow, make sure you watch it all the way to the end. While one of the the police officers is reasonable, the other one can’t stop yelling and seems to derive a particular pleasure from repeatedly informing the citizen he supposed to “protect and serve” that “driving is not a right, it’s a privilege.” See for yourself:

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On the Breakdown of Nations

by Tim Price
Sovereign Man

Several years ago we highlighted the work of Leopold Kohr. Kohr was an Austrian Jew who only narrowly escaped the Holocaust.

The village in which he was born, Oberndorf in central Austria, with a population of just 2,000 or so, would come to exert a disproportionate influence on Kohr’s thinking.

Kohr went on to study at the LSE with the likes of fellow Austrian thinker Friedrich von Hayek. In 1938 he left Europe for America, a place he would make his home for the next 25 years.

In September 1941, just as the mass murder of the Jewish inhabitants of Vilnius was beginning, Kohr wrote the first part of what would become his masterwork, ‘The Breakdown of Nations’.

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What Insider and Institutional Trading Are Telling Us

There are sound reasons to bet on the best precious metals stocks—if you know which ones those are.

by Louis James, Chief Metals & Mining Investment Strategist
Casey Research

Dear Reader,

I’m still in San Antonio, Texas, at the Casey Summit as we wrap up this issue of Metals & Mining Monday. The show has been a lot of fun—especially meeting many good friends among our readers—but it has also been extremely valuable.

For just one example, I found the hard, independent data presented by Leland Miller of the China Beige Book to be quite eye-opening. I’ve long distrusted official figures but didn’t know where to get data free of political bias. Now I know.

What did he tell us? Well, the short version is that China’s growth slowed much faster last quarter than the official numbers say, and several metrics are flashing never-seen-before warning signs. Given China’s importance in the global economy—and to the metals markets—this is well worth thinking about.

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California Or Ethiopia? “Families Dream Every Night About Water”

from Zero Hedge

It’s worst and getting worst-er. Hundreds of domestic wells in California’s drought-parched Central Valley farming region have run dry, according to AP, leaving many residents to rely on donated bottles of drinking water to get by. With government set to regulate deeper drilling, hope is plunging that a solution to California’s drought will come anytime soon as groundwater levels plunge. The stories of struggle are simply stunning, especially given they are coming from America with Governor Brown signing an executive order that provides money to buy drinking water for residents statewide whose wells have dried up. “We need water like we need air,” exclaimed one charity leader trying to raise money for water tanks, “Families every night dream about water,” said another. And ripped from the famine-headlines of East Africa, “every day [Californians] thinking about how they’re going to deal with water.”

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Are We Heading Into Deflation Accompanied By A Strong Dollar?

by David Schectman
Miles Franklin

The age-old debate rages on. Are we heading into deflation accompanied by a strong dollar, or hyperinflation and the demise of the dollar? I was writing about this issue, and taking the deflation side of the argument, in the late 1980s. At the time, the late great Murray Rothbard called the deflationist arguments “a veritable tissue of error.” He maintained that as long as the Fed can create money out of thin air, they will never allow deflation to take over. That is the position Jim Rickards takes in the following video. I strongly urge you to watch it – he presents a logical and convincing argument. Then, check out the short video, which is a debate between Rickards (anti-dollar, inflationist) and Harry Dent (pro-dollar, deflationist). Who do I think is correct? Sorry, Harry, I have to go with Jim.

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Thrive in Chaos: The Ancient Secret to Self-Sufficiency

by Chris Campbell
Laissez Faire Books

“The wise man confines his operations to his own concerns, having his attention fixed on his own particular thread of the universal web.”

We’ve mentioned Marcus Aurelius once before in our digital leaves.

Regarded as one of the greatest texts on philosophy, his Meditations is chock-full of timeless wisdom. We find ourselves returning to it at least a couple times a year.

Author Ryan Holiday describes it best: It’s “the definitive text on self-discipline, personal ethics, humility, self-actualization and strength.”

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Silver Extremely Undervalued | Duane & Hoffman (Part 2)


Video Description…

How Wall Street Strategists are Trading the Current Market

by Greg Guenthner
Daily Reckoning

Were you stuck in line waiting for a new iPhone Friday? Perhaps you were waiting around for the big Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) IPO instead?

Either way, you missed the biggest event of the day.

That’s right — stocks hit brand-new highs Friday. Again…

“Think about that for a second,” muses our own trading guru Jonas Elmerraji. “Theoretically, October 2007 was the worst time to buy stocks — it was the market peak right before the 2008 market crash. But if you put your entire net worth into the S&P 500 right at the top, you’d actually be sitting on 30% gains just by holding on until today.”

However, I’d like to think your timing wasn’t that terrible. After all, you don’t just throw all of your money at the market once or twice per decade, do you?

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Forget the “Taylor Rule”; End the Fed Instead

from TomWoodsTV

Video Description…