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Thanksgiving 2017: 21 Things I’m Grateful For

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

The realm of gratitude is boundless.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are 21 things I’m grateful for. This is a semi-random list drawn from the many things I’m grateful for, the most important of which are: after 48 years of work I still have my health and more work than I know what to do with; good friends; family; freedom, enough good luck that a few of the many stupidly high-risk bets I’ve made throughout my adult life paid off, and I have a garden and a library. (“The man who has a garden and a library has everything.” Cicero)

We all have our lists; here’s mine, in no particular order:

1. Dirt (if you like to eat, start by liking dirt)

2. Rain (dirt + rain + seeds + care = food)

3. Our home garden

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Right Angle – What We’re Thankful For

from BillWhittleChannel

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134 Earthquakes Strike the San Andreas Fault as the Shaking of the Earth’s Crust Intensifies

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

Within the last 7 days, 134 earthquakes “have hammered a three-mile stretch around Monterey County on the San Andreas fault”. 17 of those earthquakes were of magnitude 2.5 or greater, and many believe that these quakes could be a warning sign that a much bigger quake is imminent. Let’s hope not, because when the “Big One” finally strikes California we will witness devastation on a scale that is unlike anything that we have seen before in modern American history. The Northridge earthquake of 1994 was crippling, but it was only a magnitude 6.7 quake. Experts tell us that when the “Big One” finally hits, we could be looking at a quake of magnitude 9.0 or greater, and such a disaster would make the Northridge earthquake look like a Sunday picnic.

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Is Manipulation Keeping US Markets Artificially High? Tim Wood – November 22, 2017

from talkdigitalnetwork

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Why Rule of Law is the Most Important Product

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Every once in a while a technology comes along that upsets an entire industry.

Digital cameras put Kodak out of business. The giant of the photography industry had the opportunity to adopt the technology early. But their profits depended on selling film more than selling cameras.

[…] And this is not a new phenomenon.

When the printing press was invented in the 15th century, it revolutionized education for everyday people. The cost to create books plummeted. Knowledge became widely distributed. When monks were transcribing books by hand, the cost of a single volume could be astronomical.

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Bad News for Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Vice, Leaders of Hipster Media

from RT America

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Gold Versus Fractional Reserves

by Henry Hazlitt

The present worldwide inflation has done, and will continue to do, immense harm. But it may eventually lead to one great achievement. It may make it possible to restore (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say to create) a full 100 percent gold standard.

That could come about in a simple manner. Our government has made it once more legal to hold gold, to trade in gold, and to make contracts in terms of gold. This makes it possible for private individuals to buy and sell in terms of gold, and therefore to restore gold as a medium of exchange. If our present inflation, as seems likely, continues and accelerates, and if the future purchasing power of the paper dollar becomes less and less predictable, it also seems probable that gold will be more and more widely used as a medium of exchange. If this happens, there will then arise a dual system of prices — prices expressed in paper dollars and prices expressed in a weight of gold. And the latter may finally supplant the former. This will be all the more likely if private individuals or banks are legally allowed to mint gold coins and to issue gold certificates.

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Jeff Berwick: It’s Time to Rotate Crypto Gains Into Forgotten Gold Stocks

from The Dollar Vigilante

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ThanksFRAUD Day

by Karl Denninger

I often write on the plethora of US-based frauds and scams, both political and business-oriented.

Fraud is the most-profitable business model today, and has been for close to two decades. It is why I’m out of the business world and will not re-enter it. It is why despite having what I believe is a ground-breaking home automation, security and control application that runs on $35 computers (which means there’s a hell of an opportunity to bundle the software with those and sell ’em hella-cheap, undercutting all the other guys plus having a nice installation business to go with it) I am only willing to do so on a “buy it all and you do it” basis.

Companies like Amazon exist with the sort of “valuation” they have only because of these schemes and scams. Cost-shifting (otherwise known as cross-subsidization) for the purpose of destroying competitors is a felony and has been for over 100 years (15 USC Chapter 1) whether you succeed or not. That is, the very attempt is a criminal act.

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Holiday Madness: Travel and Retail

from Boom Bust

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What You Should Know About the Paradise Papers Psyop

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

In 2015, the “Panama Papers” were leaked and last week the “Paradise Papers” continued the psyop.

Psyop, you say? But, it was on the ‘news’!

That’s how you know it is a psyop.

In this interview with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth, I go into the reasons for this propaganda and who it serves and why.

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Cracks in the Financial System Are Showing Everywhere

from FutureMoneyTrends

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The Debt Bubble is Beginning to Leak Air

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

“The current state of credit card delinquency flows can be an early indicator of future trends and we will closely monitor the degree to which this uptick is predictive of further consumer distress.” – New York Fed official in reference to rising delinquency rate of credit cards.

The recent sell-off in junk bonds likely reflects a growing uneasiness in the market with credit risk, where “credit risk” is defined as the probability that a borrower will be able to make debt payments. This past week SocGen’s macro strategist, Albert Edwards, issued a warning that the falling prices of junk bonds might be “the key area of vulnerability that could bring down the inflated pyramid scheme that the Central Banks have created.”

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