$1.5 Billion Paper Gold Dumped Day before Janet Yellen’s Speech – Andy Hoffman Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends

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The Disgusting Silence Fueling Crony Capitalism

by Mark St.Cyr
Mark St.Cyr

“There’s a kind of hush, all over the world tonight. All over the world you can hear the sounds, of lovers in love….”

Those lyrics (by Les Reed and Geoff Stephens performed by Herman’s Hermits 1967) pretty much sum up what can only be called the coziest relationship big business has ever had with governments and their duly appointed central bakers, since the time of kings and their crony riddled courts.

Free market capitalism; the very heart, soul, and driving engine that has propelled technology, medicine, transportation, manufacturing, efficient markets, and so much more is not only under assault; it is being left out to hang like some dried, dead leaf by the very people who should be at the forefront for its defense. i.e., CEO’s and business leaders of all stripes. Yet, so far – the silence is deafening.

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Fed Will Abandon Pretense of Growing Economy After Election

from Peter Schiff

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‘Rich Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki: If You’re Investing for the Long Term, ‘You’re Crazy’

In a live interview with MarketWatch, the best-selling author gives advice on how to get rich and what to invest in now.

by MarketWatch
Market Watch

Robert Kiyosaki, author of several best-selling books including “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” joined MarketWatch for a live interview on Facebook today.

He offered up insights on making money, becoming an entrepreneur and even touched on politics.

Here are some highlights from the talk, or you can listen to the full interview here.

His advice on how to get rich:

“The rich do not work for money. Most people do not understand that, because they’re taught to go to school and get a job for money. The rich don’t work for money.

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Economic and Political Collapse Leads to WW3

from Shadow of Truth

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Iraq War Surveillance Technology Being Used in Baltimore Without Public Debate

by Michael Krieger
Liberty Blitzkrieg

The relationship between those who are constantly watched and tracked, and those who watch and track them, is the relationship between masters and slaves. – Chris Hedges, from the post Video of the Day – Chris Hedges on Overthrowing the Corporate Fascist State

Yesterday, Bloomberg published a lengthy expose on a company called Persistent Surveillance Systems, which has been secretly surveilling the people of Baltimore on behalf of the police since January.

The article is titled, Secret Cameras Record Baltimore’s Every Move From Above, and here are some choice excerpts:

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Market Talk – August 25, 2016

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

Neither the Nikkei nor Hang Seng could decide on a direction today as both flip-flopped between positive and negative territory. Only Shanghai was to remain lower for the whole day closing well above the days lows but still 0.5% weaker. Yesterday we heard that the PBOC added (through 14 day reverse repo’s) cash into the system, the first in around six months. Interesting that they did 14 day repo’s as there is also talk they may extend to 28 day and even longer. This just relaxes any pressure there maybe on the short-term market by extending along the tenor. Will also be viewed as negative for the currency, so watch for JPY as it may have an impassive tie.

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Janet Yellen, The Ultimate Red Herring

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

When I think of all the vacations, holidays, and market “slow periods” the Cartel has deprived me peace of mind during, by attacking when everyone else is taking it easy; over a 15-year period, no less; you can see why I have never been angrier. That said, per what I wrote earlier this week, I have no regrets about my career or investment decisions – and frankly, have never been less worried.

This week is a perfect example – as heading into today’s COMEX options expiration, a Cartel desperate to inflict “maximum pain” on those that still buy short-dated gold and silver calls knew full well that an enormous amount of “open interest” existed at the $1,300 and $1,310 levels – which not only would cause great financial loss if exercised deep in the money, but could catalyze a run on the extremely thin supply of actual, available-for-delivery inventory.

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U.S-Russia Relations: Entering a New Thaw

by James Rickards
Daily Reckoning

U.S. relations with Russia have run hot and cold for the past ten years. New intelligence shows that relations are coming out of the deep-freeze and entering a new thaw.

In March 2009, shortly after the Obama administration first came into office, Hillary Clinton met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva. It was her first meeting with Lavrov since Clinton had become secretary of state.

Relations between Russia and the United States had been under stress because of Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008 during the George W. Bush administration. Obama and Clinton wanted to reset the relationship and move into a less adversarial posture.

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$4 Trillion QE, VIX Update, Wage Warning

by Lance Roberts
Real Investment Advice

Just recently, David Reifschneider, deputy director of the division of research and statistics for the Federal Reserve board in Washington, D.C., released a staff working paper entitled “Gauging The Ability Of The FOMC To Respond To Future Recessions.”

The conclusion was simply this:

“Simulations of the FRB/US model of a severe recession suggest that large-scale asset purchases and forward guidance about the future path of the federal funds rate should be able to provide enough additional accommodation to fully compensate for a more limited [ability] to cut short-term interest rates in most, but probably not all, circumstances.”

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A Typical Pattern Shows We’re Headed for Recession

by Andrew Zatlin
Financial Sense

We’re witnessing a very typical pattern right before recessions and market collapses.

The market’s price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is currently at a level seen only before recessions.

[…] Before we flat out say there will be a recession, we need to dig deeper into why we’re here today.

First, we can look at earnings (the E in P/E.) Earnings have stalled. Yet prices (the P in P/E) have still rallied. This pushes the P/E ratio upward.

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These Are the Last Stocks You Want to Own Right Now

by Justin Spittler
Casey Research

The stock market hasn’t been this quiet in decades.

The S&P 500 has gone 33 days without a 1% move. That’s the longest streak without a big move since 2014. Trading volumes across the main U.S. exchanges are also at the lowest level in more than a year.

This isn’t a total surprise. After all, many traders on Wall Street take all of August off every year.

But it’s even more quiet than usual right now. According to The Wall Street Journal, volatility has only been this low “a dozen times in the past half-century.”

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Wall Street Journal Regurgitates Misleading Government Data on Durable Goods

by Lee Adler
Wall Street Examiner

The Wall Street Journal today dutifully reported the Commerce Department’s seasonally adjusted data on Durable Goods orders in July, proclaiming:

U.S. Durable-Goods Orders Rebounded in July, Jumping 4.4%

However, the actual, not seasonally adjusted data tells another story. It’s easy to actual data to tell if the momentum of the business is gaining or losing ground. Just compare the year to year change for the current month with immediate past months.

The actual data showed a year to year decline of -6.4% and a month to month decline of -13.7%.

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