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Update on Peterson Tour, Stand Up Comedy, and Q&A with Dave

from The Rubin Report

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Cash Out Refis 10-Yr High, Private-Label Credit Card Delinquencies at 7-Yr High

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock

If you think the economy is improving, you better check your facts and some disturbing trends.

Despite the much ballyhooed “strong jobs” economy, things are not what they seem upon closer inspection.

For example, Store-Branded Credit Card Delinquencies Hit 7-Year High.

The share of private-label credit cards with accounts at least 60 days delinquent is 4.65%, up from 4.08% in March 2017, Equifax said Wednesday. That’s the highest since early 2011, the credit reporting agency said.

Some banks have expanded their lending to subprime borrowers as the economy has improved, says Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst for

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Markets Show Signs of Topping. Tim Wood – May 24, 2018

from talkdigitalnetwork

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North Korea Comes Crawling Back: Stresses “Desperate Need” for Summit “Whenever, However”

from Zero Hedge

Update: As if the earlier begging was not enough, it appears Kim wants to make sure that President Trump is aware of his efforts and desire to meet.

Yonhap reports that North Korea’s state media said Friday the demolition of its only known nuclear test site has demonstrated its “peace-loving” efforts and pursuit of a “total halt” to nuclear tests.

As we detailed yesterday, North Korea officially demolished the test-site overnight, inviting a number of reporters to witness the event.

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Student Loan Debt Slavery

from Stefan Molyneux

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‘The Crock of Gold’ – A Magical Tale for Young and Old

by Rick Ackerman

Have anything beautiful you would like to share with Rick’s Picks readers? Send me a link that I use and you could win a free month’s subscription to the newsletter, including 24/7 access to one of the trading world’s friendliest chat rooms. Meanwhile, in the complete absence of any market activity worthy of note, here’s something I would like to share with you today. It is an excerpt from The Crock of Gold, a wondrous work of Irish wit and transcendent poetry from James Stephens. There is no other book remotely like it in the English language.

As described by a reviewer at Amazon, “the story begins with two philosophers who are married to two women (spitefully). The wise advice of the philosopher earns him the enmity of Leprechauns, when the crock of gold is stolen. Satiric and yet generally light you will love this inventive book.

“Many very modern challenges to the human spirit are presented extremely well, The old thief’s tale is poignant and sad.

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Finance Round-Up: Video Games, Dodd-Frank, and Markets

from Boom Bust

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Is Emerging Market Turmoil Deutsche Bank’s “Black Swan?”

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

Rising energy prices and collapsing emerging currencies are two developments that are not receiving much attention in the mainstream propaganda narrative. But either development which could end up “pulling the rug” out from underneath the markets.

I pieced together the graphic to the right from an article on Zerohedge about the developing currency and debt crisis in emerging markets and, specifically, Latin America. This topic is not receiving much attention from the mainstream financial media. I guess facts that undermine the “strong economy” narrative go unreported. If it’s not reported, it doesn’t exist, right?

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Naomi Brockwell on How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Grandmother

from TomWoodsTV

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Riskiest Junk Bonds Still Blissful in La-La Land, High-Grade Bonds Bleed. Apple’s Fault?

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

The Fed will keep tightening until these junk bonds buckle.

High-grade corporate bonds have had a hard time. Yields have surged as prices have fallen. The S&P bond index for AA-rated corporate bonds is down 3.2% so far this year. Losses are concentrated on bonds with maturities of 15 years and over. They’re down 7%, according to Bloomberg. As prices have declined, yields have surged, with the average AA yield now at 3.47%, up from around 2.2% in mid to late-2016:

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Housing Market, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver, Crypto, More

from Gregory Mannarino

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2nd Grade Student’s Homework Assignment About How Much She Hates Her Mom’s Cell Phone Goes Viral on Social Media

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

A teacher down in Louisiana recently had her 2nd grade students write about an invention that they wish had never been created, and what one little girl wrote about her mother’s cell phone is going viral all over social media. In fact, the post has already been shared over a quarter of a million times on Facebook. Teacher Jen Beason didn’t reveal the identity of the little girl, but she originally shared what she had written on Facebook to encourage parents to get off of their cell phones and to start spending more time with their children. As parents, we don’t always realize how much our children really do want to spend time with us. This is what the little girl wrote…

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Dem Keith Ellison Dons Blond Wig to Sing Embarrassing Song in Trump Impersonation

from RT America

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