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Why Gold – The Science Behind Gold

by Roy Sebag
Gold Money

Goldmoney’s mission is to provide global access to gold for secure savings and transactions, making an extraordinary element useful and empowering again.

Technology and progress are essentially a history of experiments with elements, and of experiments in cooperation.

At Goldmoney we believe that cooperation and saving in gold as a unit of elemental-measurement promotes a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity, and aligns prosperity within the natural limits of our planet. In an age of rapid change and limited opportunities for secure savings, we contend that saving in gold can empower individuals and foster cooperation.

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Counterfeiting: The Bigger Picture

from Boom Bust

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Dollar Reaches Multi-Year Lows as Central Banks Shift Reserves Into Yuan

by Marc Chandler
Financial Sense

There is nothing quite like a falling dollar to spur talk of the erosion of the greenback’s reserve status. There has been talk for several months that China is preparing a yuan-denominated oil contract (with an embedded gold option). It has not been launched yet, but some observers see it as a blow to the dollar’s role.

We are skeptical. In the mid-1970s, when OPEC agreed to use the dollar as the benchmark for setting prices, it may have been significant. However, we argue that the liberalization of the capital markets has changed this assessment. The key to the dollar’s reserve role is not that most commodities are priced in dollars, or that trade, even when the US is not a party, is often conducted in US dollars. The key is the deep and liquid bond market.

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A New Market Dynamic We Must Pay Attention To

from Gregory Mannarino

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“Go Piss Off” – Brawl Breaks Out On CNBC Over Bitcoin

from Zero Hedge

What started off as a (somewhat) polite argument over the fate (and price) of bitcoin between bitcoin advocate CNBC Fast Money staple Dan Nathan and crytposkeptic, Evercore ISI technician Rich Ross, devolved in just over a minute into a screaming fest in which Ross slammed Nathan – who had just called him “glib” – for being “wrong” and “bearish for two years” in which the “stock market’s gone up 100%” which is “not helping people make money.” To which, an unimpressed, flustered and visibly angry Nathan responded “we’ve got the chartist here, and he’s got his stick”, at which point he proceeded to explode: “you don’t know what I’ve done, you don’t know what my call is, so go piss off, seriously.

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Filibuster in Cuba (Part 1)

from misesmedia

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Crypto Collapse Crushes Hedge Funds that Touted Huge Gains for 2017

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Are they causing the rout by trying to get large sums out of an illiquid market?

At the moment, cryptocurrencies and tokens are bouncing up and down in wild, double-digit gyrations by the hour. Bitcoin plunged below $9,300 and as I’m writing this is trading at around $9,800, down about 50% from its peak on December 17. Gone up in smoke in one month: $168 billion.

Ripple, the crypto that has recently been touted as the “next bitcoin” or “better than bitcoin,” plunged to $0.88 and is currently trading at $0.98, still down 76% from its peak on January 4. Gone up in smoke in two weeks: $110 billion.

Ethereum, after having plunged to $775, is now at $852, down 40% from its peak on January 13. Gone up in smoke in two weeks: $60 billion.

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Socialist Dystopia: Starving Venezuelans Loot as Runaway Inflation Forces Pillaging for Food

by Mac Slavo

The socialist dystopia of Venezuela is seeing inflation at such high rates that the starving civilians have resorted to looting the few stores left and pillaging for scraps of food. The 2600% inflation rate and socialist policies are destroying what was once South America’s wealthiest nation.

Worsening food shortages and runaway inflation have unleashed the spate of pillaging since Christmas in the South American country, in which seven people have reportedly died, according to Reuters. Looters have ransacked trucks, supermarkets and liquor stores across the nation of 30 million people, which ranks as one of the most violent in the world.

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Is Bitcoin Diverting Capital from the Commodities Market? – Carlo Civelli Interview


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How to Capture a Wild Pig: The Allure of Free Stuff and New Tech

by Joe Jarvis
The Daily Bell

The tale of how to catch a wild pig deserves more detail.

A smart farmer knew that if he went out with his dogs and nets and cattle prods to capture wild pigs that the pigs would run amok. It would take tremendous energy to round them up. They would violently resist. Some would get away. Some would fight back and possibly injure him or his dogs.

And when he finally got them in the pen, his troubles would only be starting. He would have to build the pen to withstand extreme pressure from within. The pigs would try to escape. They may refuse to eat. They would resist any kind of intervention he may attempt, from medical treatment to pen improvements.

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The Republican Supreme Court Gave Us the Police State

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

When the US Supreme Court consisted of civil libertarians such as William Douglas, William Brennan, and Thurgood Marshall, Republicans argued that the Supreme Court was coddling criminals and inventing rights. To prevent legislation from the bench, it was necessary, Republicans said, to elect Republican presidents who would appoint a different court that would respect the Constitution.

Law and Order Conservatives were particularly upset by the Miranda decision. These conservatives were too naive to realize that often police are more interested in “solving” a case than they are in justice. Coerced self-incrimination was an easy way for police to “solve” a crime. Miranda and other rulings reduced the ability of police and prosecutors to “solve” crimes at the expense of the rights of suspects. What the “liberal court” did was to hold accountable the cases brought by police and prosecutors. The liberals’ mistake was they failed to hold the police personally accountable for their misdeeds.

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This is What Happened on YouTube Yesterday (Explaining Sponsorship)

from Tim Pool

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The One Reason the Crypto Crash is Temporary

by Jeff Brown
Casey Research

3.5 million…

That’s the estimate for how many “ghost accounts” were created by banking giant Wells Fargo.

That’s about 1% of the total U.S. population. It’s also roughly the population of the state of Connecticut.

You’ve likely heard the story already, so I won’t go into all the details. But here’s the gist…

Wells Fargo created millions of fake accounts for its customers… to charge them fees for services that they never requested.

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