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Trump’s Space Farce: A Distraction from the Imminent Financial Collapse

by Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante

$52 million dollars a day. That’s how much tax money gets sucked out of Americans’ pockets to pay for NASA’s whopping $19 billion annual budget.

But folks, things are about to get a whole lot worse.

On Monday, Trump officially announced the creation of a “Space Force” which he described […]

The Lindsay Shepherd Affair: Update

from Jordan B Peterson


Traders Bet on ‘Deeper Drop’ in Gold Price as Blackrock Cuts GLD, Buys Dollar Rally

by Adrian Ash Financial Sense

Gold prices slipped within $1 of yesterday’s new 2018 lows in Dollar terms in London on Wednesday as the US currency traded near this week’s new multi-month highs on the forex market.

World stock markets rose but silver also held flat, down 1.5% for this week so far at $16.33 […]

Venezuela Isn’t Really Socialist Anyway, Say Embarrassed Socialists

from TomWoodsTV


Is the United States on a Road to Becoming Ungovernable?

by Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse Blog

For a long time I have observed the rancor in modern American political discourse, and I have become concerned about where all of this anger and frustration is taking us. In order for any society to function, there must be some form of government. And in order for […]

US Dollar, Interest Rates, and the New Fed. Victor Adair – June 20, 2018

from talkdigitalnetwork


FAANGs to the Moon!

by Rick Ackerman

The FAANGs are screaming, and woe to any trader who attempts to resist the charge. However, the broad averages lack the gumption to follow even timidly and will likely act as a brake on the insanity that has been driving NFLX and AMZN in particular moonward.

However steeply these two stocks […]

Donald Trump to Keep Families Together & More

from WeAreChange


Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – Surprising Decline By Half In Physical Gold For Immediate Delivery in NY

from Jesse’s Café Américain

Stocks were doing well today as investors continued to pile into the ‘relative safety’ of the small caps of the Russell 2000.

Big cap tech put its moonshot in place, but fell off into the close.

The Dow continued its string of losses, the longest since March 2017.

This may be […]

Spooky Quiet – Keep Your Eyes on This Market

from Gregory Mannarino


How Trump Could Spark the Next “Rip Your Face Off” Rally

by Justin Spittler Casey Research

“America First.”

Donald Trump has been pledging this since the campaign trail. And unlike some of his promises, Trump’s stayed true to these words.

He’s already put America first when it comes to trade, national security, immigration, and most recently outer space.

Now, you might not agree with these […]

The Time of Feelings | Ep. 564

from Ben Shapiro


The War in the US Dollar, Crude Oil Markets and How it Will Impact Gold & Silver

from King World News

With many people around the world focused on the crisis in emerging markets, the war in the US dollar and crude oil markets is set to impact gold and silver.

Dollar Troubles Dead Ahead?

June 20 (King World News) – Today top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick warned that the US dollar […]