Wall Street Scrambles to Change the Trump Narrative Again

from Zero Hedge

Until yesterday, the prevailing Wall Street consensus was that in the absence of specifics from President Trump on his economic and fiscal plans, the market would be disappointed, and proceed to slide. It did not, in fact quite the opposite.

As a result, the world’s best paid strategists have again – just […]

Trump’s Speech: Good, Bad, and Ugly Point-by-Point; Was Trump Preempted by the Fed?

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock Mish Talk

There was much to like and dislike in President Donald Trump’s Address to a Joint Session of Congress. Click on the link for a complete transcript. Here are the good, bad, and ugly highlights.

Trump: We have undertaken a historic effort to massively reduce job-crushing regulations, creating a […]

This Chart Shows Why the Stock-Market Rally Should Survive the Ides of March

The middle of the month typically delivers a surge

by Victor Reklaitis Market Watch

Beware the Ides of March?

The middle of this month actually tends to deliver gains, according to the chart below.

[…] The chart shows how the main stock benchmarks SPX, -0.26% DJIA, -0.12% have performed on average, on each trading day […]

The Doomsday Seed Vault Gets a Fresh Deposit

But here’s the real question that you don’t see addressed: What “natural or man-made disasters” does The Crop Trust envision wiping out the genetic heritage of the earth, exactly, and who is “The Crop Trust” anyway?

by James Corbett The International Forecaster

The most important bank in the world received a huge deposit of 50,000 […]

Polexit: Poland Could Soon Leave Failing European Union

Nationalism surging in Eastern European states

by Express Info Wars

POLAND could “no longer” be an EU member state, Luxembourg’s foreign minister has claimed as EU is left on the brink.

Jean Asselborn questioned whether the eastern European nation would remain within the crumbling Brussels bloc under Jaroslaw Kaczynski – the chairman of the ruling […]

America’s Share of the World Economy

by Gary North LewRockwell.com

Take a look at this chart of the wealth of nations.

[…] This chart indicates just how dominant the United States of America is economically. Whenever you hear about the decline of the United States in terms of productivity, especially manufacturing, please keep in mind this chart.

China is catching up […]

Crack-Up Boom Here Now – Rob Kirby with Greg Hunter

Rob Kirby – World is Extremely Flush with Money

by Greg Hunter USA Watchdog

Macroeconomic researcher Rod Kirby thinks the world is well on its way to much higher inflation. Kirby explains, “Some people say there is a dollar shortage in the world. I do not believe there is a dollar shortage. I think we […]

How We Got Here in One Sentence

by John Rubino Dollar Collapse

In every annual budget debate since the 1980s, one side figures out that the way to get what it wants – which is higher spending – is to frame the request in a particular, ingenious way: We have to borrow and spend way more now if we want to borrow […]

Libertarian, Heal Thyself | Jeff Deist

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from misesmedia


The GOP’s Obamacare Lite: Retreat, Retweak, Rename, Renege

by David Stockman Daily Reckoning

I have always said “repeal and replace” was a political scam perpetuated by the spineless GOP congressional leadership, and that it would soon bite the clueless Team Trump in the posterior.

Now comes the outline of Speaker Ryan’s plan, and self-evidently it’s a big nothing-burger that makes a complete mockery […]

Are Stocks Dangerously Too High? 91% of “Sheeple” Say No! | McAlvany Commentary 2017

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from McAlvany Financial


March Rate Hike Odds Surge to 80 Percent: New Standard for “Surprisingly Strong” Economy

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock Mish Talk

Rate hike odds surged as high as 80% following comments today from two Fed presidents. The odds are 62% as I am typing now. Let’s investigate the spike.

The Financial Times reports Market Odds of March Rise in US Interest Rates Hit 80%.

The market odds […]