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Unintended Consequences of Trump’s Syria Attack

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from RonPaulLibertyReport


The Left’s Stupidity Must Be Destroyed

by Karl Denninger

It’s not yet clear why a man in a rented van decided to run over a bunch of people on Yonge Street in Toronto yesterday.

He killed 10 and wounded many more.

The obvious, given the use of trucks and cars as weapons in Europe, would be an act of […]

Trump Brushes Dandruff Off Macron’s Shoulder: ‘We Have to Make Him Perfect’

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from RT


Dow Drops Over 500 Points After 10-year Treasury Yield Touches 3%

Investors keep eye on bond yields; Alphabet sinks after results

by Sara Sjolin and Ryan Vlastelica Market Watch

U.S. stocks accelerated declines in afternoon trade Tuesday, led by a selloff in industrials, materials and technology shares.

The selling pressure came after the 10-year Treasury yield touched the psychologically important 3% level for the first time […]

Karl Denninger: Deficit is Deliberate – America Has Sold Out to Corporations

from Portfolio Wealth Global


The Latest Ridiculous Lawsuit in the Sue-nited States

by Simon Black Sovereign Man

On June 6, 1991, Richard Overton finally hit his breaking point.

Apparently, Mr. Overton had been spending quite a lot of time in front of his television, watching a flurry of beer commercials featuring scantily clad women falling all over themselves for average looking men.

Overton realized immediately that drinking […]

Bad Success? I’m Dating an Obese Alcoholic Woman Who Lies to Me!

from Stefan Molyneux


Fake Markets Produce a Fake Economy

by Steve Saville, The Speculative Investor Gold Seek

Automtaic Earth’s Raúl Ilargi Meijer just posted an essential essay on the world’s financial markets – or what used to be the world’s financial markets. Here’s an excerpt:

“[Price discovery] is the process of determining the price of an asset in the marketplace through […]

Germany to Take in 10,000 More Refugees – Merkel

from RT


Home Buyer’s Dilemma Explained in One Picture

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock MishTalk

If you do not already own a home it’s getting harder and harder to buy one. Meanwhile, rent outstrips wage growth.

I got the idea for the above graph from a similar idea by Sven Henrich.

In my chart, I indexed all the values to 1982.

Key Ideas

Continue Reading […]

One-on-One with Andy Hoffman – Episode 35 – Special JW Weatherman

from World Crypto Network


The Latest Updates from Martin Armstrong – 2017.04.24

by Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics

Why Parliamentary Political Systems are Dangerous

Gold v Dollar

The Failure of Human Judgment

Market Talk- April 23, 2018

Nicaragua Protests Over the Collapse of Social Security

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The Road to 2025 (Part 4) – A Very Bright Future if We Demand It

by Michael Krieger Liberty Blitzkrieg

Whenever all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which […]