Merrill Lynch, Protection Rackets and the “P.R. Firm from Hell”

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens Wall Street on Parade

Last week Jim Rutenberg penned a column for the New York Times titled Facing Down the Network that Produced Harvey Weinstein. Rutenberg explored the reasons that Weinstein’s decades of sexually harassing women and charges of assaults had not made it to the front pages […]

Sen. Rand Paul: I Want a Big and Bold Tax Cut – October 17, 2017

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from SenatorRandPaul

The Next Fed Chairman

by Zach Scheidt Daily Reckoning

President Trump has a big decision to make. One that will affect you and the retirement plans for millions of Americans. One that could alter the landscape of our economy (for good or for bad) for generations to come.

I’m not talking about the tax bill or changes to the […]

Bitcoin Charlie: Cashless Society, Bitcoin Upcoming Fork, CryptoRuble

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from Portfolio Wealth Global


Emails Reveal Bill Clinton Met with Vladimir Putin Just Before Uranium One Deal

from Zero Hedge

If President Trump or anyone even remotely close to his presidency, including his best friend from 2nd grade that he hadn’t seen in 40 years, sought to meet with key Russian nuclear officials, in Moscow, just months before the federal government approved a very controversial deal handing Vladimir Putin 20% of […]

Marc Faber Responds to Racism Allegations

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from FutureMoneyTrends


The Latest Updates from Martin Armstrong – 2017.10.20

by Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics

One World Currency Report is NOT Included in the WEC

October 19th – 30 Year Anniversary 1987 Crash

Left Opposes Lowing Taxes on Rich in France to Bring them Home

Canada’s Hunt For Taxes Turns on Minimum Wage Earners

The WEC & How to Trade a Vertical Market

Continue Reading […]

Silver Stocks Comatose

by Adam Hamilton Zeal LLC

The silver miners’ stocks have mostly drifted sideways this year, looking vexingly comatose. Such dull price action repels speculators and investors, so they’ve largely abandoned this lackluster sector. That weak trader participation has led to silver stocks’ responsiveness to silver price moves decaying. What can shock silver stocks out of […]

California is Liberal Lunatic Wasteland Beyond Saving

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from Mark Dice


Leftists Plan “Scream Helplessly at the Sky” Events on Anniversary of Election

Trump Derangement Syndrome kicks into high gear

by Paul Joseph Watson Info Wars

Thousands of leftists say they will attend events across the country on November 8 entitled, “Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election.”

Numerous Facebook pages have been set up to arrange meet-ups in major cities during which anti-Trump […]

Mnuchin Has an Important Warning for Stock-Market Investors

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the stock market will tumble, if tax cuts aren’t passed

by Mark DeCambre Market Watch

Beware, stock market investors! Tax cuts are crucial to maintaining their record-setting ways, according to Steven Mnuchin.

‘To the extent we get the tax deal done, the stock market will go up higher. […]

Daniel Lacalle on How Central Banks Are Nationalizing the Economy

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from The Dollar Vigilante

Torturer-in-Chief Turned Savior of Freedom?

by James Bovard

Former President George W. Bush gave a speech yesterday implicitly slamming President Donald Trump for dragging down democracy. Bush told political cronies and other attendees: “We are gathered in the cause of liberty this is a unique moment.” He assured listeners that freedom “should be the defining commitment of our country, […]