Inflation – Just Another Word for Theft. Mike Mish Shedlock – August 16, 2017

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Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week?

from Zero Hedge

Trump ignited a political firestorm yesterday during an impromptu press conference in which he said there was “blame on both sides” for the tragic events that occurred in Charlottesville over the weekend.

Now, the discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week before the Charlottesville protests, […]

ACChain: You’ll Be Talking About This Interview Tomorrow – SGT & Andy Hoffman

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High-Profile Sectors Start To Roll Over

by John Rubino Dollar Collapse

Long credit cycles like the current one always end with a crash. But first they deteriorate. The headline numbers remain positive while under the surface a growing list of sectors start to falter. It’s only when the latter reach a critical mass that market psychology turns dark.

How far along […]

Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High Over $4,400 As It Catches Paypal In Total Market Cap

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from The Dollar Vigilante


Absurd Inflation Discussion by Fed Jackasses

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock Mish Talk

Minutes of the July 25-26 FOMC Meeting show internal concern over the Fed’s inability to hit 2% inflation.

I counted 89 instances of “inflation” and 79 instances of “2”. As sub-categories of 2, there were 27 instances of “2 percent” and eight instances of “below 2”.

“Longer” came […]

Trump’s Troubles Continue

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Americans are Rapidly Descending Into Madness

by Michael Krieger Liberty Blitzkrieg

I don’t live in an echo chamber, partly because there aren’t enough people out there who think like me, but also because I constantly and intentionally attempt to challenge my worldview by reading stuff from all over the political map. I ingest as much as I can from a wide […]

The Rise of the Alt Left

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from Tim Pool


Charlottesville (Part 2)

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

What the liberal/progressive/left is trying to do with Charlottesville is to associate Trump supporters with White Supremacists and in this way demonize Trump supporters so that they will not have a voice when Trump is overthrown in a coup. Or it can be put in a different way: Charlottesville […]

The Opioid Epidemic | Mark Thornton

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Trump Today: President Says He’s Pulling Plug on Business Councils as He Faces CEO Defections

North Korean leader’s dropping Guam threat ‘wise,’ Trump says

by Robert Schroeder Market Watch

This column provides a daily update on key presidential actions as well as comments, whether spoken aloud or on Twitter, by President Trump. Like the stock market, the deadline for Trump Today action is 4 p.m. Eastern time, even as we […]

Interview with Korelin Economics Report… 8.16.2017

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