Iran Conflict or More Tariffs, Russia Hoaxsters Prosecuted, Fed Lost Control

Greg Hunter’s Weekly News Wrap-Up for September 20th, 2019

by Greg Hunter USA Watchdog

Is America going to have a conflict with Iran? It looks like it is not. Trump is going to increase the already stiff tariffs on that Persian Gulf nation. One sure sign that is true is former National Security Advisor John […]

The New Orthodoxy: Blasphemy, Heresy and the New Inquisition

by Charles Hugh Smith Of Two Minds

A corrupt Orthodoxy devoid of new ideas, an Orthodoxy devoted to maintaining the wealth, status and power of insiders regardless of cost, is a brittle, fragile, unstable system.

When the ruling Elites sense their control of the populace is waning, they seek to regain full control via […]

What Should Happen to Justin Trudeau? | Politics | Rubin Report

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from The Rubin Report


Here Are the Problems with the Attorney General’s Plan to Expand Background Checks for Gun Buyers

It would not do much to protect public safety, but it would magnify the injustice of existing restrictions on gun ownership.

by Jacob Sullum

Attorney General William Barr is reportedly floating a proposal to expand background checks for gun buyers that is similar to an unsuccessful 2013 bill sponsored by Sens. Joe Manchin […]

Trudeau Aladdin-gate, & the Injustice of Ex Post Facto Laws – Viva Frei Vlawg

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from Viva Frei


The Latest Updates from Martin Armstrong – 2019.09.19

by Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics

The 2020 Elections – Economics v Career Politicians

All Money is Backed Even Today!

Australia Police Now Confiscate Loose Coins in Cars

Market Talk – September 19, 2019

Institutional Services

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Jordan Trimble: The Value Proposition for Uranium is Now Stronger Than Ever

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from Palisade Radio


Guatemala: ‘We’re Not Just a Drug Trafficking Hub – We Produce Tons of Cocaine Too!’

from Zero Hedge

Guatemala Interior Minister Enrique Degenhart admitted this week that the country isn’t just a transit point for drug traffickers – they are now a cocaine producing nation too, according to Reuters, which notes that production has almost exclusively been limited to Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

Degenhart’s comments were prompted by […]

If Silver’s Price Was Suppressed, Then Buy Physical Silver | Simon Popple

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from SilverDoctors


Millennials Have an Average of $28,000 in Debt – and the Biggest Source Isn’t Student Loans

by Megan Leonhardt

It may seem like student loans and millennials are inextricably linked. But a new survey shows that education bills are not the leading source of debt among this generation.

Millennials (defined here as ages 23 to 38) have racked up an average of $27,900 in personal debt, excluding mortgages, according to […]

Some Chinese Pensioners & Tier 3/Tier 4 Government Employees Not Receiving Checks?

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from WallStForMainSt


Bond Investor Says Negative Yields Are ‘Most Absurd Thing Central Banks Have Done’

by Sunny Oh Market Watch

Marathon Asset Management CEO Bruce Richards said government bond yields trading at negative levels “is the most absurd thing central banks have done and it will blow up in their face,” at the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha conference on Thursday.

Ultra-loose monetary policy by major central banks including, the […]

Gloomy Growth Outlook & AI in Business

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from Boom Bust


Ilhan Omar’s Explanation for Deleting a Tweet That Revealed Her Father’s Name Faces Contradictions

A spokesperson for the Minnesota Democrat said the name she tweeted was an Arabic phrase that she said was her father’s nickname.

by Luke Rosiak

Rep. Ilhan Omar deleted a tweet referring to her father as Nur Said — evidence that bolstered the case that her ex-husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, is her brother. […]

Gold Price Boom Has Completely Changed Mergers Landscape

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from Kitco NEWS