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Dale Nabors – Tampa Foreclosures Still Riding High

from Financial Survival Network

Realty Estate Expert Dale Nabors joined us on FSN to answer the following questions:

* Why does Tampa continually rank high for foreclosures? * What are the reasons a home is foreclosed upon? * What are the steps to stay out of this zone? * How can the Real Estate [...]

Jordan Goodman – First Hand Account of China’s Bubble Economy Bursting

from Financial Survival Network

Financial expert and regular network contributor Jordan Goodman is just back from China where he has seen all the makings of what he considers to be a housing bubble ready to burst. Endless residential and commercial construction, giant buildings and shopping centers with no tenants – so called Ghost Cities’ – [...]

Roger Whitney – The Retirement Answerman

from Financial Survival Network

Roger Whitney began his career as a Financial Advisor in 1991. This allowed him to witness first-hand the rise and fall of the “new economy” and the Dot-com bubble that ended in 2000. This experience solidified for him that financial management is about people, not money, and that they are served [...]

Andrew Zatlin – More Forecasts From Moneyball Economics

from Financial Survival Network

Hear the latest prognostications from the Moneyball Economist, Andrew Zatlin.

- What is the latest Vice Index telling us?

- What do the latest jobless claims numbers say about the state of the economy?- How low can gold go?

China is slowing down and what effect will that have on [...]

Carleton English – To Charge or Not to Charge, That is the Question

from Financial Survival Network

Carleton English is a staff reporter at for Banking and Wall Street. To Charge or Not to Charge – That is the question credit card holders face when it comes time to make a purchase or pay a bill. (and if they aren’t questioning…they should be!).

It is VERY important [...]

Eric Hadik – Is July the Bottom in Gold as Erick Predicted?

from Financial Survival Network

The last time Eric Hadik was with us he was calling for a bottom in gold in July 2015. This was based solely on cycle research…

Here we are in July and Eric once again appears to be right on money. Gold is hovering just below $1100 the ounce and appears [...]

Patrick Crow – Update on the Federal Personnel Breach… Worse Than You Ever Thought (Episode 17)

from The Identity Theft Warriors

Patrick Crow is COO of, and a leading expert on identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America.

Today he returned to speak about the massive breach by the Chinese Hackers of the Federal Office of Personnel Management. They’ve gotten millions of fingerprints, security clearances and tons of personal [...]

Dr. Elaina George, MD – Are Health Insurance Companies Becoming Too Big To Fail?

from Financial Survival Network

Dr. Elaina George is concerned that health insurers are becoming so big that they will soon be Too big to fail. And she’s right. That’s why she’s gone the route of Liberty HealthShare, where like minded people have co-opted together to pay their health care bills together.

Liberty HealthShare is a [...]

John Rubino – Is a Gold Backed Currency in Our Future?

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns to the program for another installment…

China’s stock market is crashing, their efforts at Plunge Protection are failing miserably and no one knows what to do. The debt burden is crushing dozens of countries around the globe and the current system is doomed to failure.

Where are we [...]

Andrew Hoffman – This Is It!

from Financial Survival Network

Special Monday edition with Andrew Hoffman. Get the low-down on all this and more:

Manipulation is starting to collapse! Commodity, equity collapse! China stock plunge, economic implosion. Record low currencies Surging pm demand, key reversals upward End game in sight, everywhere! Check out – today’s article, “the only difference between today [...]

Mike Gazzola – Knowing Your “Why” Is Essential To Real Estate Investing (Episode 37)

from Mike Gazzola’s Real Estate Investing That Works

Mike says that all of us need a driving force. It’s not just about making money. Whether it’s funding a more comfortable retirement, earning extra income so you can spend more time with your family or earning income to fund your children’s college, your Why will keep [...]

Dale Bellis – Liberty HealthShare: The New Way To Pay Your Health Care Bills

from Financial Survival Network

Dales Bellis is currently the executive director of Liberty HealthShare. He led the reorg of Liberty Healthcare, which is the offspring of the the ACA/Obamacare. It provided an exception or loophole for healthcare sharing ministries. But Liberty’s origins actually go back to the ’80’s. Dale’s work in healthcare goes back to [...]

Andrew Hoffman – It Has All Come Undone

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Imploding Now Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman. Get the details on:

Greece China – horrific economic data, Apple Commodity Collapse U.S. Earnings Fed, White House pleading for higher rates FOMC meeting next week Sunday night gold massacre Collapsing Mining Industry October’s “Miles Franklin All-Star Silver Panel Webinar” February’s “supply response” February’s [...]