Instant Equity is the Cure to Risk in Real Estate (Episode 18)

from Mike Gazzola’s Real Estate Investing That Works

Mike’s system is one of the least risky programs for accumulating wealth that you will ever come across. The reason is quite simple. When you’re buying greatly discounted real estate, you get what Mike calls instant equity. This gives you great flexibility. You can price your [...]

John LeBoutillier – Fire Secretary of State John Kerry Now

from Financial Survival Network

It’s time for more political commentary and analysis from conservative pundit, John LeBoutillier, the former U.S. Congressman and author of Harvard Hates America.

He says that Secretary of State John Kerry needs to be fired now… A C-SPAN videotape has surfaced that shows then-Senator John Kerry concocting and conducting a [...]

Patrick Crow – Introducing Military Grade Identity Theft Protection

from Financial Survival Network

Patrick Crow is COO of, and a leading expert on identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America.

He served the country in military intelligence for many years. After 9-11, it became essential for the government to authenticate and establish the identity of those serving in the military and government.


Jason Hartman – Now Is The Time To Refi Till Ya Die

from Financial Survival Network

Jason Hartman has made his fortune investing in real estate and helping others do the same. Now he shares his “Refi Till Ya Die™” plan for big gains and best of all it’s tax-free. It’s what all the big real estate moguls like Donald Trump do with their properties and it’s [...]

Ross Kenneth Urken – How You Can Hack Away at That Massive Student Loan Debt

from Financial Survival Network

Ross Kenneth Urken was back on the show today. There are several ways to fix student loan debt problems. None of them could be defined as “quick.”

According to a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in February, student loan debt has climbed to $1.16 trillion. While [...]

Andrew Hoffman – The Worse is About to Get a Whole Lot Worse

from Financial Survival Network

Time for our weekly get-together with Andrew Hoffman. Listen to Andy discuss:

Worst PM sentiment in two decades (today’s article) Greece/Euro Fed’s next move – EASING! Durable goods orders/API data/global trade data/Japan-China PMIs, and interest rates plunging anew. And strong dollar killing U.S. industry. Officially historic stock (and bond) bubbles Vote [...]

Andrew Zatlin – What Does the Price of Prostitution Have to Do with the Stock Market?

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Zatlin runs a Big Data firm called Moneyball Economics, and he’d like to share with you how vices – such as escort prices, gambling and alcohol consumption – predict economic growth. You’ll be surprised to learn how much the Las Vegas hospitality union has in common with prostitutes.

Zatlin has [...]

Danielle Park – Wall Street Has Forgotten How To Spell ‘Fiduciary’

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park is concerned that Wall Street is completely unconcerned about their responsibilities as their clients’ fiduciary. This puts them in the position of trust, which in the last several decades has been clearly unearned. What steps will they take to restore it? So far not much. The Obama administration was [...]

Pam Oakes – Sub Prime Car Loans Gone Wild

from Financial Survival Network

Automotive Expert Pam Oakes uses her expertise to elaborate on the sudden surge of car financing and how the automakers are making it too easy once again.There’s absolutely no question that owning a car is essential today in the United States. In most parts of the country, public transportation isn’t sufficient [...]

How to Market Your Properties Online to a Worldwide Audience (Episode 17)

from Mike Gazzola’s Real Estate Investing That Works

Buying highly discounted properties at auction and through the extremely effective techniques that Mike teaches you is only half the battle. Once you’ve got your property ready for sale, you’ve actually got to sell it. Using the traditional sales methods, like realtors is still the way to [...]

Former Sheriff Richard Mack – Leader of the Constitutional Sheriff Movement

from Financial Survival Network

Former Arizona county Sheriff Richard Mack, a fierce opponent of Obamacare and a leader in the “constitutional sheriff” movement, is struggling to pay his medical bills after he and his wife each faced serious illnesses. The former sheriff and his wife do not have health insurance and started a GoFundMe campaign [...]

John Rubino – We Are All Hedge Fund Managers Now

from Financial Survival Network

It’s time for our weekly get-together with John Rubino. With what’s going on in the world now, we’re all hedge fund managers, but many of us don’t have the tools to manage the risk. With negative interest rates breaking out all over the place, central banks are starting to buy those [...]

Triple Lutz Report #379 – Recent Trip To New York City: Uber Rocks

from Financial Survival Network

I hadn’t been in New York in over one year. While Comrade DeBlasio is doing his best to bankrupt the place there are good things happening there now. Uber has improved taxi service dramatically. Clean efficient service from clean cut well mannered drivers. No wonder the price of a taxi medallion [...]