George Matheis, Jr. – Neutered Police Cause of Ferguson Shooting

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George Matheis, Jr. has been in law enforcement his entire adult life. He’s trained SWAT teams, the military and police departments and has been in similar situations to Darren Wilson. He believes that not enough effort goes into training officers in physical fighting so they have to resort to their weapons [...]

Jason Hartman – Predictions for 2015

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Jason Hartman joined us today to talk about the trends he sees in place for the coming year. More slow growth, lower home ownership rates and higher renterships to name just a few. That means higher worker mobility, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Lower inflation seems to be in [...]

Monty Pelerin – New York City: Fantasy Island

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Monty Pelerin says that NYC is a fragile ecosystem built upon a weak foundation of debt, corruption, and easy money that will be wiped out during the coming financial storm of the century. NYC and the empire it represents are like a 225 year old majestic oak tree in Central Park [...]

Craig Lack – Obamacare… What’s Next?

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Craig Lack is one of America’s foremost authorities on Obamacare.

The Affordable Care Act is now at a crossroads. With the subsidy issue now before the Supreme Court and the recent disclosures of the act’s architect Jon Gruber, the act has never been more vulnerable.

Craig thinks there will just be [...]

Tara Richter – Write and Publish Your Book In 4 Weeks

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Tara Richter is an expert in helping you to get your story on paper and getting it published.

Some people find it extremely difficult getting it all down on paper. But Tara has figured out how to streamline and make it easy. Depending upon your budget she can help you write [...]

John Rubino – Panic Starts Sweeping The World: Is The US Next?

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In his most recent piece, writer John Rubino wrote the following…

It’s been quite a month.

In late October Japan, despite a year of fairly aggressive quantitative easing, dropped back into recession and concluded that even easier money was the cure for its ills. It announced a debt monetization plan of [...]

Andrew Hoffman – Swiss Time Bomb Ticking Away

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It time for another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen to Andy discuss:

Swiss referendum Scotland, Catalonia, Venice Germany against QE, as Draghi pushes it forward ECB vs. SNB Last week’s ECB comment that it is considering buying gold Dutch repatriation announcement Euro/Franc peg broken, per the “final currency war.” Anti-gold [...]

Bo Polny – Did Bo Successfully Call The Next Gold Bull Market?

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On November 4, 2014 Bo Polny made his first appearance on the show, boldy predicting the beginning of a new up cycle in precious metals. His logic is pretty compelling.

Looking at gold against the Japanese Yen, it almost becomes inescapable.

Will there be one last mega-raid? That remains to be [...]

Steve Simpson – Net Neutrality: Don’t Be Fooled By Big Government Again

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Ayn Rand’s Steve Simpson joins us for a discussion of Net Neutrality, the government’s wolf in sheep’s clothing effort to protect the Internet from the big bad corporations and their effort to dominate it. Steve believes that the only protection the Internet will ever have is the free market. Statist solutions [...]

Avi Gilburt – What Is The Elliott Wave Theory Saying Now About Gold and Oil?

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Avi Gilburt went from playing professional hockey, to a career in a law and accounting, to becoming a master Elliott Wave interpreter. He tells us his story, sad in parts, inspiring in others. In the past three years, the cycle theorists have called these markets right far more often than anyone [...]

Joe Yazbeck – Have No Fear Speaking

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Meet Joe Yazbeck:

* Internationally Known Master Speaker * Influential Leadership Development Specialist * Strategic Life Coach * Expert on Media and Communications * Serves the US military on the Board of Directors of the Successful Veterans

Nonprofit Organization:

* Authority on the Performing Arts * Has Appeared on National Television [...]

David Horowitz – Discusses His New Book: The Great Betrayal

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In The Great Betrayal, his third volume of The Black Book series, David Horowitz provides a narrative of the controversies and confrontations over the Iraq War from its origins up to the death of Osama bin Laden. The “great betrayal” refers to the sabotage of this war by the Democratic [...]