Lee Shultz – Siri and Alexa for President on the AI Party

from Financial Survival Network

Lee Shultz, a fellow recovering attorney and FSN community member came back on the show. We discussed the Mueller report, the emerging Democrat 2020 presidential field and the current state of politics. We both agree that Attorney General William Barr. He’s one intimidating dude. Notice how when he’s testifying before Congress, […]

Jordan Roy-Byrne – Gold Still Not Going Up

from Financial Survival Network

As Jordan Roy-Byrne explained to us last month, we’re still not seeing higher highs and higher lows in the gold price. His opinion was again confirmed. Every time gold approaches $1350 per ounce, there’s a dramatic pullback. Until gold breaks this key resistance point, with conviction, not much is going to […]

Chris Vecchio – Disaster Coming in Europe

from Financial Survival Network

Christopher Vecchio is a Currency Analyst for DailyFX.com. He holds a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Government & Law and Economics from Lafayette College. During his undergraduate program, he gained a strong understanding of fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange markets by examining the interrelationship between geopolitical events, macroeconomic trends, […]

Judge John H. Wilson – Mueller and His Pack of Lies

from Financial Survival Network

Judge John H. Wilson, first time guest, tells us that After almost two years of investigation, the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller concerning whether the President and his campaign staff colluded with Russian agents during the 2016 election was finally provided to the US Attorney General’s Office late in March. […]

Jayant Bhandari – All in for Benevolent Dictatorship

from Financial Survival Network

First time guest Jayant Bhandari believes that democracy is a flawed system that has failed to bring people out of poverty in the last century. Rather, authoritarian benevolent regimes, such as China, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., have been the wealth building leaders. Not that we’re unmindful of democracy’s flaws, but we […]

Paul Zimnisky | Diamond Miners Look Poised for a Rebound

from Mining Stock Education

In this interview with diamond expert Paul Zimnisky, we take a look at the diamond market and the opportunities available to resource investors. Paul is well-known for his work as an independent analyst and consultant in the diamond and mining industry. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has worked in […]

Danielle Park – Luxury Housing a Bust

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park returns… In places like Greenwich, CT, New York City, Vancouver and around the world, it looks like there’s a high-end housing bust taking place. It’s partly a demographic issue, where older people are downsizing want to cash in on their expensive housing. The hoped for resale market is younger […]

Heather Wagenhals – Hackers on the Bleeding Edge of Technology

from Financial Survival Network

Heather Wagenhals says that hackers are on the bleeding edge of technology. Unfortunately, the blood is often yours. The whole situation is so invasive. We’re totally immersed in technology that we never really think about it. And that makes you a sitting duck. You always need to be on your guard. […]

Matt Schlapp – Socialism Rising?

from Financial Survival Network

ACU’s Matt Schlapp On Reagan, Trump, and Socialism It’s no surprise the far-left led by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Elizabeth Warren are trying to bring socialism to America. But, these liberals ignore the history of socialism’s evil and are ignorning the current human catastrophe in Venezuela caused by socialist […]

Aaron Clarey – Millennial Housing Quirks

from Financial Survival Network

Our good friend, Aaron Clarey, a/k/a Captain Capitalism sold his house and is living in a Millennial enclave. Gone are spacious units. Instead he’s enjoying a plethora of amenities that he never wanted. There’s two gyms, social programs, a large pool, a movie theater and a bunch of other things he […]

Dr. Jerome Corsi – He Fought the Law and Won

from Financial Survival Network

Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D. became a target of the Mueller Investigation. He says he did nothing illegal, never had any contacts with Russians or Wikileaks, but Mueller wanted him to perjure himself in order for them to get at the President. Coris refused and instead filed a $350 million lawsuit against […]

Round Table with Gordon T. Long & Charles Hugh Smith

from Financial Survival Network

Financial experts Gordon T. Long and Charles Hugh Smith join FSN for a discussion on what went/is going wrong with the American Experiment. Obviously among the culprits, corrupt government, corporatization, financialization and inflation to name just a few. The solution is very straight forward and simple. Go back to localization, bring […]

The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for April 14th, 2019

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for April 14th, 2019…

Financial repression is alive and well after a decade of monetary stimulus. Investors shopping for investment-grade debt around the world are being greeted with below-zero yields in almost one-fifth of the market. Today’s monetary system is based upon a lie. The lie is […]