Bill Holter – Report on Greenspan’s Legacy Tour

from Financial Survival Network

Bill Holter of Miles Franklin was fortunate to be at the New Orleans Money Show where he got to hear the Maestro former Fed Chief Alan Greenspan speak.

Of course the economic crisis that we find ourselves in now wasn’t his fault at all. Blame Congress, Fannie and Freddie, but not [...]

Ross Hansen – The Man From The Mint Is Following The Yellow Brick Road

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Ross Hansen heads up the largest privately owned mint in North America.

Last year business was down, but he’s unconcerned and undeterred. While most of the populace buys into the meme that prosperity is just around the corner, Ross looks at hard data like the labor participation rate and sees [...]

Carter Andress – Contractor Combatant

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After Carter Andress had a stint in the military, he was ready for the private sector. He was used to hazardous conditions and that made him ideally suited for construction projects in Iraq. When Bechtel gave up on a project after losing 51 workers, Carter’s company got the job done. His [...]

Dennis Miller – Keep Paying Those Premiums… You’ll Be Cashing In Soon

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We caught up with Dennis Miller today. It’s been 9 years since Florida had a hurricane; it’s been almost 7 years since the financial collapse. Does that mean that neither will happen again? Have weather patterns miraculously changed? Has the government become more responsible and has the Fed stopped printing money? [...]

Steve Lord – Bitcoin Bubble: Not So Fast!

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Steve Lord is editor-in-chief of the Modern Money Letter.

Bitcoin is now trading below $350, how much lower can it go?

- How much longer until Bitcoin is adopted by Wall Street and main street?

-Since last we spoke Paypal started accepting bitcoin as did Apple. Is this the [...]

Eric Hadik – We Are at The End of a 40 Year Cycle

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Eric S. Hadik is a trader & analyst who has been intimately involved with the markets for nearly 25 years. His first introduction to technical analysis came through Fibonacci Mathematics and the Elliott Wave Principle and he began trading in 1982.

However, it was not until he discovered the works of [...]

Reid Rasmussen – Fighting The High Cost of Healthcare

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Reid Rasmussen is about helping small businesses and individuals fight the high cost of health care.

Why pay for a doctor’s visit when all you need is a simple prescription for antibiotics? That spurred a business idea that’s in full bloom today,

It has the potential to save individuals and [...]

David Morgan – Silver Summit Wrap-Up

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David Morgan was with us today discussing the latest Silver Summit in his home town of Spokane Washington.

Things were decidedly more upbeat this year. Most participants are starting to believe that after the recent triple bottom, that silver has probably seen its lows.

We’ll know more soon.

Click Here to [...]

Fabian Calvo – Fearlessly Pursuing Freedom For All

from Financial Survival Network

Fabian Calvo is very passionate about promoting the principles of our Constitutional Republic and economic liberty as well as exposing the corrupted New World Order political establishment.

He believes that education and awareness is the only way that we can defeat the criminal elite from taking our liberties.

We stand together [...]

John Rubino – Are We Really Coming To The End Of TaperTopia?

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is amazed how easy it has become for the Fed to have it’s way with the markets. They just have to lift their pinky and the markets respond in spades. How did it get this way and how long will it stay? Once upon a time the markets’ primary [...]

Andrew Hoffman – Nothing Has Changed, and Nothing Will

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman. Listen to Andy discuss:

FOMC meeting Wednesday, “end of QE” expected OTHER markets are crashing worldwide, particularly in Europe Most yields, Treasuries included, continue to crash Fed desperately attempting to prevent bond yields crashing Dollar/euro has stabilized, but rest of the world’s currencies crashing oil collapsing, [...]

Pam Oakes – More Car Care For The Clueless

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Pam Oakes was back talking about the best 3-5 year old used car you can buy…

Surprisingly it’s not the Toyota Camry. Also, we discussed those extended warranties. There’s a lot of ins and out and loopholes. You’ve got to educate yourself about them and learn when and where to buy [...]

John Sullivan – Conservative/Libertarian Director of “America: Imagine The World Without Her”

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John Sullivan directed America: Imagine the World Without Her and 2016: Obama’s America. He’s a bit of a rarity, a conservative living and working in Hollywood. He’s also considers himself more of a libertarian than a conservative. He directed these films out of concern for the direction the country is headed [...]

Val Sotir – Is Investing In Distressed Notes For You?

from Financial Survival Network

Val Sotir is founder and CEO of one of the country’s largest buyer and seller of distressed mortgage notes. He explains what it takes to be a successful investor in these notes. It’s not rocket surgery, you just need a basic understanding of real estate transactions and finance, along with the [...]

Don Mazzella – Americans With Disabilities Act: Trial Lawyers Gone Mad

from Financial Survival Network

Don Mazzella noted author, publisher and small business expert tells how the Americans with Disabilities Act has become nothing more than a feeding frenzy for rapacious trial lawyers. They prey upon small businesses who haven’t fully complied with the minutiae of the complicated statute. Now H&R Block has settled a case [...]