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The Ever Changing Real Estate Market-Beware of Second Mortgage Foreclosures

from Mike Gazzola’s Instant Equity: A Proven Real Estate Investment System

Mike talks about the abundance of opportunities that are still available. While prices have gone up there’s still plenty of deals around, but you need to be extremely careful. One trend that we’re seeing is that Home Equity and Second Mortgage Lenders are [...]

Mickey Fulp’s Monthly Major Market Review for January 2016

from Financial Survival Network

Mickey Fulp returns for another monthly market review…

Stock markets were down again in January. This followed a down month in December. Two down months in a row have been very rare during the past 4 years.

Oil was also down, Natgas was up, Precious Metals had an up month, yields [...]

Ned Schmidt – Is it the Lead or the LSD in Our Water?

from Financial Survival Network

Ned Schmidt returns to the program. The Street finally found out it was wrong, imagine that? They woke up last week to the reality that the Fed is finished raising rates and meaning the Dollar is going to drop. The stock market is in a bear trend and the Street is [...]

L’Ange Sermons Millionard – How You Can Beat the Odds as an Entrepreneur

from Financial Survival Network

L’Ange Sermons Millionard asks us, did you ever wonder how entrepreneurs got started? Did great entrepreneurs like Walt Disney, R H Macy, and Mark Cuban take special risks and fail before success? People who create businesses create change—and in the process make life easier, richer and better for millions. If you [...]

Andrew Hoffman – NIRP Fails: Yellen Reversal Around the Corner

from Financial Survival Network

Wipe out Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

BOJ NIRP – already a failure, and Kuroda promised MORE today!

Fed “policy error” – Bill Dudley essentially admitted it today!

Tightening physical gold/silver fundamentals;

The relentless, expanding, historic deflation tsunami.

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Wayne Allyn Root – Trump’s Iowa Loss Expected and Discounted

from Financial Survival Network

Wayne Allyn Root was expecting a Trump loss in Iowa. Wayne recounts a story about his career as a professional public speaker. He brought down the house in every state he appeared in except one, Iowa. When he got back the audience evaluation forms, the reason was quite a shocker, seems [...]

Andrew Zatlin – Is the Party Over?

from Financial Survival Network

Mr. Moneyball Economics, Andrew Zatlin spoke with us today. While he believes that the stock market advance is over for 2016, he doesn’t a major down trend in the general economy. While other countries are certainly having their problems, in the US the service sector is still doing fairly well. Also, [...]

Hope Triumphs Over Experience – Yet Again!

from Dollar Collapse

A few weeks of falling stock prices have led the world’s central banks to respond in their usual way, with lower interest rates and easier money — in other words with the same policies that failed to prevent the ongoing slide into deflationary recession. The result: Over $5 trillion of bonds worldwide [...]

Mickey Fulp – Special Oil Report – Jan/2016

from Financial Survival Network

Has crude oil bottomed? According to Mickey Fulp, it might very well have done so. Now above $30 a barrel, crude could be going higher, especially in light of the potential war brewing between the Sunni’s and the Shiite’s. The US is still pumping near record amounts of oil. At present [...]

John Rubino – Japan Finally Goes Negative!

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino visited us today. Japan finally went negative, cutting their interest rates below zero. They followed the example of the European Central Bank and no doubt the rest of the world will follow their example. Will it really solve the problem, John thinks not. The world is still taking on [...]

Dennis Higgs – High Hopes For Nevada Exploration

from Financial Survival Network

Dennis Higgs is Chairman of Nevada Exploration. He and his family now own 31% of the company, which they’ve acquired in the past year. He’s extremely bullish about their technology, which analyzes well water samples to determine the presence of gold and other minerals. The company has a database of many [...]

Mike Makes $45k on Another Big Foreclosure Score (Episode #47)

from Mike Gazzola’s Instant Equity: A Proven Real Estate Investment System

Mike always says that in real estate your money is made on the buy. This means that when you buy a property at a steep discount, you have instant equity. Mike bought a duplex in Fort Myers Florida in the low $30,000 range. After [...]