Stephen Coonts – Best Selling Author’s Latest Hit

from Financial Survival Network

National bestselling author Stephen Coonts is at it again! In The Russia Account (Regnery Fiction; August 13, 2019) Tommy Carmellini and Jake Grafton return for their ninth adventure together and unravel an international financial conspiracy that ties directly to Vladmir Putin and Russia. As the narrative unfolds the characters discover that […]

Sam McElroy – Has the Market Turned?

from Financial Survival Network

Sam McElroy returns to the program… It’s beginning to look a lot like recession. Inverted yield curve, stock market declines, lower rates. What’s an investor to do? Sam says it’s time to reassess your risk tolerance and your goals. If you’re later in your career and can’t afford to take the […]

Eric Hadik – Gold to Continue its Rise

from Financial Survival Network

Eric Hadik joined us for a review of the markets. No one is less surprised about gold’s recent rise than Eric. He’s been calling for higher gold prices for a while now. The surprise is the rally’s intensity in light of weak seasonal factors. Does this set the stage for a […]

Joel Salomon – Nine Money Rules Millionaires Use

from Financial Survival Network

Joel Salomon has done it again. The hedge fund manager turned financial coach has just released his second book. It gives you a step by step plan for building and maintaining wealth. Joel is big proponent of focusing your investing on several concepts and watching them like a hawk. That way […]

Joe Mazumdar Provides Resource Sector Insights and Analysis

from Mining Stock Education

In this interview, Joe Mazumdar provides his commentary on the current state of the mining sector and where resource investors can find the best investment opportunities. Joe reveals a quality copper company he just invested in as well as what has been his two best performing stocks in this year. Also […]

Ben Kreuger – Become a Professional Podcaster (#61)

from Viral Podcasting

Ben Kreuger of joined us and together we explored the evolution of a professional podcaster. Some people start out on a lark and find they have found their calling. Others start out with a distinct brand and business and realize that podcasting can help them to greatly leverage their business. It […]

Jim Welsh – The Golden Worm Has Turned

from Financial Survival Network

Jim Welsh believes we’re in the midst of an economic slow down, but he’s not ready to call it a recession. Global manufacturing has been slowing down for the past year, in large measure due to tariffs. But the service economy is another story. In the US, Europe and China this […]

Barry Stuppler – Confessions of a Gold Bullion Dealer

from Financial Survival Network

Barry Stuppler has been selling bullion for decades. That’s why when he speaks, we listen. When he says that business is booming then we know something is a foot. As a survivor in a very tough environment for the past 8 years, Barry has never given up. Now that the market […]

John Rubino – Was Epstein at the Right Place at the Right Time

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns… Poor Jeffrey Epstein. While very few people are mourning his death, everyone is suspicious. His passing was extremely convenient for many of the world’s most wealthy and powerful individuals. Kind of like a Lee Harvey Oswald moment in history. 10 year treasury yields have fallen below 2 percent. […]

Andy Schectman – Gold Bullion Sales Taking Off

from Financial Survival Network

There’s obviously something going on in the world economy that’s causing gold (and lately silver) to rapidly advance. Leading bullion dealer Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin has seen sales accelerate, but it’s the high net worth sophisticated investors who are buying the bulk of it. Joe Six Pack is as usual […]

The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan – The Financial World Has Gone Nuts

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective…

The Financial World Has Gone Nuts Every day brings new indications that the financial world is going from already nuts to even nuttier. According to Bloomberg, the total amount of bonds outstanding globally that are trading with a negative yield exceed for the first time $15 trillion. […]

Charles Nenner – $2,500 Gold Coming Soon

from Financial Survival Network

When we last spoke with Dr. Charles Nenner, back in mid-June, he was calling for higher gold prices. Almost as if on cue, gold is up over $150 and there’s more to come, after the current short-term top. Interest rates have plunged and Charles believes that recession, or worse, is on […]

Michael Stumo – Trump is Winning the Trade War

from Financial Survival Network

Michael Stumo joined us again… Trump was true to his word, he imposed a 10 percent tariff on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese imports. The stock market took an immediate hit and gold/silver shot significantly higher. This installment takes place on September 1, 2019, but Trump is promising to take […]

Danielle Park – End of the Bull Market?

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park has been waiting for this moment. And it may well be here now. The end of the global stock bull market. Is it upon us? One day does not a trend make. However, this bull has been living on borrowed time and borrowed money for too long. Resource based […]

Tony Hayes – Gold is Worth $1,900

from Financial Survival Network

According to Tony Hayes, gold is worth at least $1900 the ounce. However, what it’s selling for is another matter. Tony bases his calculations on the Monetary Base (M0) and the money supply measurement M1. HIs formulas have closely coincided with gold prices in the past and he’s of the belief […]