John Rubino – Imagine a World Without Central Banks and Fractional Reserve Banking

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John Rubino writes in the Money Bubble, “In a very real sense, it is fractional reserve banking and not money itself that is the root of so many of today’s evils. Whenever fractional reserves are permitted, the banking system – including the one that exists today throughout the world – [...]

Andrew Hoffman – Major Precious Metals Attack Underway

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Welcome to another Manipulation Monday (even though it’s Tuesday) with Andrew Hoffman. Listen in as Andy talks about:

Operation Annihilation PM Part II; ECB on Thursday Trillion Dollar QE; Collapsing manufacturing data around the world; Spain issuing new debt at low rates; Currencies falling around the world thanks to Draghi; [...]

Mickey Fulp’s Monthly Major Market Review for August 2014

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We caught up with Mickey Fulp today, for his monthly market review.

That old Dow Jones keeps on rolling along. Uranium finally starts making its move. Palladium keeps going up. Gold is flat, silver is down, the Dollar is king. Oil takes a hit, but Henry recovers.

This and more as [...]

Lew Rockwell – Why We Keep On Fighting For Libertarianism And Truth

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When it comes to the Libertarian Movement, Lew Rockwell has been there from the beginning and has seen it all. He was Ludwig von Mises’ editor; a colleague and friend of Hayek, Rothbard: and worked on the Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul campaigns. He helped found the Mises Institute and describes [...]

Steve Simpson – Corporate Inversions Are Totally Patriotic

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Ayn Rand’s Steve Simpson was on discussing the fake dispute over corporate inversions and whether they’re unpatriotic. Recently the President struck out at companies who merge with overseas businesses and move their headquarters to lower their tax burden. For some reason they’ve have been branded unAmerican. Steve sees it otherwise. Most [...]

Bruce Anderson – Keeping Your Data Safe From The Data Theft Epidemic

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Bruce Anderson is a computer security professional who says you need to be worried about all your ex’s. Ex-wives, ex-partners and ex-friends, who may go after your computers, tablets and phones, emptying your bank accounts and taking everything you treasure in the process. Bruce says that very few people take the [...]

Triple Lutz Report #362 – Why Is Gold Going Up

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Gold has been going up the past few days, why? This is usually the time where the elites like to slam it down, right before a major holiday when the trading is extremely light. Makes one wonder, has the trend finally changed? We talk about Martin Armstrong and his piece on [...]

Martin Armstrong – Kiss Paper Money Goodbye and The Stock Market Will Keep On Climbing

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We caught up with Martin Armstrong just before the holiday and the start of September. Martin says beware of early September, it may be a buying opportunity and a temporary new high. The world is a complete mess and that means the flow of funds are headed to Wall Street. Where [...]

Jack Duffy – JFK Assassination Solved In The Future

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Jack Duffy is currently a trial attorney from Ft. Worth, Texas. We had a great talk about the JFK Assassination, an interest we both shared, as Jack was in second grade and I was in first grade on that fateful day. He has spent the last 40 years researching the important [...]

Heather Wagenhals – There’s a Scam Hatched Every Minute

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Personal finance expert, author and advisory Heather Wagenhals says that the way our brains are wired makes us all susceptible to scams like the IRS refund fraud. You get that unexpected call from the Government and they really do want to help you; all you have to do is give them [...]

Elizabeth Beavers – Ferguson and Militarized Police… Time To Stop

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Elizabeth Beavers of the Friends Committee on National Legislation believes that the incidents which recently occurred in Ferguson Missouri are the inevitable result of government programs that have militarized the police over the past decades.

Starting with the 1033 program, which turned over army surplus weaponry at little or no cost [...]

Triple Lutz Report #361 – Neo-Luddites Take On Uber And AirBNB

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Uber is banned in Berlin and Hamburg to protect the passengers, sure thing–we’re from the government and we’re here to help. AirBNB is under attack all over the world, probably to protect lodgers from bedbugs, if you believe the government. You can’t stop progress and you can’t stop the Internet.

And [...]

John Rubino – Jackson Hole Is Over, Let The Currency Wars Continue

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John Rubino was back for our Monday discussion.

While the US appears to be ending QE, Europe’s economy is going down fast. Will the ECB be doing QE or will it just watch, that’s the big question? While they decide, the dollar continues to pick up strength, even though new housing [...]

Andrew Hoffman – No Light At The End Of The Jackson Black Hole

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Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen to Andy speak about:

New Home sales down again; Biggest supply since October 2007; Jackson Blackhole; What JY and MD really said; Openly talking about currency wars; JY complete and utterly clueless about labor woes; Wall Street says more hawkish than expected and interest [...]

Ben Brunson – Militarized Police: What Went Wrong In Ferguson

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Ben Brunson is an economist, author and thinker on things political and military. Besides the actual facts of the incident that took place in Ferguson, Mo., the police reaction seemed off balance and not well thought out. Coming out in military uniforms with armored transports and weaponry was pouring gasoline on [...]

Aaron Craig – Confessions of a Bitcoin Miner

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Aaron Craig has been mining Bitcoins for the past couple of years. He believes that crypto-currencies are the future. Why risk your wealth in fiat currencies and subject yourself to the criminal practices of the world’s banksters, when you can store your wealth in Bitcoin and also have the potential of [...]

Robert Ian – Keeping Ahead Of The Pace Of Change

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Robert Ian has made a career of helping others keep up with and adjust to change. Now we’re seeing the pace of change accelerate all around us.

It’s no longer enough to just keep up, you’ve got to anticipate it and stay ahead of it. Keeping debt low and investing in [...]

Don Watkins – Walmart’s Employees Are Not Their Partners

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Ayn Rand Institute’s Don Watkins is outraged over the notion that Walmart employees deserve a piece of the profits just for showing up.

Walmart does have a profit sharing plan in place. The obvious question comes to mind, if the employees want to share profits, are they willing to share losses [...]

Jason Hartman – Will Robust Robots Take Over The Workforce?

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Jason Hartman was on to discuss the Robotification of the workforce. By some estimates as many as 45% of all jobs are ripe for replacement by robots. Will this really happen? It’s very possible, consider the case of the automated burger flipper that produces 360 burgers per hour, never takes a [...]

Dennis Miller – Beware of Annuities and High Commissions

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We spoke with Dennis Miller today of With zero percent interest rates and fear of a market crash prevalent, money is pouring into annuities. However, there are some major concerns about them that Dennis want you to be aware of. He’s written a free report–The Truth About Annuities: The Three [...]

Ivan Eland – ISIS In Iraq: From Bad To Worse

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Ivan Eland is a Senior Fellow and Director at the Center on Peace and Liberty joined us today to discuss the ISIS situation in the Iraq.

After the beheading of reporter James Foley, one has to wonder what action the US will take next. ISIS is clearly losing more friends than [...]

Ned Schmidt – It’s All In August… Nothing Can Go Wrong With The Stock Market

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Ned Schmidt says that the near universal optimism sweeping the stock market reminds him of 2000.

The optimism is so high that it’s sucking everyone out of all the other investments and gold and silver investors need to look beyond what’s happening now. Are you going to follow the herd or [...]

Alasdair MacLeod – Welcome To The New Silver Fix Kludge

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Alasdair MacLeod was with us today discussing the new and improved Silver Fix. It seems the new fix is no more transparent than the old one. Administered by the CME Group and Reuters, Alasdair is finding it quite unhelpful. He states that the precious metals business is expanding throughout the globe [...]

Cris Sheridan – Yes The Stock Market Can Go Higher

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Financial Sense’s Cris Sheridan was on the show today. While this bull market has many skeptics, Cris believes that the numbers don’t lie and that there still is more to come. Corporate profits are still high and don’t show any signs of pulling back in the near future, which should be [...]

Phil Davis – Is He the Most Influential Person on Twitter?

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Phil Davis of has been called the most influential person on Twitter. His site has been around since 2006. His investment philosophy centers around minimizing risk by putting your money in situations where you’re the house not the player. It’s an options based strategy that can yield high returns. When [...]

David Morgan – Palladium Prices Still White Hot

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David Morgan of the The Morgan Report joined us today for a recap of recent precious metals trends. These markets are still captive to the manipulative paper forces that have kept them well below their true value for years, except for Palladium and Platinum. Palladium just hit a 13.5 year high. [...]

Mickey Fulp – Why Are Gasoline Prices Falling In August?

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Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist and I discussed current petroleum supply trends. While we were speaking, the per barrel price broke $95. It is estimated that world geo-political turmoil is keeping almost 4 percent of production off the market. Who knows what the price would be if that was released into [...]

John Rubino – Europe Is Tanking, QE Just Around The Corner

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John Rubino says that last year the world kind of forgot about Europe. After ECB head Mario Draghi vowed to “do whatever it takes” to get the Continent growing, the markets calmed down, money got cheap and plentiful and functionally-bankrupt countries like Greece, Italy and Spain stopped making scary headlines. To [...]

Gerald Celente – Avoid Your Personal Collapse

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In Gerald Celente’s latest Trends Journal he compares today’s food with that of yester year. As might be expected, the quality is way down. Same with our dress and the way we speak and conduct ourselves.

Gerald says if you want to change the country, change yourself. We all need to [...]

Andrew Hoffman – Can You Believe Anything Anymore?

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Another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen in as we discuss:

10 Year yield plunging; Horrible retail sales; Decision time major Central Banks need to decide; Europe need to do QE fast; China housing prices are plunging; Power consumption is plunging across China; UK housing prices are dropping at record [...]

What’s Next? for August 18th, 2014 – Look For Our New Weekly Bitcoin Podcast

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We just got back from an incredible event in Dallas, TX–Podcast Movement. There were over 600 Podcasters in attendance, producing programs on virtually any subject you can imagine, from pet care-to finance-to personal health. We’re committed to expanding and distributing the newsletter up and running on a regular basis by the [...]

Charles Goyette – It’s the 43rd Anniversary of Nixon’s Closing of the Gold Window

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Today we spoke to a brand new guest, Charles Goyette.

It’s hard to believe that August 15, 2014 marks the 43rd anniversary of Nixon’s fateful decision to close the gold window. How much different would life be today had he instead chosen to devalue the dollar?

Now the world finds itself [...]