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Sam McElroy – Job Slow Down Ahead?

from Financial Survival Network

Sam McElroy is back… U.S. jobs and wages rose by less than forecast in November while the unemployment rate held at the lowest in almost five decades, indicating some moderation in a still-healthy labor market. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 155,000 after a downwardly revised 237,000 gain in the prior month, a […]

Al Caceido – Debt Bomb Getting Ready to Blow

from Financial Survival Network

Al Caicedo is back… No one in government seems to care about the country’s burgeoning debt. Not the President, not Congress or anyone in the Swamp. How much longer can the party go on? Al is very concerned and believes that we will soon reach the tipping point. What will happen […]

Adam Mesh – Cannabis Sector Looking Even Better

from Financial Survival Network

Adam Mesh is feeling reassured by the recent market downturn. While the overall averages are flashing correction, many tech stocks are flashing bear market! His advice is buy the stocks, if you must, that showed strength during the downturn, not those showing weakness. In addition, he is very bullish on the […]

Danielle Park – Whatever Happened to Ethics?

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park recalls when sound business and ethics used to go hand-in-hand. Now they’re distant cousins under the best of circumstances. Have we gone too far down the rabbit hole to ever return? Or perhaps it’s just part of a cycle. Speaking of cycles, we discuss electric vehicles and why they’re […]

John R. Lott – The Truth About Gun Free Zones

from Financial Survival Network

Dr. John R. Lott Jr., National Columnist and Top Selling Author, elaborates on Gun-Free Zones and gives his opinion on why they invite mass shootings. Gun-free zones are intended to reduce violent crime and mass shootings in specific locations. Did anyone ask the gunman if this is the case? Dr. John […]

John LeBoutillier – From Trumphoria to Trumpression

from Financial Survival Network

Former congressman John LeBoutillier is back… Trump started out his administration with a bang and now he might go out with a whimper. John sees the midterm rout as a referendum on the President. Will he turn it around? Anything is possible, after all who ever dreamed (except us) that Trump […]

Jeff Clark – Gold and China, Perfect Together

from Financial Survival Network

Jeff Clark says that it’s no secret that China has been acquiring vast sums of gold over the past decade. He believes that when the true extent of their acquisitions is revealed it will lead to a major rally in precious metals prices. The Chinese have also been busy buying up […]

Q&A with Some Bonus Christmas Shopping Tips

from Life Benefits

Shopping for Christmas, Birthdays and other celebrations can be fun, and sometimes tough too. Some people go into debt this time of year. And maybe you can’t find a gift that really expresses the love you feel for someone.

Here are some tips to keep your shopping fun, enjoyable and fulfilling for […]

Rental Demographics, Banking Conspiracies & European Attitudes (#1027)

from Jason Hartman’s Creating Wealth

Jason Hartman is joined by Venture Alliance member Carmen today in Naples, as the two discuss the importance of music on society (and why it might be more important than monetary control), why complaining is actually important, and some good book recommendations for those interested in learning more about the […]

Charles Nenner – We’re in a Bear Market

from Financial Survival Network

2555 is the low Dr. Charles Nenner expected on the S&P. He’s been out of stocks since January and thinks the decline will continue into first quarter of 2019. Today’s earnings look bad and the Treasury yield is down. Unemployment peak is negative for the economy. the smart money is moving […]

John Rubino – We Have Learned Nothing and Forgotten Nothing

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is back, and notes that it’s been 10 years since the Crash of 2008-09. We have learned absolutely nothing. A look at the rioting in France proves this point. There are many aspects to it, but failing economic policies, higher prices, out of control immigration have all contributed to […]

Ian Cassel | The Best Performing Investments Are Small-Cap Companies Under $114M Market Capitalization

from Mining Stock Education

Ian Cassel is a full-time microcap investor and founder of MicroCapClub, the MicroCap Leadership Summit, and co-founder of the Intelligent Fanatics Project. Ian started investing as a teenager and learned from losing his money over and over again. Today he is a full-time private investor that supports himself and his family […]

Re-configuring the Three-Player Game: Markets, Speculators & State (#1025)

from Jason Hartman’s Creating Wealth

Jason Hartman starts off the show from Croatia discussing the difference in investing when there are private companies involved versus when the government is involved. With private companies you know what you’re going to get, they’re going to follow supply & demand and try to maximize profits. With governments, however, […]