Danielle Park – Further Reflections From Someone Who Foresaw The Deflationary Shock

from Financial Survival Network

We’ve been speaking with Danielle Park for over three years now. In the beginning we were skeptical of her forecasts for the future. Now, to our surprise, we’re seeing them unfold much as Danielle predicted. How did this come this come pass? How did she perceive the Black Swans when [...]

Aaron Clarey – Helping To Rescue The Helpless Generation: The Millennials

from Financial Survival Network

Aaron Clarey a/k/a Captain Capitalism has found his calling. From blogger, author and internet personality, he’s become a consultant and goto guy to the lost and helpless generation known as the Millennials. Often without fathers and constructive role models, more and more of these young adults are turning to Aaron to [...]

Dave Bego – NLRB On a Jihad Against Business

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Dave Bego tells us about the latest Obama scheme to help out organized labor. The rule, which if allowed to go into effect, would give businesses just 21 days from being noticed by unions till a vote takes place. Under some circumstances that time period could be cut to as little [...]

Triple Lutz Report #374 – deBlasio The Nincompoop Keeps The Hits Coming

from Financial Survival Network

We look at the non-stop antics of New York’s born again communist mayor. He’s anti-cop, pro-tax, pro-big government. He’s now in the process of suing a cigarette shop in Virginia for selling tax-free smokes, while he’s upset over the death of Eric Gardner for dying during his run in with cops [...]

Steven John – Life Is Good For An Expat Day Trader

from Financial Survival Network

We talk again with Steven John, our expat day trading fan in sunny Mexico.

He’s seeing more choppiness for gold and silver ahead, but the long term charts are still quite bullish.

We’ll see if he can beat the pros.

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Sign up (on the [...]

John Rubino – Dodd-Frank Is Dead, Long Live Dodd-Frank

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We caught up with John Rubino for our regular Monday chat.

If there was one part of Dodd-Frank that was effective and needed, it was the part that required Too Big To Fail Banks to eat their derivatives losses.

Your Congress, a fully owned subsidiary of Wall Street, just eliminated that [...]

Andrew Hoffman – Enough Already

from Financial Survival Network

It’s time for another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen while Andy discusses:

- OIL CRASH! – Japan snap elections – Greek snap elections – Gold repatriation wave – now Belgium and Austria – FOMC meeting Wednesday – U.S. economic data collapsing – Empire State today, Black Friday sales, etc. – [...]

Chris Martenson – What’s Behind The Oil Price Decline And The Global Slowdown

from Financial Survival Network

Chris Martenson of PeakProsperity.com joined us today. He explains that the world economy is slowing down and the authorities are fretting.

Japan, Italy, and Greece are all in recession. China is slowing down according to official statistics, and even more according to whispered accounts.

Germany, France and the Netherlands are all [...]

Kyle Olson – Republicans Wimp Out On Changing School Lunch Standards

from Financial Survival Network

Kyle Olson says if you’re expecting change from the Republicans, think again. They couldn’t get the guts up to repeal the ridiculous school food standards that were imposed by Michelle Obama. The changes appeared in a draft of the continuing budget resolution, but were no where to be found in the [...]

Bill Tatro – Waiting For The Coming Economic Crack-Up

from Financial Survival Network

With his passion for economics, Bill Tatro has been entertaining audiences on the radio and in seminars for over 30 years. Bill’s dynamic and no nonsense style on his show It’s All About Money has made him one of his stations’ most popular show hosts. Over the years Bill has given [...]

Ivan Eland – With Allies Like Turkey, Who Needs Enemies?

from Financial Survival Network

Ivan Eland wrote, “Being a superpower has its drawbacks. One of them is being manipulated by smaller countries that know that America wants to be “Big Man on Campus” in the world, usually giving its taxpayers only vague “influence” around the globe for all the money they pour into military power [...]

Frank Vernuccio – Ugly Truth of The Federal Deficit

from Financial Survival Network

Frank Vernuccio talks about the truth behind the ever escalating Federal Deficit. The United States Treasury Department has revealed that America now has a record debt of over $18 trillion. That amounts to 103% of the nation’s entire gross domestic product, in which 70% of that debt was accumulated during the [...]