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Mark Dannenberg – Keeping Your Options Open And Profitable

from Financial Survival Network

Mark Dannenberg of Options Money Maker has been trading personally for over 30 years and has been teaching traders since 2006. After spending 26 years as a senior executive at ADP and hobby trading, Mark quit his job and converted his hobby into a business focused on helping people learn [...]

Jared Lazerson – Successful Mining In Perilous Times

from Financial Survival Network

Jared Lazerson is President and Director MGX Minerals Inc. (CSE: XMG / FKT: 1MG) is a diversified Canadian mining company engaged in the acquisition and development of industrial mineral deposits that offer near-term production potential, minimal barriers to entry and low initial capital expenditures.

The Company’s flagship property is the Driftwood [...]

John Sileo – Identity Theft Victim Brings The Fight Back To Identity Thieves (Episode 21)

from The Identity Theft Warriors

John Sileo’s identity was stolen from his business and used to embezzle $300,000 from his clients. While the thief covered his crimes using Sileo’s identity, John and his business were held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. The breach destroyed John’s company and consumed two years of his [...]

Andrew Hoffman – What’s Not Imploding Now?

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Not Imploding Now Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:

Market crash Commodities! Currencies! CRB hitting 40 year lows Surging volatility – “single most PM bullish factor imaginable”, failing PPT efforts Global economy crash Collapsing silver supply, surging demand Miners on verge of bankruptcy Comparisons to 2008 – “Just like 2008, but much, [...]

Ivan Eland – Another Look at Presidents Harding and Carter

from Financial Survival Network

In his latest installment of judging former presidents, Ivan Eland writes, “Two former presidents have recently been in the news for unfavorable reasons. Recent DNA testing showed that Republican Warren Harding, already believed to have had an extra-marital affair with at least one mistress, likely had a love child with another, [...]

Doug Casey – Government Going Down In Flames

from Financial Survival Network

We caught up with Doug Casey enjoying the summer at his Aspen Haunt…

With all the turmoil going on in the markets the past week, he’s still seeing the same economic and societal trends taking place, except they’re probably accelerating. He believes that Donald Trump is going to be our next [...]

Danielle Park – Markets Behaving as Expected

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park joined us today…

She’s certainly not surprised by the current market action and in fact believes that the sooner they come back down to earth, the better off we’ll all be. Enough fraud already, let’s see honest valuations and a de-emphasis of the financial sector that seems to be [...]

Jeff Berwick – Shemitah Year Underway

from Financial Survival Network

Jeff Berwick of joined us to discuss the Shemitah Year that is unfolding before us now…

Under Jewish Tradition, every 7th year is a Shemitah year. And every 7th Shemitah is a Jubilee Year.

There are so many events unfolding that it’s hard to keep track of them. From Jade [...]

Chris Vermeulen – Market Update from the Gold and Oil Guy

from Financial Survival Network

When it comes to trading not many people have the skills and ability of Chris Vermeulen. He’s been playing the markets since he was a teenager. He’s seeing a lot more turmoil ahead, although the next few sessions could see a bounce back in the share markets. But longer it’s going [...]

John Rubino – Is Worldwide QE Next?

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns to the program…

As the world’s stock markets continue their rapid descent, will governments just stay on the sidelines, or will they unleash another and greater round of Quantitative Easing? While the temptation is certainly great, what will it really accomplish? Martin Armstrong believes that this is just [...]

Stephen Halbrook – The Truth About Nazi Gun Control

from Financial Survival Network

Noted author Stephen Halbrook joins us to discuss gun control during the Third Reich. During Hitler’s rise, gun control became a major priority. Proposed as a means of protecting the populace, it soon became clear that gun control was a method of disarming Jews and other disfavored groups. This paved the [...]

Gerard Lameiro – Is Trump The One?

from Financial Survival Network

Gerard Lameiro came back on with us today…

Seems like he too has caught Trump Fever. He sees 2016 as a truly pivotal election that will change the parties as well as the country. Such elections have occurred in the past, such as the election of 1896, which brought us a [...]