Joe Messina – Government Keeps Getting Worse

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Joe Messina of The Real Side joined us today.

He can’t get over New York City’s Welfare Homeless Storage crisis. $15 million per year blown on the storing the homeless population’s stuff. And the way the Ebola crisis is being handled, simply defies credulity. And an amazing thing happened in New [...]

Woody O’Brien – Less Farmers And More People… Not A Good Mix

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Woody O’Brien, gentlemen farmer out of West Virginia stopped by today.

He had the extreme misfortune to visit our nation’s crime capitol recently. Not surprisingly, the economy is booming and home prices are through the roof. It’s easy when you produce nothing and steal the production of the rest of the [...]

James Hirsen – Are You Ready For Ebola The TV Show?

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James Hirsen is as disgusted as we are. Hollywood is never one to let a commercial opportunity go to waste. The potential Ebola pandemic has yet to be contained and Hollywood is already talking about Ebola the TV series. They’re always about setting new lows in taste and class. And they [...]

Ned Schmidt – The Frogs Are Getting Boiled, and They Don’t Have Clue

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Ned Schmidt says, the Fed has been turning up the heat and the “investors” don’t have a clue. They’ve tightened 8 times. There’s no excess liquidity. The only thing keeping gold down is the phony dollar rally, which is really just a bear market is Euro and Yen currencies. The [...]

Triple Lutz Report #369 – NYC Storage Wars Heat Up

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New York City politicians are upset over the nearly $15 million spent yearly on storing the homeless’s possessions in storage warehouses around the City. It’s an outrage that’s been going on for too long. But when you’re living in a socialist utopia such things are to be expected, right?

Camden [...]

Ben Brunson – Ebola Virus: The Future Is Uncertain

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Ben Brunson was CEO of a clinical testing facility for over a decade. Therefore, he’s very familiar with the issues involved in disease transmission and in the steps required to prevent it. It’s quite clear that the government is playing politics in not suspending flights to and from the countries where [...]

Danielle Park – Getting Ready For The Other Shoe To Drop

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What a difference two weeks makes. When Danielle Park and I last spoke, Wall Street was partying like it was 1999. Now things are not so good. A 9 percent correction and you can feel the panic start to set in. Will it continue or is this just a normal correction? [...]

David Gurwitz – Buy Signal For Gold, Sell Signal For Oil… What’s Next?

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David Gurwitz has been with Charles Nenner Research for over a decade. During that time he’s never given up his taste in music or his passion for basketball, which is a good thing because trading calls upon all these skills and more. Right now, Nenner’s cycle based system has been flashing [...]

Barry Stuppler – Gold Market Showing Renewed Signs of Life

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Barry Stuppler has been in the precious metals business for over 50 years! When he talks about cycles, you know that he’s lived them. Barry thinks that gold is getting ready for the next advance. And he’s excited because spreads have narrowed on some French numismatic coins to not much above [...]

Jeff Bell – Running For Senate On The Gold Standard

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Jeff Bell is a Republican Insider who’s been around a long time. A speech writer, strategist, consultant, author and candidate, he’s seen it all. Now he’s challenging New Jersey’s Corey Booker for United States Senate. His main issue is adopting the Gold Standard to prevent further debasement of the Dollar and [...]

John Rubino – Taper Tantrum: Ebola Balance Sheets

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John Rubino stopped by for our Monday discussion.

IBM’s disappointing earnings point to trouble on Wall Street. Perhaps it’s time to buy back a few hundred million more shares. There’s always a solutions for poor fundamentals, they’ve been doing it for years.

Eventually the piper is going to have to be [...]

Andrew Hoffman – Has The Great Unravelling Begun

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Andrew Hoffman was back for another Manipulation Monday get-together. List in as we discuss:

Third Chinese “backdoor QE” announcement. Heightened chatter of increased BOJ stock purchases. European stocks plunging. EU manufacturing, industrial production, sentiment plummeting. U.S. retail sales. Last week’s market carnage. Vast majority of stocks in bear markets. Volatility surging. [...]

Triple Lutz Report #368 – New York’s Real Life Storage Wars

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Would you believe that New York City is paying over $14 million per year to store the property of the homeless. It’s paid over $200,000 since 2006 to store the items of Andrea Logan, a suspected hoarder. She’s got 11 units that run the City $3500 per month in fees. The [...]

John Manfreda – Where Gold And Oil Prices Headed

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John Manfreda stopped by today for a discussion about precious metals and oil.

He believes, as many do, that oil prices are deliberately being manipulated downward to injure Russia, Iran and Venezuela. For now, it appears to be working, but it’s hurting the American Energy Sector too. How much longer can [...]