Hartman Risk Evaluator Reduces Risk Using (Land-to-Improvement) (Episode #667)

from The Creating Wealth Show

Jason presents innovative new thinking on real estate investing with The Hartman Risk Evaluator™ which can virtually eliminate or at least dramatically reduce downside risk […]

Greg Saylor – Six Properties In Six Months, Client Case Study (Episode #665)

from The Creating Wealth Show

Just last year Greg Saylor was a corporate software engineer looking for a reliable investment strategy. He found the Creating Wealth podcast and listened during […]

Triple Lutz Report #400 – Comrade DeBlasio On His Way Out


Obama Just Lost It Over Alan Greenspan’s Warning for Owning Gold


The IRS “Cheat Code” That’s Sweeping the U.S.

Heather Wagenhals on the Warpath Against Fraudsters

from Identity Theft Warriors

Heather Wagenhals has always had a particular revulsion against scammers who exploit the elderly and the ignorant and steal their money, often their life’s savings. Now […]

Professor Alain Sanders – More Election Analysis… Is It Over Yet?

from Financial Survival Network

Professor Alain Sanders has been watching the election like the rest of us, never really sure where it’s heading.

Now the field is finally narrowing down.


John LeBoutillier – Is Indiana The Final Showdown?

from Financial Survival Network

Former Congressman John LeBoutillier joined us for a discussion about Trump and Cruz.

Can Cruz stop Trump? Not likely, but John says wait, this is an […]

Andrew Hoffman – The Battle For $1250 Gold

from Financial Survival Network

Where’s It Going Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

April 27th (today) – a day of Central bank infamy? The Myth of “QE to Infinity” The Ultimate Chinese […]

Michelle Seiler-Tucker – Okay For NBA To Sell Uniform Ad Space

from Financial Survival Network

Michelle Seiler-Tucker doesn’t see the problem with NBA Teams selling ad space on players’ uniforms. That’s what free enterprise is all about and it could mean […]

Okay, I’ll Say It: Run For The Hills

from Dollar Collapse

Combine record-high stock prices with weak corporate earnings, a too-strong dollar and rising turmoil in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and the result is a dangerously vulnerable […]

Wayne Allyn Root – Everything’s Coming Up Trump

from Financial Survival Network

Wayne Allyn Root has been a big Trump supporter almost from the get go. Now we’re getting down to the final lap and Trump is looking […]

G. Edward Griffin – A Crash Course on Money & Freedom (Episode #664)

from The Creating Wealth Show

We are rapidly losing our freedom, so says G. Edward Griffin.

Griffin is the author of the seminal work The Creature from Jekyll Island, he […]

John Rubino – Money Grows on Trees, but the Forest is Dying

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino spoke with us on Monday. Seems that China has printed up a cool trillion to bail out its stock market earlier this year. And […]