Andrew Hoffman – How Low Can The Euro Go?

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Hoffman returns for his weekly update. Yesterday the Euro hit 110 and the Grexit looks to be getting closer and closer. Precious metals production is hitting new lows. Currencies around the world are collapsing. ECB QE is starting next week, but there’s hope because the new Apple iWatch is [...]

Eric Hadik – 110 Euro On Schedule As Forecast

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Eric Hadik previously forecast that the Euro would hit 110 during the year. Little did he expect it would happen so quickly. He’s still thinking that 2016 will be the year when gold starts taking off.

The stock market is getting close to its peak and he doesn’t see much more [...]

Mickey Fulp Monthly Major Review – February 2015

from Financial Survival Network

It’s time for Mickey Fulp’s Monthly Major Review…

February 2015 continued the trend of increasing volatility across most major markets. Stock markets started going up again after a brief one month hiatus on the downside. Metals were down, oil rallied, Natgas notched up slightly, Uranium was up, so were interest rates [...]

Wayne Allyn Root – Netanyahu Eviscerates Obama

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Wayne Allyn Root joined us today for a review of the Netanyahu address to Congress. It wasn’t pretty…

Unlike the Republicans, Netanyahu knows how to fight. The Republicans complete their complete capitulation to Obama and the Media.

They are truly clueless and hopeless.

Click Here to Listen to the Audio

Sign [...]

Jim Comiskey – Yes Virginia the Markets Are Rigged

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Jim Comiskey has been fighting it out in the Chicago pits for 30 plus years.

He’s the first to admit that the markets are rigged. But that shouldn’t stop you from accumulated metals and profiting anyway. You’ve heard him on Craig Hemke/Turd Ferguson’s show for years.

He brings his sage wisdom [...]

Nadine LaJoie – Racing Her Way To Success

from Financial Survival Network

Nadine LaJoie started out as a motorcycle racer, hitting speeds of 180 miles per hour! She became a champion in a male dominated sport. Then she turned her efforts to real estate investing and became a champion here as well.

Now she’s an author and a coach and has achieved similar [...]

Robert Spencer – What Side is the Government on in the War on Jihad?

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Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch, a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and the author of thirteen books, including two New York Times bestsellers, The Truth About Muhammad and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (both Regnery). Recent books he has written include Did [...]

John Rubino – Austrian Bank Collapse, No Bailout For You!

from Financial Survival Network

We sat down with John Rubino for our weekly get together. Heta bank in Austria has perhaps reached the end of the road. The bank, which was bailed out by the Austrian Government in 2008 and is now in need of another bailout but none will be forthcoming. Rather, bondholders and [...]

Jason Stevens – Upcoming Opportunities in Oil and Diamonds

from Financial Survival Network

Jason Stevens believes that the current low prices we’re seeing won’t last. He believes that oil will go back up to the $65-70 range within a matter of months and should stay there for quite a while, once the storage situation is worked off. Just low enough to keep out the [...]

Heather Wagenhals – Billion Dollar Bank Hack Heist

from Financial Survival Network

Heather Wagenhals joined us today to discuss the recent bank hack/heist and the ingenious way it was executed. Never underestimate the intelligence of criminals. They spend all their time looking for weaknesses and opportunities to illegally profit. Therefore, it’s very important that you’re extremely wary when dealing with any emails, links, [...]

Jason Hartman – Buying Real Estate and Driverless Cars

from Financial Survival Network

Jason Hartman is still bullish on real estate and for good reason. In the current environment of financial repression, there are few alternatives to get a decent return on your money, what with banks paying less than one percent on your accounts. His real estate deals regularly pay 10 percent or [...]

Don Mazzella – Are the Republicans Really in Control of Congress?

from Financial Survival Network

Don Mazzella writes, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this for Republicans. A month into their control of both chambers of Congress, they are confronting the very real possibility of a shutdown of the Homeland Security Department later this month.

Instead of advancing a conservative agenda and showing voters they can [...]

Jason Burack – The Three Most Important Rules for Investing in the New Normal

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Jason Burack has come up with his three most important rules for investing in The New Normal or as we like to call it The New Economy. Unless you’ve been holed up in a cave in a state of suspended animation like a hibernating monk, you know that things have changed, [...]