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Ivan Bebek – A Mining Legend in the Making

from Financial Survival Network

Ivan Bebek’s company, Auryn Resources (AUG on the TSX and NYSE American – FSN Sponsor) is on the cusp of two major gold discoveries. With his team in place, he has already built and sold two successful exploration companies. Auryn could easily be the next. On this go ’round Ivan is […]

Triple Lutz Report #466 – High Tax States Crashing and RIP Prince Leonard

from Financial Survival Network

As we wrote recently, high tax states like NY, CA, CT, NJ, MA, IL and others are starting to feel the new tax law’s impact. Governor Andy Cuomo went to the White House hat in hand to beg for the increasing of the SALT deduction (It was unlimited but the law […]

Ed Moya – China Trade War Ending Soon

from Financial Survival Network

Ed Moya believes that the trade war will be ending soon. While Trump might not get everything he’s looking for there will be substantial changes in the relationship that will be beneficial for the US. Look for higher ag and energy exports and perhaps some movement on IP and Tech as […]

Dave Jackson – Podcast Trainer Extraordinaire!

from Viral Podcasting

Dave Jackson was a professional trainer and almost too good at his job. Several times he was called into his boss’s office and regrettably shown the door, through no fault of his own. It was always the same story, you’re doing a great job but sales, not so much. The last time […]

Increase in Credit Availability, Mortgages as Assets & Listener Q&A (#1074)

from Jason Hartman’s Creating Wealth

Jason Hartman talks today about the expansion of credit in the past 50 years and how that’s impacted our economy. There’s also a look at Trump’s war of words with the Fed, why you should stock up on low rate mortgage assets, and why a booming economy is a noisy […]

Al Caceido – Tax Law Aftermath

from Financial Survival Network

Al Caicedo is back… 2018 is the first year where the affects of the so-called tax reform act were experienced. It appears that some businesses are doing quite well. How many companies have just taken the money and bought their stock back is an issue. For individuals there are some high […]

Ivan Bebek | We Are Now at the Pinnacle of Two Massive Discoveries

from Mining Stock Education

Executive Chairman Ivan Bebek and his team at Auryn Resources have already built and sold two successful exploration companies. But now they are convinced that they are on the cusp of two potential world-class discoveries that will far exceed their previous successes. In this interview, Ivan shares how Auryn assembled a […]

Interview with Special Guest Krish Dhanam: A New Movie and the Wealth Cruise

from Life Benefits

Filmed on-location in India, with a top-quality production spanning 5 continents – The Least of These (movie) was released in US theaters February 1st 2019. It is a story of compassion, desperation, truth, deception and forgiveness.

Hear firsthand from Krish Dhanam as he takes you behind the scenes and reveals the journey […]

Chris Vermeulen – Gold the Place to Be in 45-90 Days

from Financial Survival Network

Chris Vermeulen is first and foremost a technical trader. Fundamentals hold little interest to him, probably because he can’t make money off of them. He sees a big potential rally coming in gold, after one last round of weakness. He thinks it could be a considerable decline, which he welcomes, as […]

Lisa Bradley – A Shark Tank Success Story

from Financial Survival Network

Lisa Bradley was a military wife with too much time on her hands and not enough cash. She conceived of R. Riveter as means to earn some extra income, but more importantly to help other military spouses who were suffering a similar fate. She appeared on the television show Shark Tank […]

Interest Rates vs Cap Rate with Mike Zlotnik (#1071)

from Jason Hartman’s Creating Wealth

Jason Hartman talks with Venture Alliance member Mike Zlotnik about cap rates in today’s interest rate environment. Mike explains what happens to cap rates (and commercial real estate investing as a whole) when interest rates start rising. After years of artificially low interest rates, we’re starting to see rates finally […]

Anwar Sukkarie – Scooting His Way to the Future

from Financial Survival Network

Recently public rental bicycles have appeared in many large cities, to much popular acclaim. Anwar Sukkarie believes it’s time for a public electric sit-down scooter revolution. His company LOOPShare Ltd. (FSN sponsor), has already placed scooters in Beirut Lebanon and has more cities on its list. The concept is simple, provide […]

John Rubino – They Have to Kill the Economy to Save It!

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns… Much like the soldier during the Vietnam War who notably quipped – We had to kill the village to save it, Paul Krugman probably believes that we need to kill the economy before it can be saved. He should be thrilled with the Trump Admin’s debt on steroids […]