Meet the Masters... January 12 – 14, 2018



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Danielle Park – Time to Take Some Crypto Profits

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park knows how all bubbles work exactly the same way. There’s always a rationalization why this time is different. So far in history, this time has never been different. Will it be now? The odds are against it, but you never know. That’s why if you’re sitting on huge paper […]

Ellis Henican – Trumpitude: The Secret Confessions of Donald’s Brain

from Financial Survival Network

New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper columnist Ellis Henican has covered President Trump from his boy-developer days in New York City to the present day. Henican’s latest book Trumpitude: The Secret Confessions of Donald’s Brain is a cheat sheet to the inside of the president’s brain. It […]

Gregor Gregersen – The Safest Way to Store Cryptos

from Financial Survival Network

Gregor Gregersen will be launching Physical Crypto Storage through his company, Silver Bullion. Just as the company has secured physical precious metals for customers over the years, it will also be storing cryptocurrencies in a physical format in its Singapore Vault. They will be encrypting the private keys of cryptocurrencies and […]

Lior Gantz – Cannabis and Blockchain, the Future

from Financial Survival Network

According to Lior Gantz, Cannabis and Blockchain are where the future of America is heading. The middle class will gone in 5 years. Your ticket to the upper class is through one of the above. Recreational Cannabis goes legal in California January 1! Cali is the largest Cannabis market in the […]

Todd Cochrane – Pioneer of Podcasting (#25)

from Viral Podcasting

Todd Cochrane is one of the pioneers of podcasting. He wrote the first book on podcasting. He had been a blogger and by his own admission, not a good one. He was in the services and was injured. He volunteered to go to Waco, TX and had a lot of down time. […]

John Rubino – The COT Worm Has Turned

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino notes that the latest COT (Commitment of Traders) Report shows the Commercial Shorts lightening and switching to long. And it shows the Speculators giving up their longs. This could be good news for precious metals in the coming months. While the economic news appears to be positive, there’s a […]

David Horowitz – Higher Education Cancer

from Financial Survival Network

David Horowitz asks what do college students really learn these days? Answer: not much. They’re indoctrinated in anti-Americanism, and anti-Capitalism among other things. What value does a degree in Women’s Studies really have? Or any other degree with an “ism” attached. Not much according to David. It all goes back to […]

The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for December 9th, 2017

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for December 9th, 2017…

The Morgan Report is all about YOU and how you can build and preserve Wealth for generations to come. We know it can sometimes seem a daunting task to protect your assets and preserve or grow your wealth. Over 15 years ago, a […]

Rewind: If You Missed This Amazing Bitcoin/Gold-Mining Webinar…

Whether you’re investing in Bitcoin or the new commodity super cycle, this webinar was not to be missed. Bitcoin and the commodity super cycle are intimately connected. You need to know about both. Gain vital information that will simplify your research process. Everybody is talking about Bitcoin. Are you getting ready to invest? Then you […]

Adam Mesh – Better Alternatives to Bitcoin

from Financial Survival Network

Adam Mesh is the first to say that he doesn’t understand Bitcoin. Join the club! However, he does understand markets and trading, that’s what he does. While he has no idea whether Bitcoin will go to $1 or to $1 million, he sees many opportunities in trading. And as far as […]

Harlan Ullman – Tax Reform is a Loser

from Financial Survival Network

According to Harlan Ullman, the tax bill pending before congress now is a loser. It won’t accomplish what it’s setting out to do and will not right our listing economy. It will just result in more bonuses and stock buybacks. Rather Harlan believes we need a huge infrastructure bill, by forcing […]

Ty Crandall – Easy Business Credit Building

from Financial Survival Network

Ty Crandall is an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit & financing expert. He is the CEO at Credit Suite where he oversees the biggest business credit coaching operation in the United States. With 16 years of financial experience, Ty is widely recognized as an authority in business credit building, […]

Abby Chao – Making Saving for College Easier

from Financial Survival Network

Abby Chao is an expert in helping you save for your child’s college education…

By creatively using the existing 529 program, her site will also help relatives and friends contribute to the cause. It’s very innovative and easy to do. Definitely worth a look and there’s a special offer for […]