Andrew Zatlin – Beware of the Coming Recessions

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Zatlin of MoneyBall Economics is the mega-number cruncher. He believes there’s trouble in paradise. The unemployment numbers appear to be range bound and this always is a precursor to a recession. Debt is escalating. Auto loans now go for 84 months. Andrew believes that the hedge funds and the smart […]

Andrew Hoffman – Summer Doldrums Manipulation

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What’s Really Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Another “sleepy summer week” manipulation, like July 4th, which led to big PM gains the following week Bitcoin explosion, as the “ultimate monetary death cross” approaches (i.e., crypto usurping fiat) Precious Metals and Bitcoin, the only true “scarcity assets” Best-ever environment for Precious Metal […]

Viral Podcasting – Do Live Interviews to Increase Excitement (#16)

from Viral Podcasting

Doing interviews in a live setting can be a lot of fun or a nightmare. The first time I ever did a live interview was in a grand ballroom with 5000 present. I didn’t have time to prepare interview questions or do proper preparation. I was truly on my own. Somehow the […]

Danielle Park – Time to Start Sharing

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park returns… The sharing economy has not been born solely out of efficiency, it’s also largely a matter of necessity. Declining incomes and profits make it a major money saver for the shrinking middle class. Whether it’s AirBNB for travel, Uber to get where you’re going or Citibikes to use […]

Jeff Ferry – Trade Deficit Continues Upward

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Jeff Ferry is Research Director at the Coalition for a Prosperous America. New trade figures from the Department of Commerce show the U.S. international trade picture continues to deteriorate. The U.S. trade deficit in June hit $43.6 billion, almost the same as the June level last year of $43.8 billion. But […]

Titus Gebel – Free Private Cities For All

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Titus Gebel is an entrepreneur who’s attempting to further the concept of Free Private Cities, an idea who’s time has come. Rather than your rights springing forth from a government edict or constitution, they are derived from a contract with the profit making free private city. Your duties are clearly spelled […]

The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for August 12th, 2017

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for August 12th, 2017…

What’s keeping the Italian Government’s debt from blowing up. Banks have been dumping the debt, nearly 20 percent recently. Who will be the buyer of last resort when the US’s debt starts unraveling. David believes it’s a precursor to what’s actually happening. When […]

John Rubino – Financial Problems Always Lead to Social Unrest

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino joined us today for our usual Monday show. What’s happening in Virginia is related to the underlying financial deterioration of the economy and the middle class. When things are going well, people don’t have time for demonstrations, they’re too busy working and earning income. Events such as this are […]

Garrett Gunderson – Think Like a Rockefeller!

from Financial Survival Network

Garrett Gunderson joined us today for a very enlightening discussion. He’s an entrepreneur, financial advocate and founder of Wealth Factory. Garrett brings energy and excitement to debunking the many widely accepted myths and fabrications that undermine the prosperity and joy of millions of business owners. He is the NY Times best-selling […]

Triple Lutz Report #424 – North Korea Situation Going Nuclear

from Financial Survival Network

The situation with North Korea shows no signs of resolution. But how much control does China have? It would appear they have a lot, but as in all Frankenstein situations, eventually the creator loses control of his creation. And you know what happens then, mayhem and destruction. But there’s a lot […]

Mike Gazzola – Success Comes to a Complete Novice

from Financial Survival Network

Mike Gazzola returns… Imagine a complete Amazon newbie who joins Mike’s group and sells thousands her first day. And she’s not the exception. Many of his students are making Amazon’s Top New Release and rising quickly through the ranks. Once you’re doing $1000 per day, it’s time to release a new […]

Andrew Agemy – Time to Create Your Own Pension Plan

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Agemy is concerned about the retirement crisis. It’s time to create your own pension plan if especially if employer doesn’t offer one. Companies are getting rid of the traditional pension plans and fewer and fewer people are going to have a retirement income besides Social Security. Some will have 401(k) […]

David Scranton – Shock! There’s Gambling Taking Place on Wall Street

from Financial Survival Network

David Scranton believes that there’s one explanation for Wall Street’s constant gains, people love to gamble. It’s always been that way and it always will be. They’re not investing unlike the greats such as Warren Buffett. Breaking this addiction is crucial. It’s the only way you can protect your assets. David […]