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Jason Burack – What’s Going on with Oil and Gold and the Dollar?

from Financial Survival Network

Jason Burack joined us today to discuss the latest oil news, markets and precious metals.

Not much movement in precious metals these days.

Why, we can speculate about all day. Jason review various opportunities.

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Jason Hartman – Business Is Booming

from Financial Survival Network

Jason Hartman returns… Throughout all the turmoil in the various markets, Jason’s business is booming. Stocks will come and go, but there are only so many single family homes and land as well. Foreign money is flowing into the US, seeking a safe haven. In addition, financial repression continues unabated, thereby [...]

Mickey Fulp’s Monthly Major Market Review for September

from Financial Survival Network

Mickey Fulp returns for his monthly markets review…

Stock markets got slammed, especially the Toronto Venture, which is close to all time lows. Precious metals were down, especially platinum-due to the growing VW Scandal. Energy continues to decline back to earlier year lows. What’s an investor to do?

Mickey says buy [...]

Raul Villacis – Success Is No Accident

from Financial Survival Network

Raul Villacis ranks in Top 1% of Hispanic Entrepreneurs and is a mentor and globally known influential speaker and business coach. He says that successful entrepreneurs are sometimes seen as super human. These people often defy all the odds and keep at their goals with relentless tenacity.

In actuality, there is [...]

Lane Mendolsohn – Cashing in on the Globally Interconnected Markets

from Financial Survival Network

Lane Mendelsohn’s father Louis, started trading stocks and commodities in the 1970s and, shortly after personal computers were invented, began developing technical analysis trading software for his own use as a commodities trader. In May 1983 he introduced the concept of strategy back-testing and optimization in trading software for personal computers [...]

Andrew Hoffman – Too Much Stuff… Our Heads Are Ready To Explode

from Financial Survival Network

What Isn’t Imploding Now Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Collapsing commodities, currencies – what else

New low in National Bank of Greece stock, as Greece heads to default

Catalonian elections!

End of quarter – time for miners to start writedowns/bankruptcies?

Record PM demand, collapsing inventories, etc.

Calls this morning – by S&P [...]

Jordan Goodman – What to Do in a Deflationary World

from Financial Survival Network

Jordan Goodman joined us today. As we’ve discussed in the past, markets continue their downward trend and interest rates are staying artificially low, there aren’t a lot of investment alternatives. Jordan still believes that paying down your debt is crucial. In addition, bridge financing is still yielding 6 percent returns, not [...]

Heather Wagenhals – Identity Theft Can and Probably Will Happen to You (Episode #23)

from Identity Theft Warriors

Heather Wagenhals returns… Another day, another data breach. Yet another health insurance company has been breached. Where will your data wind up? But there are ways to prevent or inhibit data thieves and hackers. Always be certain to review all of your statements monthly. You never know when the ID Thieves [...]

Wayne Allyn Root – Never Underestimate the Power of Relentless

from Financial Survival Network

Wayne Allyn Root’s new book The Power Of Relentless has taken the world by storm…

His step by step guide covers everything you need to not just Survive, but Thrive in the New Economy. It’s must reading for anyone looking to get ahead in this difficult economy.

We also discuss John [...]

John Rubino – Week Begins on a Scary Note

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino writes, “The US markets awoke to news of several big, disturbing overseas events:

Glencore implodes. Think of Swiss commodities giant Glencore as a modern version of Enron, in the sense that it owns physical assets like mines and oil wells around the world and runs perhaps the biggest commodities [...]

Buying Deeply Discounted Property at Tax Deed and Foreclosure Sales (Episode #3)

from Mike Gazzola’s Instant Equity: A Proven Real Estate Investment System

Every day thousands of properties are sold at foreclosure sales and tax deed sales across the nation. These sales can be your key to untold profits or they can be a veritable mine field. The key to cashing in is knowledge. Using the power [...]

Keith Neumeyer – First Mining Finance on the Acquisition Trail

from Financial Survival Network

Keith Neumeyer of First Mining Finance joined us…

He’s been extremely busy. As a contrarian Keith is making a big play to scoop up good mining companies with solid projects. Since we last spoke First Mining is completing 3 acquisitions, 2 friendly and 1 hostile. And this is just the beginning. [...]