Triple Lutz Report #412 – Curtains For Comrade deBlasio

from Financial Survival Network

Comrade Wilhelm Bill Nutz de Blasio is getting to the end of the road. He’s facing multiple investigations and his time as mayor of the US’s biggest city is coming to an inglorious end. His crimes are numerous, his intelligence isn’t. Get ready for his indictment and replacement. Check out my […]

The Golden Rule (Podcast #29)

from The Golden Rule with David Fischer

This week with David Fischer…

Update on the markets today and what Americans can expect. A large part of the world will soon be able to invest in gold. Outlook on Gold? What about Silver? Update about Dodd Frank Act, Is it going to be repealed or replaced […]

Andrew Hoffman – Beware of the Ides of March!

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Cartel rapidly losing strength, as too many catalysts (and crashing currencies) are thwarting it; Imminent collapse of the Euro, and European Union; Imminent Yuan devaluation? Historically overvalued stocks and bonds, and historically undervalued PMs; Surging Bitcoin; The dying “Trump-flation” meme, as seen via the 2.5% […]

Become More Relatable – What You Need to Know About Leading with Your Personality

from The Art of Passive Income

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott talk to Leonard Kim from Leonard is managing partner of InfluenceTree, a company that teaches you how to build your brand.

Leonard is recognized by Inc. Magazine as a Top Digital Marketer and Top Youth […]

Danielle Park – Trump Recession?

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park says that Trump’s tax plan is due any minute. It certainly can’t be worse than what we have now. But how much good can it really do? Tax revenues have been falling since 2012. The odds are favoring a recession sooner rather than later. Will this time really be […]

Ned Schmidt – Two Bull Markets

from Financial Survival Network

Ned Schmidt joined us today. Rates are going higher, but so are gold and silver, the metals as well as the stocks. Generally rising rates are bad for stocks, and Ned doesn’t think it will be for them this time. Ned doesn’t see a large amount of overhead supply coming in […]

Chris Martenson – The War on Savers and Responsible People

from Financial Survival Network

Chris Martenson says that the past decade has been a terrible time to be a saver or a responsible person. Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen have all made sure of that. By rewarding the hedge funds with free money and inflating the currency, along with zero percent interest rates, it’s been an […]

Bix Weir – Will the Oroville Dam Survive and What Happens if it Doesn’t?

from Financial Survival Network

Bix Weir talks about the Oroville Dam and why it’s so important to California. It’s a vital part of California’s second largest reservoir and helps store 50 percent of Los Angeles’s water. In addition, it helps irrigate much of the Central Valley’s crops. The loss of this vital piece of the […]

Trevor Loudon – Judge Trump by His Enemies

from Financial Survival Network

Trevor Loudon returns… Now that Trump is president he’s beginning to clean house. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson purged the 7th Floor also known as the Deep State at the State Department. There’s obviously lots more coming. Massive firings at the EPA, Department of Energy and other superfluous departments. Perhaps the […]

John Rubino – Election of LePen Means Near Death Coming to the Euro

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns… Marine LePen is going to be elected to head France, at least that’s my prediction, but I’ve been wrong before. But I’ve also been right, i.e. Trump, Brexit and others. This development according to John could lead to a crisis in Europe and elsewhere. Will chaos result? Or […]

Heather Wagenhals – Independent Professionals Are Being Targeted

from Financial Survival Network

Heather Wagenhals is always on the lookout for scams that can separate you from your hard earned cash. Now they’re coming for the professional services providers are being targeted by scammers. The scammers initiate contact, inquiring about the services that can be provided. They’re often vague and insist upon keeping communication […]

How Likable Are You? Five Important Things Will Make You More Likable

from The Art of Passive Income

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott talk to Arel Moodie from TheArtOfLikability. Arel has started and ran several companies. Inc. Magazine called him a High-energy motivator and he’s on their 30 under 30 list. Essence Magazine said he should be the poster […]