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Howard Comen – Why Bridges Collapse

from Financial Survival Network

President Trump has been promoting a major increase in infrastructure spending. Howard Comen believes that it’s not enough to spend more. Howard has personally investigated a number of failed South Carolina infrastructure projects and explains why these things happen. It’s not a question of how much money gets spent, but rather […]

Frank Vernuccio – Can Trump Beat the Deep State

from Financial Survival Network

Frank Vernuccio says it’s game on between Trump and the Deep State. Every day it becomes move obvious that the Deep State was out to sabotage Trump’s campaign and after his victory they were try to depose him. Fortunately for the country, these plans failed miserably. But the fight isn’t over […]

Heather Wagenhals – Hot Data Breach at Chili’s

from Financial Survival Network

Heather Wagenhals asks, Have you eaten at Chili’s lately? Better check your credit card statement asap. They suffered a massive data breach that led to all credit card numbers and ccv codes being stolen by hackers. The hackers don’t care about what you ate at Chili’s, so your guacamole consumption habits […]

Derrick Michael Reid – California Libertarian for Senate

from Financial Survival Network

Derrick Michael Reid is a long time listener to the show and a libertarian. He’s now the libertarian candidate for California’s US Senate seat. He became motivated to run for public office out of a desire to help rescue the country. He believes that there’s a giant wealth transfer taking place […]

Danielle Park – Pro-Debt or Anti-Debt?

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park returns… The more things change, the more they stay the same. When it comes to debt things never change. Since the beginning of time, man has been writing IOU’s that often became uncollectible. The very act of farming required credit or the borrowing of other people’s surpluses. Credit based […]

Elect Bob Lindsey for LA County Sheriff!

from Financial Survival Network

Los Angeles County is in an extreme crisis. The Sheriff’s Office has become ineffectual due to horrible leadership and management. That’s where Bob Lindsey comes in. With 32 years experience in the upper echelons of the Sheriff’s Office, no wonder 93% of the deputies overwhelmingly support his election efforts. With 1500 […]

John Rubino – WSJ Ripping Off FSN

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is back at it for another week… Mickey Fulp and FSN have been discussing the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) to Brent Crude price ratio for nearly 7 years. During that we haven’t seen any so-called reputable financial publications discuss the relevance or significance of the measure. All of a […]

Jeff Ferry – Time to End Hyper-Globalization

from Financial Survival Network

Jeff Ferry is Research Director at the Coalition for a Prosperous America. He writes “That for decades, economists have taught David Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage as if it is an absolute law. But the tide is turning, as some highly respected economists are now moving away from the doctrinaire position […]

Trace Mayer – Be Skeptical About Cryptos and Prosper

from Financial Survival Network

According to Trace Mayer, one of crypto currencies’ earliest boosters, there’s still a lot of opportunity to be had in the space. People will either figure it out or they’ll be big losers. That’s why you need to do your homework and not expect any governmental babysitter to protect them or […]

Taylor Letterman – Bitcoin Arbitrage Comes of Age

from Financial Survival Network

Taylor Letterman is a relative newby to the Crypto currency space. He’s been developing trading bots to take advantage of price differentials on the various exchanges. He’s extremely bullish on security tokens which have a bright future ahead. There’s obviously regulatory issues that must be dealt with in the mean time. […]

Triple Lutz Report #451 – Q (Anon) is True

from Financial Survival Network

Our last headline on the subject Screw Q (anon) was a little click-baitish. We apologize if you mistook Dr. Jerome Corsi’s opinion for ours. As we’ve said on numerous occasions, we’re not taking anyone’s words as true without a close analysis, especially an anonymous intel insider who may or may not […]

The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for May 18th, 2018

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for May 18th, 2018…

Today’s monetary system is based upon a lie. The lie is that you can get something for nothing, or perhaps more simply stated, wealth can be printed. History has shown throughout 5000 years that whenever a country has tried to maintain this illusion […]

Andrew Zatlin – The Trump Economy

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Zatlin of MoneyBall Economics returns… Against all odds and expectations of the establishment, the Trump Economy is going on all cylinders. Unfortunately, we’re getting to the end of the cycle. Consumers are maxed out on goods and services. Andrew says we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep markets […]