Michael Stumo – US to Withdraw from NAFTA?

from Financial Survival Network

Michael Stumo joined us today to discuss the ongoing NAFTA negotiations with Canada and Mexico.

The US is taking a much harder stance than Michael expected. Trade Representative Lightziger has drawn a line in the sand and Mexico and Canada are up in arms.

How will it end? Let’s see what […]

Webinar: Join Us For a Memorable and Profitable Event!

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Whether you’re investing in Bitcoin or the new commodity super cycle, don’t miss this cutting edge webinar! You’ll get vital information to simplify your research process. Date is Wednesday, November 1st, 9:00 PM EDT.

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Join Greg Mannarino, Kerry Lutz and Rob Henderson, CEO of Amerigo Resources. The […]

Andrew Hoffman – Bitcoin to Infinity?

from Financial Survival Network

Monday Madness with Andrew Hoffman:

Bitcoin $6,000 Why is this happening, and what to expect in 2018 Tomorrow’s Bitcoin Gold fork, and next month’s SegWit 2X Bitcoin “dominance” at a four-month high, relative to other cryptos Bitcoin’s indifference to financial markets Historic dislocation of rigged traditional “markets” from reality Can it […]

Triple Lutz Report #433 – Mainstream Media Continues its Slide

from Financial Survival Network

Nothing is as ever as it seems. All of us regularly experience total information overload. Facts rush at us from every source imaginable, radio, television, social media, the government, zillions of independent sites and of course the established (mainstream) legacy media. Once upon a time in land not so far away, […]

Keys to Effectively Editing Your Podcast (#22)

from Viral Podcasting

Editing is a sticky issue, especially with beginning podcasters, but even more experienced ones are often guilty. The purpose of editing isn’t supposed to make you sound perfect. Over-editing/over-productions makes you sound unnatural and fake. You can edit your way to perfection, but is that really what you want. Don’t be overcritical […]

Ivan Eland – The Real Deal on the Iran Agreement

from Financial Survival Network

Ivan Eland believes that Trump is more playing to his base and cannot withdraw from the agreement. It won’t play well with our allies as well as the Chinese and Russians. He’s probably not going to get anywhere with his threats. Let’s see what happens. Same with North Korea. Probably not […]

Pamela Geller – Freedom For All!

from Financial Survival Network

In her newly announced but already bestselling book, Fatwa: Hunted in America, the woman known as “the Joan of Arc of the counter-Jihad movement,” Pamela Geller, tells the story of how she became one of the world’s foremost activists for freedom of speech and equality of rights for all. Her critics […]

Brien Lundin – Getting Ready for the New Orleans Investment Conference

from Financial Survival Network

Edited by noted investment expert Brien Lundin since 1993, Gold Newsletter continues to provide its readers with timely and profitable analysis of the precious metals and mining share markets and the economic and geopolitical issues that impact them.

Under Mr. Lundin’s leadership, the publication has cemented its reputation as the most […]

Jason Hartman – Global Asset Shortage

from Financial Survival Network

Our good friend Jason Hartman observes that due to the worldwide increase in wealth over the past several decades, there is now a shortage of high quality assets. This was foreseen decades ago by the infamous Michael Milken. Now where is this shortage as pronounced as in US high quality single […]

Wayne Allyn Root – Mitch McConnell on Thin Ice?

from Financial Survival Network

Wayne Allyn Root believes that Senate Leader McConnell is ready for a fall. The sooner the better. The Senate and House have been the enemies of the people for many years and now Trump has totally unmasked them. What really happened in the Las Vegas Massacre? Wayne believes that MGM systematically […]

Rick Rule on Everything! …and Alexandria Minerals’ Eric Owens

from The Ellis Martin Report

The Ellis Martin Report is an online news magazine and terrestrial radio program broadcast during market hours in several key US cities and worldwide on the web via the VoiceAmerica Business Channel featuring potentially undervalued small-cap or microcap companies from a variety of industry sectors trading on a number of […]

Heather Wagenhals – Fun Fraud in Ghana

from Financial Survival Network

Recently Heather Wagenhals was on Facebook, her first mistake and was friended by a young gentleman from New York, or so she thought. Actually, he was from Ghana and he had a deal for Heather. Just send him $6,000 and she could make over $100,000. Of course Heather recognized him for […]

John Rubino – Signs Pointing to Recession?

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino observes that the yield curve is flattening out. In the past this has been a sure sign of impending recession. Is this time different?

Then we move to other ominous signs in Europe. Catalonian secession, a nationalist government elected in Austria and the Kurds march towards their own state.