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Dr. John R. Lott Jr. – Gun Free Zones Are Magnets

from Financial Survival Network

Dr. John R. Lott Jr. joined us again for a look at the Parkland massacre. While it’s nice to believe that with the simple passage of a law, such events will never happen again; the reality is quite different. John first proposed arming school officials back in 1998 and was met […]

John Rubino – We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Circuit Breakers

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is back… Has the tech stock romp turned into a stomp? Tech stocks are sinking. Facebook has been called out by Snowden as a surveillance site masquerading as a social network. It’s good to be like, isn’t it? Heckla mining just made a major acquisition, a bullish trend is […]

Triple Lutz Report #442 – More Trump Tax Cuts Coming

from Financial Survival Network

Another case of life imitating FSN. We predicted round 2 of the Trump tax cuts in December 2017, long before anyone else! And sure enough, Trump has done it, he’s doubling down on success. The legacy media just doesn’t understand how he works. And hopefully they never will. Q anon (the […]

The New Tax Law Changes (Ep. 148)

from Wealth Talks

Congress recently passed the biggest tax changes since 1986! In this episode former IRS auditor Jack Cohen CPA shares what you need to know (for individuals and small business owners) about the new changes starting in 2018.


1. Call Jack’s office at 702-255-2330 for a complimentary tax review. 2. Go to […]

Warren Hogarth – Helping Millennials Manage Their Money

from Financial Survival Network

Having helped grow several billion dollar companies while at Sequoia, Warren Hogarth knows exactly what separates good companies from great ones. Now, as a founder, he’s quite literally putting his skills to the test in building Empower – a personal finance app recognized by Time Magazine as one of the Best […]

Dr. Gerard Lameiro – More Great News for America!

from Financial Survival Network

According to Dr. Gerard Lameiro, it’s an exciting and hope-filled time to be alive. Rather than lamenting dismal times ahead as many pundits do, he argues persuasively that America has entered a new conservative era. He predicts that there will be a rebirth of morality in government; that we will see […]

Al Caicedo – More Good New Ahead

from Financial Survival Network

Al Caicedo believes that there’s probably more good economic news on the way. There’s always variables and unknowns, but with real unemployment at 8.1%, there’s plenty of room for better numbers. Wage growth has been slow, but the workforce participation rate has been ticking up. With a tight job market, wages […]

Spreading the Wealth Trump Style – Get Ready for More Tax Cuts (Part 2)

by Kerry Lutz Financial Survival Network

It’s funny how things work. We published this artice back on December 29, 2017. Speading the wealth Trump Style: Get Ready for more tax cuts. People thought we were crazy. I appeared on many radio shows across the country explaining why this was inevitable. Understand, I’m no proponent of […]

The Weekly Perspective with David Morgan for March 10th, 2018

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for March 10th, 2018…

Today’s monetary system is based upon a lie. The lie is that you can get something for nothing, or perhaps more simply stated, wealth can be printed. History has shown throughout 5000 years that whenever a country has tried to maintain this illusion […]

Jordan Goodman – Trump Trade War Coming Soon?

from Financial Survival Network

Jordan Goodman believes that we’re in the midst of a trade war. Is China in a better position than the US? We will soon see. Mexico and Canada are making noises, but they’re not in a position to win. The US has all the leverage. The tax cuts have had a […]

Noel H. Flasterstein – Gun Control Update

from Financial Survival Network

According to attorney Noel H. Flasterstein, the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., has thrust gun rights into the midterm campaign, scrambling traditions in both parties as the debate shifts toward firearms restrictions. Polls show solid support for stricter laws, especially after mass shootings. But there […]

Danielle Park – Credit Bubble Can Only Have One Result

from Financial Survival Network

Danielle Park returns… The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is warning of an upcoming banking crisis in numerous countries. But we’re all really in it together. Where goes one, goes all. From a risk management perspective it’s a disaster waiting to happen. This time really is different. The longer it goes […]

Martin Armstrong – Dow 50000!

from Financial Survival Network

Martin Armstrong is still bullish on the stock market. Europe is still in trouble. Draghi isn’t abandoning QE so quickly. He’s trapped and so is the Euro. There’s a big bet against the Euro taking place as witnessed by the German Bund spreads. There’s a huge crisis in the offing. And […]