George Matheis, Jr. – Neutered Police Cause of Ferguson Shooting

from Financial Survival Network George Matheis, Jr. has been in law enforcement his entire adult… [more]

George Matheis, Jr. – Neutered Police Cause of Ferguson Shooting George Matheis, Jr. - Neutered Police Cause of Ferguson Shooting

Jason Hartman – Predictions for 2015

from Financial Survival Network Jason Hartman joined us today to talk about the trends he sees… [more]

Jason Hartman – Predictions for 2015 Jason Hartman - Predictions for 2015

Monty Pelerin – New York City: Fantasy Island

from Financial Survival Network Monty Pelerin says that NYC is a fragile ecosystem built upon… [more]

Monty Pelerin – New York City: Fantasy Island Monty Pelerin - New York City: Fantasy Island

Craig Lack – Obamacare… What’s Next?

from Financial Survival Network Craig Lack is one of America's foremost authorities on Obamacare. The… [more]

Craig Lack – Obamacare… What’s Next? Craig Lack - Obamacare... What's Next?

Tara Richter – Write and Publish Your Book In 4 Weeks

from Financial Survival Network Tara Richter is an expert in helping you to get your story on… [more]

Tara Richter – Write and Publish Your Book In 4 Weeks Tara Richter - Write and Publish Your Book In 4 Weeks

John Rubino – Panic Starts Sweeping The World: Is The US Next?

from Financial Survival Network In his most recent piece, writer John Rubino wrote the following... It’s… [more]

John Rubino – Panic Starts Sweeping The World: Is The US Next? John Rubino - Panic Starts Sweeping The World: Is The US Next?

Andrew Hoffman – Swiss Time Bomb Ticking Away

from Financial Survival Network It time for another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. … [more]

Andrew Hoffman – Swiss Time Bomb Ticking Away Andrew Hoffman - Swiss Time Bomb Ticking Away

George Matheis, Jr. – Neutered Police Cause of Ferguson Shooting

from Financial Survival Network

George Matheis, Jr. has been in law enforcement his entire adult life. He’s trained SWAT teams, the military and police departments and has been in similar situations to Darren Wilson. He believes that not enough effort goes into training officers in physical fighting so they have to resort to their weapons as a last resort, as in Ferguson. George also has some common sense advice for avoiding and fleeing violent mobs that you’ll want to hear.

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Jason Hartman – Predictions for 2015

from Financial Survival Network

Jason Hartman joined us today to talk about the trends he sees in place for the coming year. More slow growth, lower home ownership rates and higher renterships to name just a few. That means higher worker mobility, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Lower inflation seems to be in the cards, but that can quickly change too. But don’t worry, we’ll have a new president in just two years and we’ll see how 44 can really mess things up.

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My Thanksgiving: Five Things I Am Thankful For

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

A Thanksgiving offering: five things I’m grateful for.

My wife suggested I write down five things I’m grateful for today, and I offer that as a suggestion to you. There is a power in the written word which is not accessible to the spoken word.

Writing down what we’re sincerely grateful for is an act of truth–and truth may well be the unspoken essential for all gratitude.

It’s always tempting to veer into pontificating when listing one’s gratitudes (“I’m grateful for black holes, corn bread, cordless drills, Les Paul and Bertrand Russell…”). Few would have the sincerity to be honest about the gratitudes we actually experience–for instance, “I’m grateful for the NFL and the memory of watching Dwight Clark make The Catch.”

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Tightening by Superpower Fed Trumps Mini-Stimulus in Europe and Asia

The world is already turning on its axis even before the Fed pulls the trigger, as if the QE era were a memory

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The apparent tsunami of stimulus from central banks in Asia and Europe is a mirage. The world’s monetary authorities are on balance tightening.

There may or may not be good reasons to buy equities at the current giddy heights, but reliance on the totemic powers and friendly intention of central banks should not be one of them.

The US Federal Reserve matters most in a financial world that still moves to the rhythm of the 10-year US Treasury bond, and still runs on a de facto dollar standard. More than 40 currencies have dollar pegs or “dirty floats”, including China, joined to America’s hip whether they like it or not.

Some $11 trillion of cross-border loans and bonds issued outside the US are denominated in dollars. The US capital markets are still a colossal $59 trillion, more than the total for Europe and Japan combined. The Institute of International Finance says the impact of Fed action on capital flows to emerging markets is “twice as large” as moves by the European Central Bank.

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Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Now Thank We All Our God

from Jesse’s Café Américain

“A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves.” — Henry Ward Beecher

The joyfulness of simplicity is a folly to the world, but the charism of a loving God to His people.

Gold and silver were both flat in lackluster trade today, as the US markets were simply going through the motions in holiday trade and ahead of a few real world events.

OPEC will be meeting this weekend to consider the dropping price of oil. It is clear that the Saudis are producing at a higher than usual manner, and as you may recall I have speculated that this is part of a ploy with the US to hamper Russia, but to also send a price gut check to the shale oil producing crowd.

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The Latest Updates from The Daily Reckoning – 2014.11.26

from Daily Reckoning

The Real Black Friday: When Oil Prices Begin to Climb by Byron King

Why You Should Be Prepared for Both Inflation and Deflation by James Rickards

3 Travel Secrets that Will Make Any Trip More Pleasant by Chris Campbell

How Retail Investors Could Double Your Money In 14 Months by Greg Guenthner

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Another Trip Down The Rabbit Hole Of US Lies & Missing Gold

from King World News

Today King World News interviewed a man who has been uncovering critical information for 25 years who spoke about the dramatic and sudden move in France to repatriate their gold, and what is going to cause all hell to break loose and the price of gold to skyrocket. Below Steve Quayle takes KWN readers around the world on another trip down the rabbit hole of Western lies, propaganda, and missing gold.

Eric King: “It’s fascinating what just happened in France with Le Pen demanding that the French repatriate their gold held abroad and put an end to further gold sales. I say ‘fascinating’ because here is what former French leader Charles De Gaulle said in 1965:

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Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare: Over 700 Flights Canceled, Major Storms; Black Friday Ice; Please Drive Safely

by Mike “Mish” Shedlock
MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

If you are traveling tonight or tomorrow, please take extra time.

If you are traveling by plane, please check your flight schedule. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled, thousands of other flights delayed.

Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare

Accuweather reports Snowstorm Creates Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare in East

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Central Bank Credibility, the Equity Markets and Gold

by Michael Pollaro

Central bank credibility is at all-time highs. As a consequence, we suggest, equities are near all-time highs too while gold is scraping multi-year lows. A change though may be in the offing with all three. Not today, nor tomorrow. But perhaps sooner than most think.

Here’s how we see it…

In the context of five plus years of the most unconventional monetary policies the world has ever seen, there is a near universal belief that a group of Keynesian/Monetarist schooled, largely academic economists have got it all figured out; namely, that super-sized, well-orchestrated, easy money policies – zero even negative benchmark interest rates, a smorgasbord of essentially free lending programs and of course mega-size asset purchase programs (QE) – can produce sustainable, economic growth. In other words, central bank credibility and the efficacy of their policies are in the heavens.

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“Now That’s What I Call A Bubble”

from Zero Hedge

“But the truth remains that few ever recognise the early stages of exuberance as attention is typically being diverted the other way.”

Some food for thought from history…

At its peak Japan’s equity market constituted 42 per cent of global market capitalisation and Toyota was making more money from trading derivatives than selling cars.

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Harry Dent’s Simple Strategy for Surviving Withdrawals from ‘Markets on Crack’

by JT Long
The Gold Report

An aging world is a deflationary one, according to “The Demographic Cliff” author Harry Dent. In this interview with The Gold Report, he predicts a major, painful crash in the next two years based on population statistics and historic patterns. He has some positive short-term predictions for gold, and investment suggestions for how to be one of the ones still standing after the dust settles.

The Gold Report: Your book, “The Demographic Cliff: How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation of 2014–2019,” predicted a great deflation based on demographic trends. Were you surprised by the strong stock market over the last year?

Harry Dent: Yes, I was. I’m always surprised. Bubbles go and go until they suck everybody in. It’s been this way all throughout history. This is a bubble. It looks like a bubble, quacks like a bubble and tracks every bubble in history. It’s going to burst, but we continue to have outside influences propping it up. The Federal Reserve announced tapering of quantitative easing, but then the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank stepped up their bond buying, and the markets are eating it up.

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James Turk & Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio – November 26, 2014

by Chris Waltzek
GoldSeek Radio

James Turk, from, co-author of the bestseller, The Money Bubble, outlines how gold is more backward dated than at any time in decades – this occurred in 1999 and 2008 just before explosions in price, indicating tightness in supply, on an epic scale. Given that demand outstrips supply, the source of last resort is central bank vaults, shifting stockpiles from the West to the East, along with economic strength. Ukraine’s gold reserves may have been targeted by the PTB, as a temporary panacea for tight gold market conditions. Nevertheless, backwardation has subsequently returned with a vengeance, suggesting that the ultimate day of reckoning for the bears is nigh. James Turk’s technical work suggests that the bottom is in place and a new bull market is likely, particularly if gold retakes $1,240 next month.

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Happy Thanksgiving In Spite of Government

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

Happy Thanksgiving! While that wish is sincere, it is less likely than in previous years.

There are many things to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day but I doubt anyone is thankful for our government. Perhaps a century ago that might have not been the case. Then the government was seen as a protector of liberty. Today it is a leviathan taking whatever it can, be that liberty or money. To put matters into perspective, read this article by Simon Black which puts matters into perspective. You are considered little more than a food source to be exploited by your rulers.

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Obama And The Media Are Stirring The Pot In Ferguson, But Real Leaders Are Trying To Bring Us Together

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

Barack Obama says that the notion that our laws are not being enforced uniformly is “rooted in reality” and that the rioting in Ferguson will “make for good TV”. Time Magazine says that the Ferguson riots “are part of the American experience” and “are a necessary part of the evolution of society”. Statements such as these stir the pot in Ferguson and provide fuel for the violent protests that have erupted nationwide. And now that protesters are rioting and looting in major cities all over America, all sorts of angry and dissatisfied individuals are coming out of the woodwork. For example, CBS Seattle is reporting that “communists” and “Palestinian groups” have joined the protests in Portland. This kind of civil unrest draws them in like a moth to a flame. But instead of stirring the pot in Ferguson like Obama and the media are doing, real leaders are trying to bring us together. Setting fires and destroying businesses is not going to solve anything. But if we love one another and resolve to work together, anything is possible.

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