John Rubino – 2007: Deja Vu All Over Again

from Financial Survival Network We caught up with John Rubino today. He says that 2014 is beginning… [more]

John Rubino – 2007: Deja Vu All Over Again John Rubino - 2007: Deja Vu All Over Again

Jason Burack – The Market’s Going Much Higher

from Financial Survival Network Jason Burack of Wall Street for Main Street joined us for a discussion… [more]

Jason Burack – The Market’s Going Much Higher Jason Burack - The Market's Going Much Higher

Andrew Hoffman – The New Hail Mary Trade

from Financial Survival Network Another Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman. Listen in as we… [more]

Andrew Hoffman – The New Hail Mary Trade Andrew Hoffman - The New Hail Mary Trade

Nick Santiago – Silver Is The Place To Be

from Financial Survival Network We've been speaking with Nick Santiago of In The Money Stocks for… [more]

Nick Santiago – Silver Is The Place To Be Nick Santiago - Silver Is The Place To Be

Martin Armstrong – Hang In Or Hang Up

from Financial Survival Network We caught up with Martin Armstrong today. We wanted to know if he… [more]

Martin Armstrong – Hang In Or Hang Up Martin Armstrong - Hang In Or Hang Up

Don Watkins – Time To Break The Chains of Social Security

from Financial Survival Network Don Watkins has a new book titled Rooseveltcare, and it is very timely.… [more]

Don Watkins – Time To Break The Chains of Social Security Don Watkins - Time To Break The Chains of Social Security

Ross Kenneth Urken – Five Reasons To Buy A House In The Next Five Months

from Financial Survival Network's Ross Kenneth Urken took time to catch up with us today. He… [more]

Ross Kenneth Urken – Five Reasons To Buy A House In The Next Five Months Ross Kenneth Urken - Five Reasons To Buy A House In The Next Five Months

John Rubino – 2007: Deja Vu All Over Again

from Financial Survival Network

We caught up with John Rubino today. He says that 2014 is beginning to look a lot like 2007:

  • NASDAQ tech stocks are back to 1999 levels
  • The number of IPOs with no earnings back to 1999 levels
  • Junk bond yields are even lower than in 2007
  • Corporate debt rising faster than in 2007
  • Margin debt back to 2007 levels
  • Stock prices higher than 2007

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Jason Burack – The Market’s Going Much Higher

from Financial Survival Network

Jason Burack of Wall Street for Main Street joined us for a discussion of what’s driving Wall Street higher. It’s certainly not economic growth or rational investing. Rather the casino mentality has taken over the herd. Over-leveraging and M&A activity, among other things, is driving stocks ever higher. Flight capital from Europe and Asia is just pouring gasoline on the fire. That’s why a healthy position in precious metals is always a good idea, for one day the madness will stop and that’s all we’ll be left with.

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Andrew Hoffman – The New Hail Mary Trade

from Financial Survival Network

Another Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Options expiration coming 45 minutes;
  • The newest manipulation hail Mary yield rallies;
  • Fed Meeting on Wednesday—Pumping Priming;
  • First GDP Number coming;
  • Flat or 3 percent;
  • Today’s diffusion indices;
  • Housing numbers were awful;
  • Record low Italian and Spanish yields;
  • French employment numbers worst ever;
  • Japan highest CPI in many years;
  • Ukraine heating up—black swans;
  • The new hail Mary and the CME Wash Trade Law Suit.

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Nick Santiago – Silver Is The Place To Be

from Financial Survival Network

We’ve been speaking with Nick Santiago of In The Money Stocks for quite a while now.

He’s been making money in the market with an eye towards exiting to gold and silver when the time was right. Now he believes that the metals are about to see their day in the sun. When last we spoke, he was calling for them to start going and in fact they have.

Now Nick believes the conditions are ripe for large price increases and he’s putting his money where his mouth is, especially silver.

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Wall Street’s Regulators Sell Out on Illegal Wash Sales

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

Wash sales – one of the most virulent forms of stock manipulation that bankrupted banks and corporate conglomerates in the Great Depression and intensified the stock market crash of 1929 to 1932 – has reached scandalous proportions in today’s markets. The response from regulators? Gut the rules that make it a crime.

On March 18 of last year, Bart Chilton, then a Commissioner at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), stunned CNBC viewers with the announcement that wash sales were rampant in the futures markets. Speaking to Squawk Box host, Joe Kernen, Chilton stated:

“Well these wash sales, Joe, people know they’re illegal; they’re not allowed. A wash sale is when somebody trades with themselves. But what we’ve discovered is that they are going on at this large, voluminous level. I mean, to me, a shocking level. And they’re impacting what people see as volume. So this is an area that we’re going to review to ensure that markets are operating efficiently and effectively. Who knows what sort of impact they’re having. And it raises a host of policy questions that we have out there, because this stuff just shouldn’t be allowed.”

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Russia Ordered To Pay $51Bn Over Yukos ‘Destruction’

Ten-year drama ends with a damning verdict on the legal abuses of President Vladimir Putin

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Russia has been ordered to pay $51.5bn to Yukos shareholders by the world’s top commercial court in the biggest such award of all time, ruling that the Kremlin fabricated evidence to destroy the oil company and eliminate its founder, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The judgment marks the culmination of a 10-year drama and amounts to a damning verdict on the legal abuses of President Vladimir Putin. It raises awkward questions about the conduct of BP and other Western companies that bid for Yukos fields or have teamed up with Rosneft and Gazprom, ignoring warnings that they were acquiring “stolen assets” without legal protection.

It also ratchets up the pressure on the Kremlin a day before EU ministers meet to debate sanctions aimed at shutting Russia’s banks out of global finance. “Today is a great day for the rule of law. A superpower has been unanimously held accountable for its violation of international law by an independent tribunal of the highest repute,” said Emmanuel Gaillard, a lawyer for GML, one of the three plaintiffs.

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Is This China’s QE?

from Zero Hedge

Shortly after we exposed the real liquidity crisis facing Chinese banks recently (when no repo occurred and money market rates surged), China (very quietly) announced CNY 1 trillion of ‘Pledged Supplementary Lending’ (PSL) by the PBOC to China Development Bank. This first use of the facility “smacks of quantitative easing” according to StanChart’s Stephen Green, noting it is “deliberate and significant expansion of the PBOC’s balance sheet via creating bank reserves/cash” and likens the exercise to the UK’s Funding For Lending scheme. BofA is less convinced of the PBOC’s quantitative loosening, suggesting it is more like a targeted line of credit (focused on lowering the costs of funding) and arguing with a record “asset” creation by Chinese banks in Q1 does China really need standalone QE?

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Two Things You Need to Know About Violence in Ukraine

from Charlie Mcgrath

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Calling All Munitions and Fighter Plane Experts: Is German Pilot Claim “Air-to-Air Attack” Brought Down MH17 Credible?

by Mike “Mish” Shedlock
MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

Peter Haisenko, a German aviation expert made a claim yesterday that air-to-air fire brought down MH17.

The above link is to a translated page.

As a lay person, it’s easy to be persuaded by such arguments. Moreover, even if Haisenko is an aviation expert, one has to wonder about his munitions expertise.

I have some questions later, but first let’s take a look at some images and a translation of Haisenko’s thesis.

Haisenko provides this High-Res Image of MH17 Cockpit.

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War Is Coming

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The extraordinary propaganda being conducted against Russia by the US and UK governments and Ministries of Propaganda, a.k.a., the “Western media,” have the purpose of driving the world to war that no one can win. European governments need to rouse themselves from insouciance, because Europe will be the first to be vaporized due to the US missile bases that Europe hosts to guarantee its “security.”

As reported by Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge, the Russian response to the extra-legal ruling of a corrupt court in the Netherlands, which had no jurisdiction over the case on which it ruled, awarding $50 billion dollars from the Russian government to shareholders of Yukos, a corrupt entity that was looting Russia and evading taxes, is telling. Asked what Russia would do about the ruling, an advisor to President Putin replied, “There is a war coming in Europe.” Do you really think this ruling matters?”

The West has ganged up on Russia, because the West is totally corrupt.

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Unintended Consequences with Jim Willie

from perpetualassets

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Our Totalitarian Future – Part One

by James Quinn
The Burning Platform

“On the first Christmas Day the population of our planet was about two hundred and fifty millions — less than half the population of modern China. Sixteen cen­turies later, when the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plym­outh Rock, human numbers had climbed to a little more than five hundred millions. By the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, world pop­ulation had passed the seven hundred million mark. In 1931, when I was writing Brave New World, it stood at just under two billions. Today, only twenty-seven years later, there are two billion eight hundred million of us. And tomorrow — what?” – Aldous Huxley – Brave New World Revisited – 1958

As the world explodes in violence, war, riots, and uprisings, it is challenging to step back and examine the bigger picture. With airliners being shot down over the Ukraine, missiles flying between Israel and Gaza, ongoing civil war in Syria, Iraq falling apart as ISIS gains ground, dictatorship crackdown in Egypt, Turkey on the verge of revolution, Iran gaining control of Iraq, Saudi Arabia fomenting violence, Africa dissolving into chaos, South America imploding and sending their children across our purposely porous southern border, Mexico under the control of drug lords, China experiencing a slow motion real estate collapse, Japan experiencing their third decade of Keynesian failure, facing a demographic nightmare scenario while being slowly poisoned by radiation, and Chinese-Japanese relations moving towards World War II levels, it is easy to get lost in the day to day minutia of history in the making.

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Richard Russell – I’m Afraid We Will See Blood In The Streets

from King World News

At 90 years old and still going strong, the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, warned that he’s afraid will see blood in the streets of the United States. The 60-year market veteran also discussed black swans, war, global markets, inflation, and included some fascinating charts.

Russell: “This is not the same market that we dealt with a year ago. That was a market that lived on buys and sells of the public. Today’s market is run by the hedge funds. This morning my old broker from E.F. Hutton came over to talk to me. He told me that the quickest way to lose a customer is to keep them out of a rising market. The public will stomach a loss, but will not forgive you if you keep them out of an advancing market.

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Technical Analysis Of Markets Begins To Suspect Its Obsolescence

by Chris Powell

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Acknowledging that the usefulness of technical analysis is increasingly doubted as market manipulation intensifies, newsletter writer and technical analyst Tim W. Wood notes today that manipulation is as old as markets themselves and quotes various authorities to the effect that manipulation cannot long defeat any market’s “primary trend.”

But Wood’s authorities all precede the seizure of absolute economic power by the U.S. government, implemented by the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department and Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund — the power to create infinite amounts of money and to trade secretly in any market, power that even former central bankers now acknowledge as “financial repression.”

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Silver – The Element of Change

from Silver Institute

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Obama Adviser Appears to Blame Gaddafi for Mayhem in Libya

by Susan Jones
CNS News

( – The U.S. evacuated its embassy in Tripoli, Libya on Saturday — removing even the Marines who were guarding it — because of “violence and instability in the area,” Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley on Sunday.

How can that be viewed as anything other than a foreign policy failure, Crowley asked, especially when President Obama helped topple former Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi — then left the Libyan people to fend for themselves.

“Well, what Gaddafi left was an empty shell of a government,” Rhodes said. “He never really built a state and the institutions of a state. So, you have these militias in place.”

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Embry: The Shocking Reason Why Gold May Quickly Hit $2000

from Merit Gold

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Hotel California: L.A. Officials To Send Homeless To Internment Camps: Will Be Implanted With RFID Chips

by Mac Slavo

An anonymous source claiming to work inside of the Los Angeles Department of Health Services recently dropped a bombshell that could set a dangerous new precedent in how the government deals with those they find to be a burden or threat to a stable society.

In a report penned by Paul Joseph Watson, the whistleblower says that Los Angeles County is preparing to round up and forcibly house homeless citizens in detention facilities referred to internally by department employees as “FEMA Camps,” though the source says that they have been instructed to refer to the detention areas as “low cost housing” facilities.

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A New Peaceful, Tranquil Mogambo?

by Richard Daughty
The Mogambo Guru Blog

I now belatedly realize, with crystal clarity, that being an “inert carbon blob” is a reachable goal for me. Thus, ‘tis my new plan for my remaining retirement years, since it has no age restrictions, takes no effort, and has zero cost, but, happily, does involve a lot of TV and tasty snacks.

I am re-evaluating such things now, now that my wonderful plans to be a rich champion golfer/ rich movie star/ rich love god/ rich living legend/ rich international playboy are all in utter ruins, thanks to a profound lack of any discernable talent, looks, intelligence, money or actual effort on my part.

Now that I am starting to accept my fate, I am much more serenely Buddha-like, and less concerned that the Federal Reserve and the federal government have been proven to be corrupt, treacherous liars colluding to continually deficit-spend a trillion dollars per year, using nefarious, slimy and heretofore illegal secret tactics made legal under a cancerous expansion of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, in order to desperately prevent any losses (“deflation”) in debt instruments, equity shares or housing prices, because that is where everybody’s money is.

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Here’s How Obama Can Halt “Tax Inversions” Without Congress (& Why It Doesn’t Matter)

from Zero Hedge

As the topic of “unpatriotic” ‘tax inversions’ becomes a political issue, we thought it interesting to examine how big an economic issue it really is. How much income tax do U.S. companies actually pay every year to the Federal government? As ConvergEx’s Nick Colas notes, the simple answer is “Not much”, at least as compared to any other major source of revenue. In Fiscal 2013, Colas adds, the total was $274 billion, or just 9.9% of all tax and withholding receipts. Your political leanings will inform your opinion about whether that number is too high or too low, of course; but we point out that, as Reuters reports, a former international tax counsel at Treasury explains Obama could “slam dunk” dictate an end to ‘tax inversions’ without Congressional approval (by invoking a little known 1969 tax law).

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Harvey Organ’s Daily Gold & Silver Report – Monday, July 28, 2014

no change in gold inventory at the GLD/no change in silver inventory at SLV/ gold and silver hold despite options expiry

by Harvey Organ
Harvey Organ’s Daily Gold & Silver Report

Gold closed up $.20 at $1303.30 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was down 7 cents at $20.52

In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm
gold: $1305.00
silver: $20.59

Today, I was out of the loop for most of the day due to the passing of my father in law. As you can imagine it was hectic and I did not fully get to all of the important news events.

However in a short period of time, I was able to get the following for you:

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David Beckworth On QE Effects & Yanis Varoufakis Talks The Future Of Greece

from Boom Bust

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No Consent Required

by Joel Bowman
Dollar Vigilante

“Libertarianism: The radical notion that other people are not your property.”

We don’t know who first said those words. But we recently came across this quote on a social media site. Could people finally be catching on? Probably only the “radicals”…

But it sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? A kind of “do unto others… but not without their permission.”

Of course, there are other ways to express this basic idea: live and let live… to each his own and his own to each… and our personal favorite, mind your own [insert expletive of choice here] business…

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Why America is Becoming a Renter Nation

from FTMDaily

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Turk – Expect A Wild Trading Week In The Gold & Silver Markets

from King World News

With continued uncertainty in major markets, today James Turk warned King World News that we should expect a wild week in the gold and silver markets. Turk also discussed what the implications of a coming inflationary storm and the Fed’s dangerously bloated balance sheet hitting record levels.

Turk: “Let’s start with the good news, Eric. We’ve now had two weeks in a row when gold briefly dipped below $1,300 and then quickly rebounded….

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The Origins of World War I: A Centenary Retrospective

from TomWoodsTV

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Silver back to $50?

by Dave in Denver
Silver Bear Café

With Wall Street and institutional investors continuing to place some big bets on precious metals, there are growing calls from some analysts that silver is significantly undervalued and is worth $50 an ounce. This may sound ludicrous to some investors – the metal is now trading at U.S. $21 an ounce – but there is a rationale behind the argument.

There is a strong correlation between gold and silver prices and while gold has rallied strongly this year after seeing its price collapse after the Fed started unwinding quantitative easing at the end of 2012, the price of silver hasn’t kept up. The key driver of this emerging view among analysts is the gold-to-silver ratio, which measures how many ounces of silver are required to purchase an ounce of gold.

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Corn And Bean Ratings See Slight Decline

by Dan Norcini
Trader Dan Norcini

This afternoon’s USDA Crop ratings showed a slight bit of deterioration in the crops this week. Coming from the incredible conditions that they have held for much of this growing season, it is not unexpected to see some slight degrading of the crop at this point. None of it is serious however.

Corn rated in the Good/Excellent category fell 1% to 75% from last week’s 76% – hardly a devastating decline. The rating decline came not from the Excellent category which remains the same as the previous week at 22% but from the Good category which gave up 1% falling to 53% from last week’s 54%. The Fair category remained the same at 19% while the Poor category rose that same 1% to 5% from 4% the previous week.

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Jim Grant: Fed Has Little Self-Awareness

from CNBC

Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, says the Fed has imposed and manipulated us into a period of eerie stability in measured volatility. Grant also shares an investment strategy for gold.

Marc Faber Responds To CNBC Mockery, Asks “How Has CNBC’s Portfolio Done Since 1999?”

from Zero Hedge

Having provided his clarifying perspective on why the markets are extremely fragile and due for a 20-30% correction, Marc Faber was assaulted by CNBC’s Scott Wapner reading off a litany of recent calls that have not worked out as planned. His response was notable: “I started to work in 1970, and over that career, somehow, somewhere, I must have made some right calls; otherwise I wouldn’t be in business.” What CNBC then edited out of the transcript was Faber pointing out his 22% annualized return in his publicly-viewable funds since then and asking – sounding somewhat frustrated at the anchor’s mockery (and background snickers) – “I wonder what the CNBC portfolio would look like since 1999?” The response: silence.

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