Gold Rally Not Over, Price Going Straight to $1900 | Jim Willie

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#JimWillie says #gold is headed straight for $1900/oz. We aren’t going to top out here at $1500 and pull-back in price for another year. What is causing the fast rise in the US dollar gold price? In part the junk bonds disguised as US Treasuries, and in part global #Dedollarization are factors behind the move into gold. What else is causing investors to seek-out the yellow metal? Tune-in to find out the answer to that and a whole lot more.

This is one hard-hitting interview you won’t want to miss!

Topics covered in today’s interview include:

– The situation in and the geo-politics between China and the US.

-The De ath_ of _th *at- ev*il–is_lan..d3r, President Trump, and the Deep State.

– An update on Jim’s 14 ongoing predictions.

– What kind of financial mess has Jim gotten himself into?

– The United States is turning into the 3rd world.

– Failed US government bond auctions, inflation, gold & silver.

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