Epstein Sex Web Exposed, Trump Social Media Summit, Inflation Coming

Greg Hunter’s Weekly News Wrap-Up for July 12th, 2019

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Billionaire money manager Jeffery Epstein has been arrested for sex trafficking and other charges in New York this week. He reportedly catered to top world leaders, politicians and business executives on his private island, reportedly called “Orgy Island.” The case is way more than one billionaire’s lust for underage girls. It could deliver a significant blow to the global elite of a magnitude that has never happened before in history.

President Trump held a “Social Media Summit” at the White House. In reality, it was a meeting of victims of big tech censorship, such as conservatives and pro-life groups that big tech routinely blocks, shadow-bans or outright de-platforms because it does not like their views. Trump is getting ready to level the social media playing field well ahead of the 2020 Presidential election. Big tech executives will meet in the White House in a few weeks with the President.

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