The Trump Administration Should Stand for Cancer Patients’ Freedom to Choose

Restricting a cancer treatment to only hospitals will harm patients.

by Ron Paul

On May 17, the federal government may decide that it can dictate to cancer patients where they are allowed to receive life-saving treatment, and where they are not. That type of control is seriously dangerous; restricting access to treatmentin this manner gives the government far too much sway over people’s lives for no clear benefit.

On February 15 the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a good proposal intended to help victims suffering from certain types of cancer, specifically those relating to the blood, like leukemia, by expanding access to CAR-T cell therapy. CAR-T is widely considered to be a medical breakthrough; the treatment is at least partially—if not wholly—successful in 80 percent of cases. But despite the treatment’s fabulous success rate, some cancer sufferers may be unable to take advantage of it due to one restrictive mandate within its National Coverage Determination (NCD).

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