Banning Mohammed’s Koran Was Not the End of Book Burning by Amazon

by Brian of London
TR News

The following is written by Peter McLoughlin, co-author with Tommy Robinson of Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam. Despite this book being banned and deleted by Amazon, it remains on sale world wide. You can pick up a copy from Peter’s website here.

The following will appear as Appendix 4 in the third edition of Mohammed’s Koran.

Amazon’s actions in banning Mohammed’s Koran have corroborated the argument made in the book: the elite do not want the public to understand that the Koran commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims; nor that it has been accepted by Islamic scholars for over 1000 years that these commands to kill us cancel out (abrogate) any instructions in the Koran which appear to guide Muslims towards peace or tolerance.

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