$TSLAQ Asks People to Donate $2,500

by Karl Denninger

I’ve seen lots of scams in my years.

Last night’s was the most-brazen I’ve seen yet among those are, at least formally, likely legal.

Musk “revealed” the “Model Y” which appears to be little more than a Model 3 with a mild lift kit and a bit of body styling. Branded as a “new compact SUV” it’s one of the biggest yawners I’ve seen in a long time.

The shocker wasn’t the car — it was the business model reveal.

In short, unless I grossly misunderstood the “reveal”, TeSCAMla is now asking for $2,500 to get a place in line to buy a vehicle that won’t be produced for nearly 18 months to start, and unlike the Models S and 3 it’s not a deposit; that is, it does not go toward the price of the car.

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