If Not Men, Then What?

by Aaron Clarey
Captain Capitalism

What I love about feminism is its contradictory nature. On one hand it claims to help women, but on the other hand what it advocates for women makes their lives horrifically worse, if not outright wastes of lives.

Education, for example, sucks. Yes, it may lead to higher incomes. Yes, it might make you “educated.” But it still takes inordinate amounts of time and money to attain. It is not the panacea solution to all of life’s problems, and more often than not leads to financial ruination, especially in the case of women since they tend to major in worthless subjects. So, yes, women may all get college degrees, but usually they’re just wasting their youth, time, and money, while also going into life-impairing debt to do so.

Career is another example. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the biggest con in human history was convincing women that working, commuting, and paying taxes was fun. And not only fun, but the most important thing in life that gave you value.

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