How Kathleen Kennedy and Politics Cost Disney $3.7 Billion

by Aaron Clarey
Captain Capitalism

There’s a problem when it comes to measuring the box office success (or failure) of movies in America. There is no standard measuring stick. The best pundits, editors, and the media have come up with is inflation adjusted numbers, but this doesn’t account for the fact the economy and number of people have grown. For example Star Wars Episode IV “only” brought in $786 million in 1977, but the total GDP was only $2 trillion back then (compared to $20 trillion now) and there were only 220 million Americans, a full 100 million less than today. So I tapped into my SAEG and came up with a new measure that I think beats all the other conventional measures being used – Box Office Sales as a Percent of GDP. This accounts for inflation. It accounts for economic growth. It accounts for population growth. And I think it should be used hence forth anytime people are interested in comparing box office numbers, especially when the movies are decades apart.

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