Why I Will No Longer Recognize the Week

by Aaron Clarey
Captain Capitalism

One of the main problems with life is that to merely survive takes all (and more) of your youth. That to just get by you need to work two jobs, double time it to earn yourself a degree, double time it again to pay off the associated debts, and then still double time it a third time to establish yourself in a career. If you do it right and are frugal along the way, you inevitably “win” where you have the American dream, no debts, and an adequate retirement account. You are free to live your life and you’re lucky if this happens before 40. If you’re not frugal, succumbing to the marketing industry’s propaganda to buy expensive cars and houses through debt, you merely damn the remainder of your life to double timing it forever, dying penniless, or perhaps like most boomers – in debt. Thankfully, the majority of my readers are in the previous group where we are either already there, or well on our way, ensuring we do not waste our lives.

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