What on Earth Was That Selloff About?

by Rick Ackerman

We’ll treat Santa rallies with caution, if not to say skepticism, as a result of Tuesday’s take-no-prisoners onslaught. Mainly, it’ll be a matter of keeping the word “DISTRIBUTION!!!” in mind whenever bulls seem emboldened. That goes for AAPL as well, my one-size-fits-all bellwether. The stock had switched on the charm Monday, all but shouting “Buy me!” from the rooftop as the session ended. This was before AAPL tripped an outright ‘mechanical’ buy signal midway into Tuesday’s session — one that met our criteria for jumping on that type of trade. Lo, the stock thwacked our bid, then continued relentlessly lower for the remainder of the day. This eventually stopped out the trade, but the thing to notice was that AAPL barely bounced after the last bull had been cast off. It does not bode well for the short-term.

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