There Are Only NPC Women to Date

by Aaron Clarey
Captain Capitalism

Where Have All the Good Men Gone? Well…Right Here, Madame.

The first client was a high-end programmer who was bringing in a handsome salary in Austria. He was 33, no debt, had his own place, and was in decent enough shape to turn ahead or two. He spent his time traveling, enjoying life, sampling various cuisines in Europe, but he also enjoyed sampling something else – Austrian women.

Not that he was dating them. They were prostitutes. Prostitution is surprisingly legal in an otherwise stuffy country like Austria. And he would have one or two prostitutes a month, allowing him to satisfy his sexual urges, as well as getting a variety of women which is at the core of all male genetic programming. He could have gotten a girl through “traditional methods,” but didn’t want to waste the time because it was just easier, cheaper, and higher quality, to pay $150 Euro for a tight, in shape, 20 something to show up in a cute lingerie outfit, have sex with him,…and inevitably leave without drama or antics at the end.

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