Kenneth Ameduri – Bitcoin’s Return and Catching Cannabis Stocks

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Kenneth Ameduri of believes that Bitcoin will make its widely anticipated return and again throw off impressive returns. Prices are getting close to a bottom and will reverse course starting a new bull market. Cannabis stocks got slammed a couple of weeks ago, but they’re still a major growth market and you should be ready for the next advance. It’s expanding all over the country and the world. Michigan just approved recreational Cannabis and there’s over a dozen countries looking to do the same. It could be the next great investment wave. But be ready for increased market volatility, it’s probably here to stay.

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2 comments to Kenneth Ameduri – Bitcoin’s Return and Catching Cannabis Stocks

  • Dave

    On Daryl Schoon’s latest interview with Kerry, Kerry mentioned in December 2017 that he had forecast its crash and had set a target of $3880. Well, it’s already exceeded that to the downside a little. Now he said he thinks it will cease to exist.
    I think on a log chart a target of $1400-2000 is looking likely in my humble opinion but that might be intermediate.
    Anyway, I can’t really see how BTC is likely to have a smaller pullback than the 80% one that hit it form $1000 to $200 a few years ago. Now we have actually exceeded that by $19000 to $3500. That’s probably why Bitcoin gets very little time in this interview with Kenneth.

  • Fraser

    Since the introduction of a futures market in BTC, the price is now whatever the CME Group (read banksters) want it to be. With effect that (just like in the PM markets), the price will be run up and down to maximize profits of the banksters. In other words, it is now a totally rigged market and unless you are an insider, you haven;t got a chance.

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