Remy: I Love L.A. (Parody)

from ReasonTV

Remy updates the iconic Randy Newman anthem for 2018.

Parody written and performed by Remy
Camera and editing by Austin Bragg
Music tracks, background vocals, and mastering by Ben Karlstrom

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Nice fall day
In L?.?A?.? County
Sitting watching all the leaves change
Temperature dipping into the low 70’s
I dress accordingly

Roll down the window
Put down the top
You know what
Maybe roll it up on second thought
That guy was higher
Than the pension of a state employee

Can’t use straws here
No fois gras here
You can’t park here
Lots of laws here

Every toilet
Barely flushing
But the sun is shining all the time
Looks like another bill to pay

I love L?.?A?.?
We Love it

“Definitely recommend this crystal here.
Oh and this one is our number one seller.”
“What’s that for? Anxiety?”
“No. Typhus.”

Public school graduates
Can barely read
And when they try to park
Well this is what they see

Sweet regulations
Ain’t nothing like em nowhere

We love it

We love it


Fixed streets
We love em
We love L?.?A?.?

“Unfortunately I’ll have to fail your restaurant.
I found a rat in the kitchen.”
“That wasn’t a rat that was my, uh,
emotional support rodent.”
“Well why didn’t you say so!”

“?And this right here is a great hemorrhoidal crystal.
Uranus is in retrograde?.”

I love L?.?A?.?
?We love it

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