The Fun Has Just Begun

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

While the democrats lie bleeding, beaten up, exhausted and spent, President Trump is energetic, beaming and on an emotional high. The Kavanaugh confirmation is what winning is all about. While republicans of yesteryear would take this as a good time to rest upon their laurels, not so Donald Trump. Remember he’s the workaholic n’chief and he’s on the offensive, bigly. There’s blood in the water and now would be a great time to inflict near fatal damage upon his sworn enemies. Trump is the master of Churchill’s total war concept. When he rode down the escalator that fateful day in June 2015, he alone knew that it was a fight to the death.

Kavanaugh is in, but that’s only the beginning. Sun Tzu, unlike Civil War General George McClellan, would not let his enemies retreat only to fight another day. No, he and Donald Trump would recognize that the timing is right for inflicting mortal defeat upon them.

From the beginning of Trump’s meteoric rise to power, I stated that it’s always a bad idea to be betting against him. He’s won time and time again, with no let up in sight. If the democrats had been a real party and not a gaggle of miscreants, they would have recognized that a Trumpian Tide would life all boats and just go along for the ride. They could have sat back for 8 years, wisely chosen their battles and watched their public approval numbers go up. Instead, they suffer from a massive case of oppositional defiant disorder. If Trump were to rescue a littler of puppies from a kill shelter and bring them to the Whitehouse, they’d accuse him of animal cruelty.

It doesn’t matter what the issue, Trump will be completely opposed. Sun Tzu was big on picking the time and place of battle. This lesson has gone over and above the limited intellectual capacity of the modern Democrat Party. They are too busy defending the Alamo of their failed beliefs and policies to notice that they’re out of powder and ammo. The slaughter is upon them. How much longer can they continue on before they realize the futility of their cause? No answer necessary that’s a rhetorical question. It’s obvious that they believe they must kill their party to save it. And they’re getting their wish.

Before World War II, it is said that General George Patton, being the visionary he was, believed that another Great War with Germany was inevitable. He spent much time traveling Europe, exploring future potential battlefields and devising strategies to defeat the future enemy. So too with President Donald Trump. Before lowering himself into the gladiator pit of modern American politics, he visited with potential friends and enemies alike. He studied them for their strengths and weaknesses knowing that one day he would be poised to slay the deep state dragon. Those who could be made allies such as Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham would be converted and sent out to do battle on his behalf. Those who couldn’t or wouldn’t see the wisdom of Trump’s ways would be undermined and eventually destroyed.

Now the battle is on and the scenarios that Trump spent years preparing for have become a reality. There’s no stopping him and there’s no stopping the Democrat Party hell-bent rush to self-immolate . While they’re sighing a note of exhausted relief after the Kavanaugh defeat, President Trump is prepping for the final battle. The democrats are reminiscent of a cornered platoon in Vietnam. Knowing that they’re surrounded by the Vietcong, facing certain defeat, they call in the artillery and bomb their own position, hoping that they can take out more of the enemy than themselves. It didn’t work in ‘Nam and it won’t work here against a superior adversary who is already lying in wait. In this era asymmetric political warfare, Ho Chi Minh like Donald Trump has seen to it that their paths of retreat have been cut off, the napalm is primed and their days are numbered.


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