Kanye’s Defection a Major Coup for Trump

by Rick Ackerman

Trump’s wholehearted embrace of rapper Kanye West is one of the smartest political moves he has ever made. West is a hugely important defector from the leftist stronghold of showbiz. CNN, CNBC et al. are dissing him with all of the nastiness they can summon, but only because they know how much influence he wields over tens of millions of Americans. Kanye has always been a maverick and seems truly not to care what others think of him. Sitting with Trump in the White House has guaranteed him ostracism from the World of Cool, and that is why breaking ranks so sharply with his radicalized cohort took courage and conviction. But Kanye himself is capable of single-handedly re-defining cool and of bending it in new directions, even those as seemingly outrageous as flirting with GOP politicians. Anyone who would bet against this hasn’t followed the remarkable trajectory of Kanye’s career.

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