Where Are the Felony Fraud Prosecutions?

by Karl Denninger

This is pretty-simple stuff folks.

Bharadwaj said she wired Tesla about $60,000 early Aug. 22 to pay for a Model 3. She was told the car was ready for pickup that day; a few hours later, though, she was told her car wasn’t ready after all but would be delivered Sept. 9. That delivery was canceled as well.

“It was extremely difficult to get hold of anyone, and even when I did, I never got the same story,” Bharadwaj said.

If you’re told something is available “cash on delivery” now, and you wire the money the ******n car better be there and in deliverable form.

You have a contract. If it was never in deliverable form at the time you were told it was, and you wired the cash, that certainly appears to be fraud. As in go to prison right now fraud.

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