Gold-Stock Forced Capitulation

by Adam Hamilton
Zeal LLC

The gold miners’ stocks suffered a rare capitulation selloff over the past month or so. Selling cascaded to extremes as stop losses were sequentially triggered, battering this contrarian sector to exceedingly-low levels. While very challenging psychologically, capitulations are super-bullish. They rapidly exhaust all near-term selling potential, leaving gold stocks wildly oversold and undervalued which births major new uplegs.

Capitulations are quite rare which makes them inherently unpredictable. The vast majority of selloffs end normally well before they snowball into capitulation-grade plummets. But very seldomly heavy selling just continues to intensify rather than abate like usual. The word capitulation means “the act of surrendering or giving up”. That’s exactly what happens in these extraordinary selling events, traders stampede for the exits.

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