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Man Breaks Legs After Scaling Border Wall

Footage shows man drop from 30-foot height in California

[Ed. Note: Make the wall 20 feet taller and you’ll save a lot of money on medical expenses. Simple economics, really. Make Guatemala and Nicaragua pay for it.]

by Adan Salazar
Info Wars

A man who illegally crossed into the US from Mexico broke both legs after scaling the border wall in California.

Border Patrol surveillance footage from August 5 shows the man drop from a 30-foot height after crossing over into Calexico, the site where President Trump’s highly touted border wall is being constructed.

[…] “Paramedics determined that the man broke his legs and may have injured his back,” reported the Associated Press. “He was taken to a hospital in Palm Springs.”

AP notes the man, who was not identified, will likely have his medical expenses paid for by the US government, after which he will most likely face deportation.

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