Tom Meredith – No Use for Bitcoin and Neither Should You

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Tom Meredith is the Co-Founder & CEO of BitMinutes and is an Expert on Bitcoin and says: “In short, the problem with Bitcoin is that it is not tied to an asset and there is no practical use for it”. Tom is a serial entrepreneur who has been crafting solutions in online security, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and other ventures for over a decade. He founded P2P Cash in the mid-2010s to focus on the fintech space, which led to the creation of Smart Token Chain, a breakthrough combination of block chain advances, cryptocurrency innovation and cyber security mandates. He founded BitMinutes to apply these new tools to the social mission of profitably removing the structural constraints on the expansion of financial service delivery globally. About BitMinute: BitMinute is a cryptocurrency tied to a real-world asset called a prepaid airtime minute. On the surface, the prepaid minute is just prepaid airtime on a mobile phone. However, it is fast becoming an informal currency in thousands of less developed communities where formal banking services are scarce. This opens up an enticing opportunity to apply fintech advances to build a new financial services delivery system.

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1 comment to Tom Meredith – No Use for Bitcoin and Neither Should You

  • Simon

    On the contrary, the fact that Bitcoin only exists on the Bitcoin blockchain and is not physical, is its power. Suppose you invent a crypto-token blockchain for tokenising a bunch of real diamonds held in storage, you still have to rely on a trusted third-party to validate the physical existence and security of those diamonds. Just because data about those diamonds exists on a blockchain (an inefficient database for this use case), doesn’t mean they haven’t been stolen or flushed down the toilet. With Bitcoin, the owner of the private key can validate the existance of their Bitcoin on the blockchain using their Bitcoin wallet or an online Bitcoin explorer site to check the contents of their Bitcoin addresses, so doesn’t need a trusted third-party to validate their ownership of them.
    Watch this video by Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin Q&A: “Blockchain, not Bitcoin”

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