So What About Kavanaugh?

by Karl Denninger

Can you stop the caterwauling already?

Look folks, just cut the crap. Seriously. There’s nothing legitimate about SCOTUS at the present time. Nothing.

And no, neither left or right did that to the SCOTUS — not Bush, not Obama, not Clinton and certainly not Trump. The SCOTUS did that to itself, and we the people then ratified it — and it happened a long time ago.

To make the example and underline the point I shall go back to the root of the problem we have today with the Judiciary, with the SCOTUS and with the Federal Government generally: The 17th Amendment, proposed on 5/12/1912 and ratified less than a year later on 4/8/1913.

Following that came Wickard .v. Filburn, 317 US 111, decided in 1942. That decision was unanimous.

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