Sean Worthington – Inventor of the Perfect Money

from Financial Survival Network

Sean Worthington has a PHD in computer science and has been working on crypto currencies before almost anyone. He believes that CloudCoin solves all the problems of Bitcoin, and has none of the limitations others suffer from. Sean says it can’t be hacked or stolen and used. And it can replace everything that’s out there now. Sound too good to be true? Listen and decide.

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2 comments to Sean Worthington – Inventor of the Perfect Money

  • Simon

    Has Sean Worthington never heared of the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA)? Either he is just disingenouously ignoring it to criticise Bitcoin and promote his own coin, or he’s not as knowledgable about Bitcoin as he claims.

    Allow me to explain:-

    With Bitcoin (BTC), if miners find it’s getting uneconomical to mine, some of the miners might stop mining it (or move to mining a more profitable coin) and the net hashrate of BTC falls. This would cause the average block time for BTC, which is targetted by the code at 10 minutes, to rise above 10 minutes. This is where the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm in the code kicks in, which serves to automatically reduces the mining difficulty and bring the average block time back down to 10 mins. Similarly, should more mining power come in and the net hashrate rises, the average time per block might start to fall below 10 minutes, so the DAA kicks in to increase the mining difficulty and bring it back up to 10 mins. So, Bitcoin chugs along quite happily whatever the net hashrate (within reason), although it is true to say that the higher the hashrate and the more decentralised the mining power, the more secure it is.

  • Michael Gottlieb

    Kerry, you are doing a disservice to your readers by highlighting what is just another altcoin. Bitcoin is unique in the crypto space and you should be steering your readers to focus on that, not some trendy bitcoin-wanna-be altcoin.

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