Never Give Up!

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

These days, in those rare moments when I find myself feeling down, I go to YouTube and watch the election night coverage of Trump’s shocking surprise victory. To me there’s nothing more uplifting than watching the mainstream media completely blow it and then go into a pronounced sense of morning, uncontrollable rage and total meltdown. Seeing the likes of pseudo-intellectual whining talking head Rachel Maddow on the brink of tears and a psychotic breakdown is good as nectar from the gods. It’s not that I’m a raving Trump fan (I’m not) or the fact that I called Trump the likely winner in July 2015 (I did) that brings such joy to my heart, but rather that Trump epitomizes the ability of the human spirit to prevail over all obstacles and to achieve to what the naysayers is an impossible victory. It’s kind of like being in on an inside joke that none of your friends or relatives get.

It matters not whether we believe in Trump and his policies or if we love or despise the man. Many so-called political experts and elites claimed that Trump could never become president. Obama ridiculed him, Pelosi laughed at him, swarms of celebrities sneered at him and all manner of talk show hosts refused to take him seriously or to even acknowledge that he could win. His 16 fellow republican opponents believed he was a passing fad that the public would quickly tire of his antics. Hillary barely campaigned against him believing that the prize was already hers.

Did we ever hear Trump bemoan the difficulty of his quest? Not once. While he complained about the constant stream of unfair media coverage and the non-stop assault upon everything he stood for, he never whined about the challenge he had thrown himself into. He kept his eye upon the target and never gave up, even at the darkest moments. Throughout constant threats of violence, rightful and wrongful attempts to besmirch his character and his accomplishments, he kept on fighting. Some thought his attacks and tactics were over the top, but so what? So was his dream, and yet on November 8, 2016 he won! And that turned out to be just the beginning of his fight.

The ability to prevail against all adversity, at great personal cost, to achieve a worthy goal is by no means unique to Trump. It’s as American as apple pie and as human as man’s search for meaning. Trump has sacrificed so much to become president. (A greatly reduced net worth, complete trashing of his character, abuse of his wife and family and personal attacks that know no limits or decency) This teaches us that there’s no limit to a man’s potential or what he may accomplish.

It may not be possible to ride a bicycle to mars, but it is certainly possible to accomplish greatness in our own lives and those of our families. What President Trump teaches us is that we must never take no for an answer or to allow our own self-limiting beliefs and thoughts to keep us from achieving our rightful destinies. If we fail to do so, we have only ourselves to blame.


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