Ned Schmidt – Two Manias and a Side of Silver

from Financial Survival Network

According to Ned Schmidt gold will stay dormant, but the one to watch is silver. It’s been holding very steady for quite some time, just getting ready to pop. Ned is also extremely bullish on the Ag commodities. China is switching to ethanol blended gasoline to help with its air quality disaster. That means corn has nowhere to go but up. The other Ags are soaring as well. Ned believes the rumors of a China-US trade war are greatly exaggerated.

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1 comment to Ned Schmidt – Two Manias and a Side of Silver

  • Michael Bacchiocchi

    Ned may know some things about commodities, and he clearly reads up on current issues which are driving those markets. But he’s clearly misguided about Amazon and the valuations given by their cloud technology. It’s almost comical listening him call it a big file drawer. Not sure if you agree with that assessment Kerry, but as an IT solutions architect with over 20 yrs experience maybe you’ll believe me when I tell you cloud technology is more complex than Ned can certainly wrap his simple mind around. And it’s not just the technology but the business challenges they solve – specifically the high costs of managing infrastructure lifecycle.

    The easiest way I can explain cloud is this: take all of the latest and greatest virtualization features available in compute, storage, network, and other infrastructure and application services, adding ridiculous amounts of automation and orchestration for easily offering and managing them all, and make it all self-service through an easy to use web interface with an integrated development environment at your fingertips.

    Just a word of advice – Having people like Ned or anyone comment on areas they clearly know nothing about reflects poorly on your credibility. Keep up the good work! I love your show.

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