Are You Tired of Winning Yet?

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

Just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore winning, history is made. The US and North Korea signed a major agreement to denuclearize and to head on to the goal of normalizing relations. It’s quite obvious to most observers, or it should be by now, that this deal was already cut well in advance of the actual meeting. That’s the way countries roll. It should also be obvious, even to the most deranged of Trump haters, that this historic meeting and agreement could never have happened without the tireless efforts of the President and his advisors, not to mention China’s President xi as well.

For over 60 years. we’ve been in a technical state of war with North Korea . Every president since Nixon has been at a loss for a cohesive plan to deal with the Hermit Kingdom. We saw the USS Pueblo seized, North Korean abductions of innocent civilians, regular artillery barrages across the DMZ and many more provocative acts, which tested American resolve and found it wanting. We saw efforts by Clinton to bribe the North Koreans into submission and not surprisingly they wound up having the opposite effect.

Why was this situation allowed to fester and metastasize into the threat of nuclear war in the making? Surely steps could have been taken to diffuse tensions much earlier. Is it possible that this situation fed into the Deep State’s ambitions, strategy and goals? Was it their intention all along to drive the world into a nuclear conflagration? Who benefitted from the status quo? Someone must have.

We’ll probably never know what their ultimate plan was for North Korea and the world, and perhaps that’s for the better. What we now know is that President Trump has achieved the near impossible. Watching the two leaders sit down and shoot the breeze reminded me of Nixon’s trip to China. Except that when Nixon went to Beijing, the stakes were never so high. We weren’t on the brink of a global nuclear war. Rather, it just seemed like good policy to have relations with the world’s most populous country that was a potential source of extremely cheap labor to feed the globalists’ ambitions. While momentous in its own right, Nixon’s trip to China didn’t appear as significant and world changing as the Singapore Summit.

To understand what comes next, we must never forget that Trump is the ultimate showman. They’re already working on the release of Acts 2,3 and 4 etc. They promise to be even more major and significant than this week’s face to face. And there are lessons in it for both friends and foes of the United States. That should be apparent. So sit back, buckle your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.


5 comments to Are You Tired of Winning Yet?

  • Craig

    What makes you think anything has changed?

    More likely the US has just been hoodwinked by North Korea again.

  • Paul Takes

    So why would lefties like you Gerry be here at all listening to the show? Go back to California where you belong comrade.

  • jack

    Look maybe it all falls apart. Maybe North Korea dicks around for a few years, says it’s going to get rid of it’s nukes, hides some, and then denies it while it extracts some investment out of the rest of the world.

    Maybe it plays this game for five years or so and then hardens up and says screw you we were only playing.

    We still bought five years with no hostilities and no active nuke development program. We still bought five years for the world to begin to work its way into NK. We still bought five years for SK and NK to start talking with each other, like they are now.

    Plus, we bought something in very short supply here in the US these days in foreign policy.

    Moral Authority.

    Nobody can say that the US didn’t try to solve the problem peacefully. If it becomes necessary to pull together another coalition of the willing to deal with NK, other nations will be more likely to get on board.

    Because although leftists are so consumed with hate for Trump that they want this to fail – even if it means war – the rest of the world sees this in starker, clearer terms. They see it as gesture to try to find a peace.

    So they’ll back us. We may have to incinerate Kim ultimately, but at least Trump is trying to avoid that.

    In the fullness of time we’ll find out whether he succeeded or not.

  • jack

    Trump is so far above politicians like Barack Obama that he’s in a different class altogether.

    And it’s all because he’s got the courage to think for himself. Every other politician in high office follows the instructions of others.

    It’s what they’ve done all their lives and they have neither the insight, courage, or understanding to do otherwise.

    Trump comes from a different world. He’s been living by his wits and paying the price when he’s wrong for decades. He’s learned lessons that these politicians don’t even know there’s a school for – the college of hard knocks.

    The political class is all indoctrinated with the big government/expert model of world governance. It’s why the deep state is so effective at maintaining control. Nobody has the balls or the arrogance to follow their own ideas. They always kowtow to the experts.

    But Trump doesn’t need experts. He’s been doing deals on his own all his life. He used the experts, but in the end it was his money and his fortune at risk, so he relied on his own judgement.

    That’s something no high level politician ever does. Usually when the screw up they just deny it and the state picks up the cost. When they can’t find a way to weasel their way out of some fiasco they say “I take responsibility,” which means exactly nothing, since they suffer no consequences.

    So they never learn how to really assume responsibility.

    Trump knows to listen to the experts, and then make a decision on his own. Or, more accurately, create a decision on his own.

    That’s the kind of thing you only learn from years of of experience assuming real responsibility.

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