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Ned Schmidt – Sell Apple, Buy Oil… and Gold and Silver Too!

from Financial Survival Network

Ned Schmidt is getting more and more bullish on precious metals and commodities. While the PM sector has been in holding pattern for several years, agricultural commodities have been on a tear. Corn, soy beans and sorghum have been way up. And this is in spite of China’s threatened tariffs on US ag exports. Prices have actually gone up since the threat was made. On the other hand, stocks hit their peak several months ago and show no signs of making new highs. Is the market trying to tell us something?

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1 comment to Ned Schmidt – Sell Apple, Buy Oil… and Gold and Silver Too!

  • Gordon Hammerud

    Kerry, Would it be possible to put the length of your interviews somewhere up front, maybe at the end of the description of the interview? Not a big deal, but I listen while I exercise on my elliptical. It takes me 35 minutes and I like to know how much of that time is covered by what I select to listen to so that, if necessary, I can set up another interview on my iPhone or computer to cover the 35 minutes. Takes my mind off the pain.

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