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It’s for the Children

by Karl Denninger

We must arm them with AK-47s and teach them how to use a suicide vest.….

In 2015, investigators documented $14 million in carry on cash. By 2016, it had mushroomed to $84 million. Then last year, $100 million.

$100 million last year alone through one airport (Minneapolis) headed outbound in carry-on baggage to turd-world muzzie nations, all stolen from the taxpayers through fraudulent “day care” schemes.

Your government at work. Several years of this crap going on, sequentially, and you can bet it’s not all local to Minnesota either. It appears to be linked to all the “compassionate” Somali “rapefugees” we let into the country and have not expelled, claims of “MAGA” aside. This is Obama’s legacy of “compassion” and both Trump and Congress have done nothing about it.

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