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Chris Duane – Changing the World One Coin at a Time

from Financial Survival Network

We hadn’t talked with Chris Duane in quite a while…

He’s been busier than ever creating new silver coins. He’s done over 150 so far and is averaging 4 per week now. They all carry a message, that the debt/death paradigm is coming to its natural conclusion. It’s just a matter of time. And time is running short.

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1 comment to Chris Duane – Changing the World One Coin at a Time

  • Mots

    Chris makes a good, important point that is never discussed by others: unlike previous economic collapses, after the next collapse, MOST people have no value to the next economy because of robotization of wealth production. I would like to see him develop this idea, for example, what advice do you have for young people to have a role in the future economy. Might there be a bifurcation of people who are rationale minded and can work with computers vs irrational sheeple who follow emotions and are easily led, for example……………………..

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