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Technology continues to accelerate change in all segments of society. There is now great hope for the treatment of many medical ailments that once were untreatable. One prime example is the promise of Stem Cell Therapy. I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to our new Stem Cell Solutions show. I’m very honored and privileged to be working with Dr. Sharon McQuillan, one of the pioneers in the emerging field of regenerative medicine. Dr. McQuillan holds a number of related patents and has trained over 1000 doctors in the intricacies of stem cell therapy.

Stem cells have a number of potential therapeutic applications, but are currently showing the most promise in treating orthopedic conditions, dealing with arthritis,  joint problems and chronic back, neck, knee, hip, wrist and shoulder pain.

The stem cells used in treatment come from your very own body. That means there’s no possibility of rejection and potential complications are greatly reduced. And there’s no moral issues. The cells are applied to the affected area using a number of innovative techniques. It’s a quick out-patient procedure, virtually painless and takes just a few hours. The results often happen very quickly, sometimes in just a few days.

While research is still being done into the effectiveness of these therapies, however, I have spoken at length to a number of people who have experienced almost miraculous results from this treatment. None of the people you will hear on this show have been paid or received any consideration for their testimonials. They have been given freely, motivated by a desire to help educate others to the likely benefits of stem cell therapy.

The people you will hear from often avoided surgery and have literally gotten their lives back. The stories are extremely powerful, emotional and most importantly real. I myself have made the decision to undergo stem cell therapy to help repair a neck injury that from a ski accident many years ago. I have been suffering from pain for nearly 2 decades. I will fully brief you on the results.

If you think that you or someone you know might benefit from regenerative medicine, check the links below.

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Below are the five episodes we’ve done to date.

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#4 Stem Cells Give A Doctor Her Life Back!

#5 Danielle Gets Rescued From Her Wheel Chair

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2 comments to Stem Cell Solutions is Here

  • John Miller

    Hi Kerry, after Monica died, the Malaysia Hospital brought over 1 billion stem cells. About 100 times normal. The doc said you paid $40,000 for them, why not inject them into yourself. I did and not much happened for about 3 months, then I noticed myself getting younger, really. It’s been 2 years and I still look 30 years younger than 2 years ago. I applaud you for recommending them. They work, and are cheaper now.

    I live in Vietnam now with a beautiful lady, and still writing books, latest about blockchain. Stay well and I do listen to your show over here, John

    John & Monica Miller,

  • John so great to hear from you. Glad you’re happy. Unfortunately that type of stem cell therapy is currently illegal in the US of A. You’re only allowed to use your own cells.

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