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John Rubino – Who’s Afraid of a Little Trade War?

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino says that the trade wars are coming to Walmart near you, or are they? Another example of the Art of the Deal. There will never be a trade war. This is just pure posturing. So be merry and buy some electronics, everything will be fine. Remember the cycles create the news, not the opposite. When in doubt, count your Bitcoin, or what’s left of it anyway. The only thing to fear is bankruptcy, and even that isn’t so terrible.

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3 comments to John Rubino – Who’s Afraid of a Little Trade War?

  • Nigel

    Hi Kerry, I normally agree with you but to say the US subsidises the whole world seems a bit over the top. In what way does the US subsidise the rest of the world? As far as I can see, the US imports real goods and gives fiat money in return, I’m not sure how that is subsidising, anyway, that’s my thought, kind regards, Nigel

  • Edward

    Sure would have been nice to have heard from John Rubino. Kerry you talk too much,

  • mary

    IP is a fraud. Ideas are not scarce and can’t be owned. Nigel is correct, wealth flows from the periphery to the center of the empire to be squandered by the “elite.”

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