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Joel Salomon – The Money Shrink

from Financial Survival Network

Author and reformed hedge fund manager Joel Salomon joined us today. He’s a prosperity coach and calls himself the Money Shrink. Investing is about having the right attitude and mindset. It’s not easy to avoid the investment mine fields but Joel helps his clients do it. It’s all about confidence. But how do you know if your self-confidence is misplaced and that comes down to belief levels.

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1 comment to Joel Salomon – The Money Shrink

  • john greer

    So Joel Salomon said that gold prices peak during the last 3 months of the year. That’s funny because my best trade over the past 4 years was going long GG in Dec because the price of gold was so low. I waited till March or so and dumped it for 30 – 40% gains in a short time. This year I nailed it 3 times. Look at the trend on a chart. Been a very reliable trade. I wish Joel had said that earlier in the interview, because it took that long before I realized I was wasting my time listening to him. But in general hearing Kerry is usually a good time investment.

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