What Gen Z Can Learn from the Millennials

by Aaron Clarey
Captain Capitalism Blog

A disproportionate percentage of my success did not come from working hard, working smart, or anything unto myself. It simply came from watching my elders make mistakes and learning from them. I titled this “Monkey See, Monkey Don’t Do” and it included things like not getting divorced, not having kids I couldn’t afford, staying away from crime, avoiding drugs, etc. It may not have led me to make billions, but it did keep me out of jail, keep me out of bankruptcy, taught me frugality, and is largely why I’m retired today.

A similar, though MUCH greater opportunity exists for members of Generation Z. On the precipice of entering adulthood, college, and the working world, this generation has such a learning opportunity to make their lives immeasurably better that I cannot even begin to explain the potential benefits of practicing “Monkey See, Monkey Don’t Do.” And the reason there is such a great opportunity to improve their lives over previous generations is because of the spectacular, unlimited, and incomprehensibly stupid mistakes the generation before them made – The Millennials.

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