U.S. Dollar Set to Face More Pain in 2018, So Here’s How to Prepare, Says Wells Fargo

Buy international stocks to hedge against the dollar downturn, the bank’s strategist recommends

by Anneken Tappe
Market Watch

After a protracted period of weakness, should those investors maintaining a bullish outlook on the U.S. dollar throw in the towel? A Wells Fargo strategist in a Tuesday research note makes the case that it may be time to give up the ghost, with more pain for dollar bulls in the offing, even if the bank doesn’t think that the buck will lose its global-currency status.

“The U.S. dollar is the most widely used and most easily obtained currency in the world,” wrote Austin Pickle, investment strategy analyst at the bank. “It is not in imminent danger of losing that status. Yet the dollar’s importance does not equate to strength.”

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