Schumer/Pelosi: The Bitter Ugly Faces of Defeat – Democrats Secret Plan to Take Back Control

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

Watching the [Deep] State of the Union Address, one could not help but be shocked at the petulant vituperative Democrat Congressional delegation’s demeanor. The angry scowls, the refusal to respect, to applaud or stand up for the improving employment picture–both minority and female, economic expansion and the hope for a better tomorrow. These positive uplifting themes were met with icy silence and a refusal to acknowledge. That is with the exception of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who looked like a puppy unsure of which master to follow.

One must ask, why the negative display? Don’t they want what’s best for America? The alarming answer is quite simple. They have been permanently defeated. They looked like the losing Super Bowl team that just fought it out with Tom Brady and the Patriots. They’ve been banished to the locker room and are attempting to cope with an unacceptable reality.

With the complete support of the deep state, they really believed that they could easily defeat Donald Trump. First in the election, and then in the attempted silent coup thereafter. Their naivete was reminiscent of a cocky adolescent taking on an international grandmaster chess player. After an aggressive opening gambit, the teen believes that he’s got the master on the run. However, he can’t comprehend that the game was lost before he moved the first pawn. Great strategists win before a shot is fired or they take the field. The deep state was beaten before Trump went down the escalator. Unfortunately no one informed the blackhats.

However, the Democrats have a secret plan to take power back. It’s called the Schwarzenegger Option. Sensing complete defeat at the hands of Master Trump, Skynet/Democrats know their only chance is to retroactively terminate him. With the help of a few die-hard deep state blackhats, Pelosi/Schumer are planning to use the Area 51 Time Portal to transport them back to 1930. They will intercept Trump’s Dreamer Mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, while she’s attempting to immigrate to the United States. The plan is to do a Sarah Connor and terminate her with extreme prejudice. Thus President Trump will have never been born and Hillary Clinton will rightfully ascend to the presidency. Keep your eyes open for a time paradox, one second Trump is president and then the next it’s Hillary. You can’t make this stuff up!

Barring President Trump’s excision from history, the Democratic Party as we know it is finished. It’s morally and financially bankrupt. It stands for absolutely nothing. February 1, 2018 will go down in history as the Democratic Party’s Waterloo. They’ll never bounce back from this overwhelming humiliation; the best that they can hope for is that a new party will emerge from their smoldering ashes.


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