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Jeff Berwick – Anarchist from South of the Border

from Financial Survival Network

Jeff Berwick has been a friend of the show almost from its beginning. He’s had a number of impressive calls recently. He was urging readers of Dollar Vigilante to take some crypto-profits months ago, as were we. The Bitcoin crash, much like its rise, has been orchestrated. Jeff believes that all crashes are deliberately planned and executed. Which is why we need to defeat the central banks. At the present time crypto currencies are our best hope. But be prepared! It’s a war. And join Jeff’s Anarchapulco conference via livestream.

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1 comment to Jeff Berwick – Anarchist from South of the Border

  • The Canuck

    Remember Christine Lagarde’s speech in regards to numerology and the magic number seven. She described condensing numbers by continuing to add them together to arrive at a single digit. How about a financial reset in 2023.
    Armstrong’s ECM bottoms in 2020 so a crash from now to 2020, a couple years of real pain for people who then want govt to do something and presto, ….. a reset to a digital currency, …. no more cash. And then a big push for the chip in your right hand. Mark of the beast. You can see it all shaping up. I will be the resistance, I’ll fight them tooth and nail !!

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