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The Workaholic ‘n Chief Wins – The Trump Bullet Train Has Left the Station

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

Washington, D.C. is changing before our very eyes; things are getting done. Swamps are notoriously difficult to navigate. The airboat was created to help with this task. After a rocky start, President Trump hasn’t drained the swamp so much as he’s dredged it, making it easy for supertankers to traverse it. He’s gotten more judges through in his first year than any president on record. Depending upon whom you ask, he’s repealed anywhere from 16 to 22 regulations for everyone passed, far exceeding his promise of a 2 to 1 repeal rate.

We’ve seen a constant stream of aides head for the exits, including Steve Bannon, Reince Preibus and the Mooch. There’s been a major federal assault upon Illegal Immigrant criminal gangs such as MS-13. We’ve seen GDP growth accelerate to nearly 4 percent per annum after 10 years of sub 2 percent growth. The stock market is booming, up over 20 percent the past year alone. And now, 2017’s crowning accomplishment, a tax bill that while not perfect is overall a major plus for the economy, the country and the people. They’re still marveling over how it happened. Trump treated the Congress as if it were a sub-contractor working on one of his buildings that was behind schedule and over budget. Unacceptable acts in Trump’s world.

He’s also upended the media world. Not sleeping definitely has its advantages. A well-placed covfefe at 5 in the morning can send the msm caterwauling for weeks. The media is unwittingly carrying out the Trump Agenda, proving once and for all that they are mere hacks and dupes. They go to sleep at night thinking about Trump and all the things they can do stop him and they wake up every morning thinking about Trump and all the things they can do to stop him. But he’s eating their lunches as witnessed by the NFL protest debacle.

So much has happened in the foreign arena as well, confrontation with North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. Rapprochement with China and Russia. Renegotiation of NAFTA with Mexico and Canada. Chastising and cutting the United Nations’ budget are just a few examples.

We could go on for pages discussing the first year achievements. Of course the party of NO, the Democrats don’t think much happened. But they’re still in denial that he’s president and all they have on their minds is Russia, Russia, Russia. They’ve missed a golden opportunity to work with the president and burnish their own records. But when you work 4 hours per day, and your goal is to globalize and destroy the country, it’s easy to miss out.

Back in January my article “Trump the Workaholic ‘n Chief explained how this was all going to work out. While both parties in Congress did their best to obstruct Trump’s cabinet picks and derail his agenda, they were largely unsuccessful. The reason is that they completely failed to understand the value of his workaholism and work ethic. And he managed to get all this accomplished while playing even more golf than Obama. Unlike his predecessor, who would do anything possible to avoid the dreadful Oval Office and putting in a full day’s work, Trump actually uses the golf course as an extension of the workplace. Key lawmakers and those important to getting things done are kept virtual captive for 3-4 hours. During that time they are subjected to a non-stop charm offensive that helps Trump get his way.

And Trump’s appointees probably have as little use for sleep as does he. It’s rumored that he needs just 4-5 hours of shuteye per night. But whereas his predecessor would often be found consuming ESPN’s endless agenda oriented sports programming, our workaholic and chief has better things to do. There are regulations to be cut, deals to be made and taxes to be reduced. He’s the ever ready bunny of politics.

Of course there have been a number of growing pains during the shakedown cruise. Bad appointees, holdovers from prior admins out to do mayhem, mis-steps and mis-tweets that miss the mark. The attempted repeal of Obamacare was an exercise in traitorous, backstabbing politics at its worst. But lessons have been learned, notes have been made and names have been taken, so many of these unforced errors will not happen again. And in large measure we can be grateful that a logistical genius, General John Kelly, is now in charge of moving the chess pieces.

Workaholism does have its price. Employee churn is high, as some just can’t keep us with the pace. Mistakes get made because people are generally less productive at midnight than at noon. But the die has been cast, the Trump Bullet Train has left the station and virtually no one can catch it. Of course there’s many things that can go wrong, stock markets can crash, wars can happen at a moment’s notice and who knows, Inspector Robert “Clouseau” Mueller may yet get his man. But for the time being, it’s full speed ahead and get ready for 7 more years.


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