Mainstream Media Implosion (Part 2)

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

Much to everyone’s surprise (except the author’s – of course) the NFL’s ratings continue to implode. This is bad news for Trump’s sworn enemy the MSM. Recent CBS’s earnings estimates were cut, due in large part to the NFL’s ratings slump. ESPN is laying off 150 employees. The three Thanksgiving Day games, among the most popular, were down an admitted 19 percent, but the real story is that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better (if ever). And the media and the NFL owners and brass can’t figure out why. Could it be the concussion scandal? More and varied programming choices, or perhaps the best explanation, a sudden spontaneous desire by Joe Sixpack to spend more time with the family.

Wise generals know that to succeed in war, always carefully choose your battles and your battlefield. Trump’s enemies have yet to comprehend this powerful piece of military wisdom. They fall into every trap he artfully baits for them. How can such well-educated, intelligent people be so blinded by their rage and disgust for our commander and chief that they that keep on getting skunked? Trump’s battlefield is Twitter and Facebook. He is the Ulysses S. Grant of social media scorched earth politics.

The networks presently pay the NFL nearly $5 billion per year for the right to broadcast football games. This is based upon their ability to make huge profits selling game ads. Assume their collective annual NFL profits are $5 billion. A 20 percent decline in viewership will translate into an $1 billion decline in ad revenues; their collective losses to date are staggering. And there’s every reason to believe that this is just the beginning. A recently leaked NFL study revealed that should the National Anthem protests continue, the damage to the League’s prestige and its MSM partner’s profits would reach a point of no return.

Never underestimate Trump’s Twitter use to defeat an adversary. It’s all very deliberate and extremely effective. Whether he’s taking on GOPe senators Corker or Flake, the NFL, North Korea, or any one else, these battles are carefully choreographed and brilliantly executed. Twitter is currently the most effective venue in a multi-front war that is taking place on many battlefields. Trump has gotten into his adversaries’ decision loop and they’re buckling under the pressure. His ability to marginalize and ridicule his enemies through social media got him into the White House and it will eventually enable him to get a large part of his agenda passed. Witness tax cuts.

Commentators on all sides of the political spectrum believe that Trump’s Twitter rants get him into trouble and damage the president’s standing. This is completely backwards. Yes, on occasion Trump will jump the shark, but over the long haul, he’s winning the war and will soundly defeat his enemies and anyone else standing in his path to total and complete victory.


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