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HIVE Blockchain Technologies and Its First Mover Advantage with Harry Pokrandt

from Crush TheStreet

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Harry Pokrandt, CEO of HIVE Blockchain Technologies is our very special guest today, we discuss the achievements of HIVE and the ambitious roadmap of the company for 2018.
We look at the potential of Blockchain technology in the long term and the developing relationship with Governments.

02:05 Cryptocurrencies shocking the world
03:50 HIVE Blockchain Technologies and its accomplishments
07:50 What is the business model of HIVE and its competitive advantages?
10:50 The partnership with Genesis Mining
14:00 Roadmap for HIVE in 2018
19:00 What will Blockchain technology bring in the long term?
25:20 Where to find out more about HIVE Blockchain Technologies

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