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Stephen Coonts – Was the Election Stolen?

from Financial Survival Network

Best-selling author Stephen Coonts joins FSN again to discuss his latest thriller. In an art imitates life novel, Stephen examines what would happen if a foreign power did in fact interfere in a US election. What would the intelligence services do? What would the people do? Is it even possible? As Stephen said, election fraud has been with us since the beginning. What if a foreign actor took it to the next level?

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1 comment to Stephen Coonts – Was the Election Stolen?

  • LouisM

    This is ridiculous. Do people have no commonsense or knowledge of the world. The Carter Center has been monitoring elections since the 1970s and so has the UN. Would this be necessary if elections weren’t tampered? In the last administration Obama admitted to monitoring Merkels phone calls. Israel has been caught monitorin US white house phone calls. The list is endless of nations monitoring, spying and interfering in every conceivable way from elections to economics to culture to drug use. Spare me the self righteous indignation, particularly of the democrats who had more democratic voters in Detroit than the population of Detroit not to mention the saying that dead people don’t vote democrat. You will never rid political elections of dirty pool, scandals weeks before an election and any trick or corruption to win an election which they think they can get away with. The best that can be hoped is registration, Voter picture ID and proof of citizenship, as well as cross checking all voter registration with death certificates.

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