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John Rubino – Beware of Flattening Yield Curves

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns… Short term rates are starting to rise, but long term rates are not. What does that mean to the economy? Under normal circumstances that would mean a recession is on the way. We’re also seeing further deterioration of state finances and junk bonds have been getting hammered. Perhaps, we’ve really been living in the best of all possible worlds and now the merry-go-round is going to stop, quickly and hard!

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1 comment to John Rubino – Beware of Flattening Yield Curves

  • Matt

    Great commentary, John! Yes the yield curve and junk bonds are warning us of an impending crisis. Will this trigger the mother of all crises or will it be a lead up to it is anyone’s guess but it doesn’t look good out there.

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