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Doug Casey – Future of Western Civilization is Bleak

from Financial Survival Network

Doug Casey joined us for a follow-up to his speech at the New Orleans Investment Conference. Doug expressed his reservations about the survival of Western Civilization. Between the dumbing down of the population, unrestrained migration and a generally coarsening of discourse, the individual’s sovereignty is under attack. It’s faced other challenges in the past, but perhaps this time is different. We had better wake up quickly. He also discusses his latest book, Speculator.

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3 comments to Doug Casey – Future of Western Civilization is Bleak

  • Benjamin Freedman

    Doug Casey says that if you scratch the surface of a Moslem you will find someone who believes the Koran is the word of god, and if you deny it you will get your head cut off.

    Noahide laws have already been passed by Congress in 1991 in a sneaky move reminiscent of the creation of the Fed.

    These laws have the same effect as the Koran, except they ONLY apply to gentiles. The penalties are similar too, like beheading. They are about recognizing “gods chosen people” as being superior. Just as in the Koran.

    We also should not fail to mention the new cult of the Holocaust, where every city in the western world has been forced to construct at least one major museum to the Holocaust, irregardless of whether that country had anything to do with this greatest event in the history of mankind, including the resurrection. We know this is so because governments across the entire west have also been forced to implement draconian holocaust denial laws that has lead to the imprisonment of numerous “deniers”, like 84 year old Ursula Haverbeck, at this very moment. Not to be forgotten are all the repressive “hate” laws against “anti-semites”, which has lead to a purge of numerous provocative web sites and blogs from the internet.

    Sure, the Koran represents a major threat to gentiles around the planet. But the Talmud has already had them enslaved for generations. Doubt that? then why aren’t we allowed to know the truth and talk about about Balfour, King David Hotel, the Liberty, the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, Syria, how Russia got the A bomb, and much, much more that I am not allowed to mention or I could be imprisoned for violating those Noahide laws.

  • What about disirregardlessly? Like disirregardlessly what you said, the holocaust really happened and was an important event!

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