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David Bossie Blasts Brennan’s Trump Attack

from The Still Report

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: David Bossie Blasts Brennan’s Trump Attack, 1887
Synopsis: John Brennan, former Director the CIA who, while serving as CIA station chief in a certain wealthy nation, converted to a certain group whom I cannot name on this channel lest I face the possibility of a variety of anti-free-speech sanctions, went on CNN and criticized President Trump’s comments about Russian President Putin while meeting with foreign leaders overseas.
First of all, had private citizen Donald Trump criticized something President Obama said about his talks with a foreign leader while traveling overseas, of course, Brennan would be the first to jump onto the airwaves and talk about the long-standing tradition of not openly criticizing an American president while he was traveling abroad. But, of course, when a non-deep-state president travels, all normal rules of civility are ignored.
David Bossie, former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager, blistered little Mr. Brennan’s bottom.
I don’t know the exact entity for whom Brennan works today, but one thing is for sure, he and his funders are not working to make America great again.
I’m still reporting from the one-time free speech capitol of the world. Good day.

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...Published: November 14th, 2017 |

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