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Andrew Hoffman – Bitcoin at Record Highs Yet Again!

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Really Happening Wednesday with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Bitcoin hits new all-time high
  • SegWit 2x hard fork losing support, just one week from occurring
  • Bitcoin dominance exploding
  • CME Futures contract launches next week – ETFs to follow
  • Buy Bitcoin searches on Google surged past buy gold
  • Bitcoin/gold “flippening” inevitable
  • Global debt exploding, led by the U.S., with no end in sight
  • Etc.

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11 comments to Andrew Hoffman – Bitcoin at Record Highs Yet Again!

  • Michael Kohlhaas

    Fuck you, Andy Hoffman!!!

  • Food Line Riot AKA Datz mine sucka

    Hey Kohlhaas, very constructive, get a life you pathetic troll. What, did your mother and father instill that pleasant disposition? If so tell them to get a life as well.

  • Matt

    I’ve got a data ledger unit that I would like to sell you for $7,000 per unit. Oh and by the way, it’s much better than gold because you don’t have to hold it in your hand and touch it. It exists in the matrix and can never be tampered with by anyone, unless of course, there isn’t any power and then you’re completely fucked, but other than that, it’s really really cool. Governments will never ever try to control it. Hackers will never attempt to hack it because it is so immutable. It’s so fucking cool! I just want to buy one of these units for $7,000 and talk about it day and night forever. They even have golden coin like pictures of these units and you can even mine them as if you are a real miner digging for real treasure. It’s so incredible the price could go to infinity!

  • Precious Metals

    Hate the game, not the player.

    I might buy one of these units you speak of, if I can sell it for $14,000 to some greater fool in a couple of months.

  • jon

    remember all the gems like the one below from our savior andy…

    “PHYSICAL demand is as strong as we have EVER seen in our 24 years of business at Miles Franklin. Don’t walk – but RUN – to PROTECT YOURSELF, and do it NOW!

    Andrew C. Hoffman, CFA
    Marketing Director
    Miles Franklin Ltd.

    bwahahahahaha…pure comedy gold andy
    but don’t worry crypto warriors he’s totally legit

  • Precious Metals Loser

    Big drama in Bitcoin last night.

    Rumor is that Segwit 2x was never supposed to happen. It was a head fake. Bitcoin Cash is soaring due to clear market manipulation. Rumor is that the intention is to take over the Bitcoin brand, and kill the existing Bitcoin.

    This is all possible because of the MINERS. Over 80% of mining capacity is concentrated in 58 companies. These people can, and are, manipulating the market for profit.

    Who here thinks Wall Street/hedge funds aren’t in on this action?

  • Precious Metals Loser

    Bitcoin rumor

    This was posted on Jul 30th, 2017

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