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Walmart Spikes. Is Amazon Doomed?

by Karl Denninger

Walmart has said they expect a 40% e-commerce increase (in dollar terms) over the next 12 months.

Here’s my view on them vis-a-vis Out-Amazoning Amazon: Amazon is in trouble. Serious trouble.

WalMart has done a lot with their online presence of late. Further, and far more importantly, they do not charge a “subscription fee” for some “premium” tier such as Amazon does with Prime.

Why is this important? Several reasons:

1. Walmart now handily beats Amazon for a lot of products when it comes to price. In fact if you don’t check Walmart’s online listing before ordering from Amazon you are a fool and almost-certain to overpay. It’s that blatant now, and has been getting more-so over the last few months.

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