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Andrew Hoffman – Catalonia, Catatonia

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Really Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Big Geopolitical events
  • Catalonia secession
  • Chinese 19th National Congress (Bitcoin ban, rate cut, stocks new post 2008 high)
  • Moody’s threatens U.S. downgrade over debt ceiling/tax plan
  • Record split between hard and soft data
  • Bitcoin resilience – SegWit transactions increasing, two hard forks coming
  • Gold price resilience, amidst plunging U.S. Mint sales

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9 comments to Andrew Hoffman – Catalonia, Catatonia

  • Andy keeps saying things like “Now that I left Miles Franklin”, and “Since I left Miles Franklin”…. Right…. He didn’t leave…. He was VERY PUBLICLY FIRED from Miles Franklin…

    Now he says that gold won’t collapse the fiat regime… regardless of truth, it’s a 180-degree opposite message to MOST of what he’s said for the last decade. Was he lying then, or is he lying now?

    He HATED bitcoin when he first talked about it:

    “They do not have intrinsic value, no matter what ANYONE says about them. … They are NOT going to preserve your wealth.” – Andy Hoffman on Bitcoins, February 28 2014. This and other anti-bitcoin comments:

    ….Now it’s price is 10x higher, and Andy is apparently an expert on bitcoin….. AFTER it’s up ten-fold.

    You wanna pay $225/year for this guy’s advice…. Go nuts. Not for me.

  • jon

    andy has lost his mind and has ZERO credibility. will never listen to this liar again.

  • Jean Fossil

    Fuck you, Hoffman!

  • Andrew

    Bravo! He’s back to doing what he does best which is to talk about the macro issues.

  • Timmy

    I use to listen to AH but stopped after his ego grew so big that his head could no longer fit in the room.

    I also stopped subscribing to the MF newsletter back in January as I was tired of reading his missives.

    I come hear every week just for a laugh and to just read the comments because it seems I am not alone in my assessment of AH.

    I will never listen to him again either since he has drank the “crypto” kool-aid…

  • Craig DeMaris

    Andy Hoffman is worth listening to. He is an intelligent man and I have never heard him make statements that are “lies”. Having an opinion is not the same as telling a lie. I didn’t think much of Bitcoin initially, once new facts become apparent changing ones opinion is not illogical. Ad hominem attacks like “FU Hoffman” are not very useful in evaluating the man’s statements, but do give insights into the posters reasoning capacity.

    Bitcoin is going to be the catalyst that breaks gold and silver free.

  • Benjamin Freedman

    “Lazy Spaniards” says the Jew, Andy Hoffman, without realizing the irony that his homeland exists through blood, terrorism, stolen land and holocaust blackmail. Jews calling other races lazy?

  • artemus

    Hoffman is about as religious as my cat.

    He always come running when he hears the can opener, but he couldn’t care less whether it’s me, my wife, or some stranger who’s running it.

  • Kerry

    No anti-semitic nonsense or any other or we’ll kick you off!

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